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  1. Jamesy Wamesy

    Jamesy Wamesy Full Member

    Morning Guys & Girls

    Right this is the photo that originally started it all


    This was taken August last year, as you can see I've got a pair of boobs to match my sisters and also looks like I'm smuggling a pillow aswell. I went to my local leisure centre and got on the scales, 15st4lb not my heaviest in life but still unhappily heavy.

    So I bought myself some running shoes, the missus wasn't best pleased as I don't usually stick with things, I've done different sorts of Martial Arts for years, but never stayed long enough in one discipline to become good at it. Anyway after 6 weeks of running and eating right I was down to 14st2lb then the winter hit, the nights drew in and the excuses started so I haven't been running properly since Oct and now back to 14st12lb

    This will be my diary, day by day I will post as often as I can. Please feel free to follow and join in :)
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  3. steff79

    steff79 Silver Member

    hey popping into subscribe :) I lost weight through calorie counting and excersize now maintaining ;)
  4. Jamesy Wamesy

    Jamesy Wamesy Full Member

    Well done!

    I'm hoping I can stick to it this time. Haven't been running last few days, just started back at it and overdone it on Tuesday

    Took my dog to the groomers, which is quite far from our house so I usually wait in the car save driving back and fourth so I thought whilst he's being cut I'll get my exercise in.......2hrs, 7.7miles and some leg strain later he's all clipped lol longest walk I've done since owning a car so it's took a few days for my legs to recover.

    Got lots to get done today but hopefully get a 5k in somewhere

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  5. Jamesy Wamesy

    Jamesy Wamesy Full Member

    Well unfortunately didn't get my run in today, but I've got tomorrow.

    Been a very busy Sunday, here's my completed work list
    Put wall art in up nursery
    Clean out guttering
    Clean both cars inside
    Get the ferret hutch cleaned
    Get the ferret out for a run
    Package up eBay parcels
    Sort out remortgage letters and send forms off Sort the drape over the cot bed
    Clean window ledges upstairs
    Clean conservatory roof

    And now I'm cutting my hair lol can't wait to sit down and chill out, got work tomorrow

    Breakfast: 2 Crumpets with jam (no butter) Lunch: Sunday roast with all the trimmings Dinner: nothing yet Cheats: bowl of ice cream and a cake bar Water intake: Approx 2lt so far
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  6. Jamesy Wamesy

    Jamesy Wamesy Full Member

    Dinner ended up being a bowl of cereal lol
  7. Jamesy Wamesy

    Jamesy Wamesy Full Member


    So nice short week at work this week with it being bank holiday :)

    Plan to get a run in after work today.
  8. Jamesy Wamesy

    Jamesy Wamesy Full Member

    That's a very good point :) even better. So how's your weight loss going?
  9. Jamesy Wamesy

    Jamesy Wamesy Full Member

    Yeah I've been the same recently, just getting back into my running now as haven't been properly since October.

    Need to be more strict on my diet though, I'm kind of like eat what I like and go running which doesn't always work lol
  10. Jamesy Wamesy

    Jamesy Wamesy Full Member

    Breakfast is served


    Scrambled egg & turkey breast on toast with HP Sauce :)
  11. Jamesy Wamesy

    Jamesy Wamesy Full Member


    So this morning I had Scrambled Egg & Turkey Breast on Toast with HP Sauce
    Lunch: Rustlers Rib Microwave Burger & A Pasta Snack Pot

    So far think i've drank about 1.5lt of water so doing well.
  12. Jamesy Wamesy

    Jamesy Wamesy Full Member

    Love HP Sauce, bit like marmite you either love it or hate it lol

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