I've started my first day today!


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Hi everyone,

Just to let you know ive had my appointment this morning weighing in at 12st6lb my goal is going to be 10st.

I got 7 porridges 7 shakes (choc and choc mint) and 7 soups (oriental chilli and spicy tomato)

So far i've ha a porridge and a soup and ive gotta say i struggled. Is this normal? i could barely finish half of them

Will just have to get over it but was wondering if this is something everone goes through or whether chosen a not so good variety?

Am glad to be doing it though!

Missal x
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Good luck on your journey... I never have any problem eating my packs but I do know some people halve them, so you could do that.


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i hated all the shakes at first, they tatsed artificial and im sure i could taste all the vits and minerals ect, but ive got use to them now, hate a few though, can i ask why have you chosen just chocolate milkshakes?
i made that mistake in my first week and got more choc varietys than any other as i thought they would be nicer, but they are not nice to me compared to the rest!
Good luck, try and have all your packs, you need them.x


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Hi Missal

Congratulations on starting today , me too i have to say i hated the cinnamon and apple porridge this morning , guess its an aquired taste. Love the chocolate tetra and veg soup though.

Trial and error me thinks. hope u are getting on ok today im finding it tough at the moment trying to keep busy.

Andria x


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well done for starting,, i hates all soup shakes and wasnt aware they had poridge but im guessin they are crap too??? im sticking to shakes, i recomend u get a varietyas u will get seriously bored of 1 flavor every day..... wish you all the best...