I've got a job interview today Ahhh!

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  1. Nathalie20

    Nathalie20 Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    Hey Boy's and Girl's,

    At 4:30 today I've got a job interview and I'm quite worried. It is a long shot at the job role but I'm keeping my fingers crossed wish me luck and remind me not to comiserate/celebrate with food!

    N xx
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  3. Porgeous

    Porgeous Chilling

    Best of luck Nathalie, knock em dead. I will keep everything crossed for you - let us know how it goes!

  4. Hedgemag

    Hedgemag Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    Good luck Nat.........everything crossed for you..Let us know how it goes
  5. nicola444

    nicola444 Full Member

    Keep positive - visualise yourself working there and know that nothing is out of your reach, you can do it.
  6. Sambucca

    Sambucca Gold Member

    Good Luck Nathalie
  7. princess farkie

    princess farkie Full Member

    Sending you good luck vibes :vibes::vibes::vibes: ...
    Just remember that they must like you or you wouldn't have been invited to interview!!! It's as much about personality as it is about qualifications!! I will always employ someone with a great personality who will fit into the team (and can be trained) over someone with more qualifications and no people skills!!

    Go get 'em girl!! You'll be fab I just know it :D
  8. Nathalie20

    Nathalie20 Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    Thanks girl's Iv been making my list of questions and all my strengths and weakness's etc and will spend the afternoon refreshing my mind about the company (whilst pretending to work here haha!) xx
  9. ninababes

    ninababes Gold Member

    Good luck hun :-D xxx
  10. stilltoowide

    stilltoowide Full Member

    good luck - remember to have some specfic examples in your mind as well - as actual examples rather than "i would do it like this..." so "let me tell you when I did this..." will always score well!GOOD LUCK!!
  11. Nathalie20

    Nathalie20 Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    Thank you I'm off in a minute and am armed with examples of work I currently do that are relevant so I can demonstrate, a list of questions in my head, my strengths and weakness worked out and Iv got a good knowledge of the business now....Wish me Luck! :)
  12. Fuzzys Angel

    Fuzzys Angel The Lovely James Hetfield

    Hope the interview went well for you Nathalie?!...xxx
  13. Sambucca

    Sambucca Gold Member

    So, how did it go Nat?
  14. Mrs Roch

    Mrs Roch Silver Member

    Nat - hope you had a good interview - let us know how you got on?
  15. princess farkie

    princess farkie Full Member

    Well .... any news???
    Hope all went well yesterday
  16. Nathalie20

    Nathalie20 Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    Well it went really well everyone! Thank you for asking :) :) :) I'm sooo pleased. I think I impressed them, I was in there for a good 45 minutes and when I left it was very much the ball is in my court sort of thing. As it is through an agency they want me to go away talk to the woman in charge tell her what I think of them and if the job/company is attractive to me etc, they will then contact her today or monday and if all is ok I will go in for a 2nd more formal interview next week....yay! :)

    It's just the type of company I want to work for, very upfront so no bull sh*t or messing about, constanlty fast moving, good prospects to move up etc etc! ..............

    Oh it's just turned bad sort of :( The woman from the agency has litterly just rung me and said they think I'm fab and are very interssted but they are ideally looking for someone to move into a team leader position and they aren't sure if Im broad enough to do it AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

    She is going to go back to them and tell that I feel it is a challenge and a step up in the right direction of what I want, Im determined and driven and I like the company etc so feel I could make a good contribution. At least they haven't written me off completly as they want to just hold it at the moment.....

    I now feel rubbish my good mood has just hit a low :(
  17. princess farkie

    princess farkie Full Member


    It's not all bad chick ... that they haven't written you off is sooooo positive. Hang in there chick - keeping everything crossed for you!
  18. Nathalie20

    Nathalie20 Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    Thanks Farkie, can't help feeling fed up though and gutted :(
  19. Porgeous

    Porgeous Chilling

    I know it's difficult but don't feel too disappointed, the good thing is they really liked you so you obviously have lots to offer and made a great impression. Even if it ends up that you are not right for that role its good experience and you have received some great positive feedback.

  20. ninababes

    ninababes Gold Member

    Think positive, they've contacted you to ask you that, if it's any consolation my fiance went for an interview in january and they rang him that evening as they'd forgotten to ask him something so he was really worried and they offered him the job as apparently it's a tactic they use to see if the person really is up to the job so it may be that's what they were doing

    hugs xx

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