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Jacill's Food Diary

Hi all,

Ive been reading through your food diaries and you've all really inspired me to start my own.
You're all doing really well, and I think a food diary is one of the best tools towards losing weight.
I joined SW for the first time 3 weeks ago. Week 1 I lost 4.5 and this week (WI last night) I lost 2.5. Am so chuffed to have lost 7lb in 2 weeks.
Today is the 1st September so what better day to start a diary :D

Please feel free to comment or give advice or tips.

J x
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Proud to be a LOSER :)
S: 11st4lb C: 9st7.5lb G: 8st13.5lb BMI: 23.6 Loss: 1st10.5lb(15.51%)
Hi J :)

Welcome to Minimins and i'm glad SW is providing you with amazing results :)
Look forward to seeing your diary too!! xx
So todays diary looks like this

EE Plan

Breakfast : Mullerlight Yoghurt
Banana & Strawberries

Snack : 2 Satsumas

Lunch: 2 Slices wholemeal bread (heb)
Low fat butter (1.5 syns)
2 eggs - scrambled

Snack: Hi Fi Bar (6 syns)

Dinner: Sticky Chicken (SW Recipe - 2 syns)

Snack Caramel SnackaJack (2.5 syns)

Drinks : 2 litres water, Diet Coke, Tea (made with HEA milk)
Aww thanks for the reply bb2000. I find the people on here so helpful and minimins is gonna be another very helpful tool to aid me in my weighloss .

Gonna have a read of your diary now.....you're doing so well :D
Can you tell me how I get a countdown ticker and those shiney weightloss stickers ???


Proud to be a LOSER :)
S: 11st4lb C: 9st7.5lb G: 8st13.5lb BMI: 23.6 Loss: 1st10.5lb(15.51%)
I see you've found the ticker... I got the stickers from this thread: http://www.minimins.com/slimming-world-off-topic/212695-sw-award-stickers-your-signature.html and you just save the one you want then in your signature you upload it as a picture. If you can't fit it (when i first joined MM i didn;t have much signature room) then dont worry just keep posting and eventually you will be granted more room and access to a profile etc :)

Thanks, I was a bit gutted, I originally lost 11lbs between 23/05 - 27/06, but then i went off plan during a month i worked at a summer school in london! So feel like i was back to square one again. Gone off plan again the last 7 days while i've been in las vegas and since i've been home. But since yesterday i'm back on plan and praying for at least a 0.5lb loss on saturday lol!

When is your weigh in day hun? xx

PS. This site is brilliant for support, advice and information. Lots of interesting recipes, exercise information etc. I've just started kettleworx and it's thanks to a thread on this site lol!! xx
Thanks for that hun....will try get my 7lb sticker later :D Its sad how excited I get about these little things.

Aww dont be dissapointed you're still doing very well and we're all gonna have weeks were we have things on. And Im sure Vegas sooo worth it !! ;)

I had my weigh in last night so today is the start of another good week hopefully :)


Proud to be a LOSER :)
S: 11st4lb C: 9st7.5lb G: 8st13.5lb BMI: 23.6 Loss: 1st10.5lb(15.51%)
Haha it's not sad. I go to a group now, when I lost my half a stone, I didn't get a sticker or certificate for weeks and I was gutted :( I mean, it's only a bit of paper, but I just wanted to stuck on my fridge to give me incentive not to open it for a midnight snack haha!

Oh Vegas was worth it hehe! The double quarterpounder burger was not... well not when combined with America's idea of an alcoholic cocktail (which was more alcohol than cocktail if you get me lol!) Ooh well here's to another fab week for you :) xx
Todays menu:

Breakfast: Mullerlight Yoghurt with
banana and strawberries
Snack: Milky Way fun size
(Im guessing 4 syns)
Lunch: 2 wholemeal bread (HEB)
butter (1.5 syns)
2 eggs scrambled
Snack: Banana
Dinner: SW Chips
Remainder of yesterdays
Sticky Chicken

Drinks: Diet coke & water
Excercise: 1 hour walk tonight ;)
Saturday Sept 3rd

Breakfast : 2 slices ww wholemeal bread (heb)
Low fat butter (1.5)

Lunch: Jacket potato
2 slices ham

Snack: Funsize milky way (3.5)

Dinner: Chicken chow Mein (3.0??)
Sml Glass of wine (7.0)

1 hour walk :)
Sunday Sept 4th

Breakfast : Mullerlight Yoghurt , banana and strawberries

Snack: Chocolate snack a jack (3syns)

Lunch/Dinner : Boiled Ham, Mash Potatos, Carrots & Gravy (1.5 syns)

Drink: Small glass of wine :p(7 syns)
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Monday 5th September - EE

Breakfast: Mullerlight toffee with banana

Snack: Alpen light bar (1/2 hexb)
Pear & mandarin

Lunch: Lettuce, tomato, chicken pieces
Salad cream (1 syn)
WW Tortilla crisps (4 syns)

Snack: Alpen light bar (remaining hexb)

Dinner: Ham, mushroom, tomato omlette

Snack: Fun size milky way (3.5 syns)

Drink: Tea (with HEA milk)
2 litres water

Total Syns 8.5

2 days to WI :eek:
Tuesday 6th September - EE

Breakfast: Mullerlight with strawberries, and banana (again...but I love it :))
Snack: 2 mandarins
Lunch: 2 ww wholemeal bread (heb)
butter (1.5)
Snack: Special K mini bites (5.0)
Dinner: Sticky Chicken (2.0)
Snack: Caramel Snack a Jack (3.0)

Drinks: 2 litre water
Tea ( with HEA milk)
Excercise: 40 min swim

WI tomorrow night.....really hoping for a hattrick of weight losses :eek:
Wahooo just weighed in and have managed 3lb weighloss this week. That's 10lb in 3 weeks. I'm really happy and it's the first diet that I'm really enjoying doing.
I'm so confident that this is gonna work for me and I'm really looking forward to hitting target.
Anyway. Sitting here waiting for the class to start so I'll fill out my food diary for today

Wednesday September 7th

Breakfast: mullerlight, bananas and strawberries
Snack: pear and 2 mandarins
Lunch: pot noodle curry sachet with chicken pieces ( that I added myself) - was yummm
Snack: Caramel snack a jack (3 syns)

I'm planning on having a Chinese for my post weigh in treat :)

Roll on next week :)
Heeeellllllpppp.......how do I change my ticker ?!?!
Was away the weekend so didnt manage to fill out my diary. I didnt go too far off track mind you but I'm hoping to pull it back for the next three days until weigh in :D

Monday 12th September - EE

Breakfast : Fruit salad - apple, strawberry, melon and banana
Snack : Muller Light
Lunch: Chicken Salad
Snack Alpen Light Bar (1.2 hexb)

....havent decided what to have for dinner yet. Will update later
Tuesday 13th September - EE

Breakfast : Mullerlight & banana
Snack: 1 wholemeal toast (1/2 hexb) & lf butter (1 syn)
Lunch: Very boring ham salad
Snack: Caramel Snack a Jack ( 3 syns)
Dinner: Tomato and Ham omlette and a slice of wholemeal toast (hexb)
Snack: Curly Wurly with a cuppa (milk from hexa)
Wednesday 14th September - EE

Breakfast : Fruit salad - banana, strawberries, melon and grapes
Snack: Mullerlight Yoghurt
Lunch: Pasta with bacon and lf mayo (1.5 syns)
Snack : 2 alpen light bars (hexb)
Dinner: Sticky Chicken and SW Chips

WI tonight and for the first time Im really not looking forward to it :(. I havent done anything different this week but its * week and Im feeling really heavy and bloated :cry:
Just wanna get tonight overwith and get on with another good week :sigh:
Put on 0.5lb last night ! Blimmin * week :-(
But Im hoping it will show on next weeks WI because I had a good week.

Anyway a new week........

Thursday 15th September - EE

Breakfast: Danone Vitalinia and fruit
Snack: Pear
Lunch: Pot noodle Roast chicken sachet & chicken pieces
Snack: Caramel Snack a Jack & Special K mini Bites (3 & 5.5 syns)
Dinner:........can't decide.....anyone any idea's?

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