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Ive got my cdc ...I start tomorrow!!!! WOOhoo!


Say it in Dr Evil style!!


can see the end in sight!
good luck!! Not that you will need it, cd works and is defo the best diet I have done!! Let us know how you get on


Say it in Dr Evil style!!
cheers guys im so raring to go !!!
i just started on thursday and it has been all good up to now, bit headachy sometimes and feel a bit spaced out but its going to be worth it, good luckxxx
I am so so excited for you :D:D:clap::clap::bliss::bliss::bliss:

now enjoy your food today but dont have too many carbs otherwise you may suffer a bit more getting into ketosis the next few days.

cant wait to hear how you get on - keep us informed every step of the way x


Say it in Dr Evil style!!
Ohhhh for sure ill be here every step of the way ;-) xxx

Slimmeplease... i hope ur head aches subsides soon stick with it hun ur doing so well the 1st few days are going to be hard but u.ve made the right choice now so heres to being slim xx


is gonna shine in 2009
Good luck. I'm on day 2 of my restart and going good so far x


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hey hon. so so glad you've found your cdc (my OH is eating pick and mix next to me. the smell is driving me mad. sorry. slightly distracted :D)

be warned that the excitement is great but the first few days are difficult. hold onto your excitement and the knowledge that even when it's hard your body is reducing in weight and size.

and go for it!! really really go for it!! because once you fall it's more difficult to get back on the horse. the first time is the easiest and the best and you can do it!!

abz xx


Say it in Dr Evil style!!
cheers abz....

My 1st week is gunna be my toughest of my life.....but i know i have u guys here:grouphugg:


Say it in Dr Evil style!!
I think im gunna draw up some goals for my siggy xxx get all positive vibes going


Team 1 all the way!
Good luck! You'll do great. Just DON'T cheat! Not even a crumb.


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Hey Jo!!!
Good luck for your first week!! You can do it you sound so positive and excited!!! I couldnt wait to start either. Im on week 9 and still loving it!!!
Its fab when you see the results and feel so much better !!!


Say it in Dr Evil style!!
thanks for thinking of me ...i just had a shower now so feel all fresh for my fresh start and the beggining of my new life !

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