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I've lost my insulation !!

Last few nights I have had terrible trouble getting to sleep because I am just soooooooo cold. Hubby reckons this is because I have lost my insulation blanket of fat. He is probably right but does anyone have any ideas how I can get to sleep.

I have an electric blanket on order from ebay and can't find my hot waer bottle anywhere. Any tips from the newly skinny whilst I wait for my body thermostat to catch up?

And before anyone suggests it I am waaayyy too cold for any hanky panky. Even if he could get past the long johns and pjs .
Thanks Lx
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Cherry Plum

One day at a time
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I go to bed wearing socks, pyjamas, a fleece & I always have an extra blanket over my half of the bed.
Sometimes I'm still cold!


has started again!!
I wear socks in bed, sometimes my warm dressing gown too! I have two duvets on my side as well! I am always cold these days. Even with the recent hot spell I was entertaining friends to a bbq, they were in shorts and t-shirts, I was in jeans and a hoodie!!


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I'm about the same - my hubby said that I was freezing last night when he came to bed ---- least we're both cold together LOL



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OMG!!! I am freezing!! Especially at work I work with women going through their menopause so they ban me from puttin the heating on!!!:eek:
Well actually managed to get a good sleep last night.
I went to bed wearing ;-
Walking socks, long johns, pj bottoms, vest, long sleeves teeshirt and a microfleece with the hood up!!
AND covered myside of the bed with a sleeping bag!!

Ohh hubby could bearly keep his hands off me.

We are going camping to the welsh moutains in two weeks time. I can see me sleeping in the shower block.

How long does it take for your body to readjust! I've never been a "cold" person. This is driving me mad.

Nice to know others are having the same problem.

Cherry Plum

One day at a time
S: 15st12lb C: 15st12lb G: 10st7lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
You're brave to go camping while doing this diet.
I would be taking lots of very warm clothes to wear to bed & a hot water bottle too.
Infact I would sleep in the car, it may be warmer. LOL
I think we are going to be cold until we come out of abstinence.
The cold isn't just because of losing insulation of fat layers, it's also because your metabolism is slowing down while you are taking in very few calories. This means that blood gets pumped less often to the extremeties while the body tries to conserve energy. That's why people often have very cold fingers and toes while in abstinence. I know I'm like that all the time at the moment.

Fortunately I sleep better when I'm not too warm so I'm sticking to my usual bedtime attire!

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