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ive just rang lady about CD

and feel slightly dissapointed, i understand these people have lifes outside this and its just a job, but i felt the lady just wanted to get rid of me and i didnt relise u only see someone once ever 2 weeks, for about 15 mins, i thought this would be better as cheaper but im begining to think lighter life is better, as i need the support, they offer 2 hours a week.
just dont think bf would be keen on that,
i just dont know what to do:confused:
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There might be other CDcs in your area who will approach it differently.

I've been on CD for 5 weeks and see my CDC each week, for around half an hour.

See what other people on here think.

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Are there any other CDCs in your area? Some are really good and are happy to spend lots of time with you, others seem to treat every meeting as a necessity and to keep it as short as possible... I think the former is the best type!! I'm pretty sure its normal to see them every week unless they have to go on hols or something... you need to be weighed etc. and you need the support. If she is only offering to see you once a fortnight I have to say she doesn't sound particularly helpful. Maybe try ringing around a few?

Please also bear in mind that if you are on 3 packs a day with Cambridge you are only paying for your packs (about £35 a week) and as a result you are spending approx £25 less a week than LL, hence you do not get the same 'counselling'. That is the primary difference between the 2. Personally I found LL counselling not to be worth the money but its an individual decision you have to make xxx
Hi there i see my cdc every week for about half an hour too have a look round for another cdc xx


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I usually make an appointment for about an hour for the 1st visit and then allow 30-40 mins for the follow ups.

If you feel that you need a bit more support have a chat with CDC and maybe they can make your time longer.

If not then have alook at others in your area. We all work differently..

Good luck with your weight loss journey and there is always mini's, you get loads of support and advice on here.


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It does depend on the CDC. But it is worth noting that unless a CDC has had extra training outside of that which Cambridge supplies, we are not therapists, so anyone looking for things like Cognative Behavioural Therapy as a rule will only get that from Lighter Life.

We are only advised to allow up to an hour for the initial consultation to get all the explaining done, the paperwork and answering any questions. From there on in it can be a weekly weigh in or eventually a monthly weigh in depending on what the dieter requires. But a weigh in can be in a group (like LL but without the CBT for two hours) or the weigh in can be on a one to one basis.

As we're not automatically qualified to provide therapy, a weigh in might be just that, get weighed, buy product, discuss any ongoing problems, offer advice on upcoming events that may need to be taken into consideration etc. For someone with no problems and no questions to ask about, a weigh in can be a few minutes. I have many dieters who don't want to hang around, and I have those who aren't in a rush to get home again.

Its very much an individual thing. I hope you find someone who suits your needs.
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I'm on 3 packs a day and usually pay no more than £38 a week (7 days supply), but I do get a lot of tetra bricks which also cost more. Think if I just got the powder mix shakes it would be about £34. Deffo shop around hun! x


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i have tried 3 diff CDC, and am happy with my current one. first one charged £50 a week! 2nd made me feel like seeing me was a complete chore. call different CDCs and have a quick chat, go by the impression they leave on you. altho remember that they do have jobs/family etc, so calling at a werid time for them might get a less then friendly response even if they are usually lovely!


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i see mine weekly for around 20 mins
Hi, just to big up my CDC as she sees me every week and if I have a dodgy few days or a wobble will see me again to keep me on track! Ask about and go from other people's recommendations. x


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hi sorry 2 hear your not getting the support u need. if your not happy defo look around and see if theres another cdc.they are all different i see mine for about 30 mins and longer if need be and if i eva need her just need 2 drop her a text and she always rings back good luck xx
We are all independent and work in different ways, as long as meet the general code of conduct then we can do it as we wish. If you come round mine then you'll be begging to leave as I will chat to you till the sun comes up :)

Anyway call all your local CDC's (0800 161412 for the numbers) and see which one you click with best and go for it.



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i see my CDC weekly, get a couple of text messages during the week to keep me motivated and spends as much or as little time with me as i want. she is more then willing to answer the phone when i have a wobble. Keep shopping around hun and find someone you can connect with xoxox


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If you come round mine then you'll be begging to leave as I will chat to you till the sun comes up :)
Yeah I tend to be a bit like that. OH used to tell me I was running 'Mummy's coffee mornings!' (without the coffee, sadly, too lazy!)


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My CDC does the coffee to (flavoured ones if she's in a really good mood!)

Ah that's so fab! Up til this week I've always had the time restraints of being an hour or two away from walking to school/nursery to pick up the kids 3 times a day. So being that accommodating hasn't been an option.

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