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I've just found a tape measure


Silver Member
And I've measured myself for the first time since starting.

I've lost half an inch on my hips and upper arm, and an inch and a half on my bust.

My waist and thighs are the same as the day I started.

How is that possible? My clothes definitely feel looser!
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Slimming down the aisle
Yup, it's possible, you might also be measuring from different points. My hips took ages to catch up! You've lost an amazing amount of weight though. You can see it's come off your hips and bust, but it may have come from your face and lower legs as well. It'll all catch up and come off everywhere eventually!


Silver Member
Yeah that's true actually, it's definitely come off my face. I have two chins instead of four ;)

Ah well... It'll happen eventually. I wish I had the virtue of patience!


Mad as a Hatter
PMSL at the chins comment....

I deffo feel that my clothes are fitting better, but I havent lost much yet... wish it would come off my boobs though - one place I wouldn't mind shrinking...



Slimming down the aisle
I'd like a bit more off my face now! And a bit more on my boobs!!!

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