Ive stopt using ketosis sticks


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Hi there dont you thing those sticks are so addictive
i must be using them every day and in the evening well almost when i go for a pee
so im ditching them as i feel so bad when they are clear even when im sticking to ss
only time there pink or dark pink is first thing in the morning
rest of the time there clear
any one addictited to ketosis sticks
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I am the same, I use them every time I pee, and thats expensive. Even tho I can tell by the lovely coat of fur on my tongue I am in ketosis its still nice to see the pink!!! We are slowly going mad!!


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Me too....it really really is addictive...I find myself having to try really hard not to use them everytime...and it's really frustrating if they randomly don't turn pink...when you've eaten nothing but the shakes!!

I'm on my second tub of 50 already, and I've only been on the diet 13 days!! It's costing me a fortune! lol...a little tip i picked up from someone...was to cut them in half - so you get twice as many!! I've done so with both lots and they still work fine!

Good luck ladies!



Trying Harder
S: 15st2lb C: 14st2lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 32 Loss: 1st0lb(6.6%)
good tip, thanks for that


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Mine never showed a positive result even though I was sticking to the diet.

They'll only show positive if your ketones overflow into the urine anyway. Ketosis happens in the blood.

Do the diet, you'll be in ketosis. I can understand people wanting to use the sticks, but to me, it's a bit like doing a pregnancy test after you've had a scan and got the piccie of the baby :D


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Liking that analogy KD.

I dont test either. One less thing to worry about.



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You really don't have to test 100x a day girls!! Test on your first pee of the day and that will give you an accurate measurement. Don't waste your money on testing it everytime you pee it really doesn't show all the time coz you drink a lot of water and this makes the ketones less concentrated in your pee :)

I've only tested 3x during 5,5months and still have tons of sticks left over. :)

Good luck,



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I only got my sticks yesterday, :8855: bit like the scales, will NOT use them everyday (or try not too:D)

Are they normally very dark in the morning? Mine was one from the darkest this morning, had 1 1/2 lt so far since


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i use mine twice a day but when this packs ran out im not getting any more, you dont need to see that your in ketosis when the weights coming off ( says me lol)


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i dont see the point in testing as much as you do. if you're keeping to the diet and not cheating yourself ,you wont have to worry about keep using the keto sticks. i never check. dont become paranoid about the sticks.

by the way :
is there any chance you can change the title and use 'stopped' instead of stopt. im suffering huge homornal PMT and stopt is irritating my nads off :D