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Jaqys - dusting off the diary

Thought I'd do a diary too, give a better intro to me (as I'm soo interesting ;) )
And keep track of how things are going.

Have been dukaning since the end of June and have lost 2 stone.

I'm 33, single, no kids, have a sedentary job and do very little exercise.

I eat emotionally, and don't have much idea how to eat normally when things are going well.

Right now is the first time things have been stable for a few years, I've been in the same place, same job for 18 months which meant I had no more excuses no to tackle my weight.

I first gained weight during exams at 16 and 18, did first diet at 19 weight watchers, didn't keep the weight off.

Had another go at about 24 following low carb from dana's book and Atkins.
Did okay but was travelling a lot for work which would undo everything.

Then life went a bit bonkers and I'd not tried to diet again until now, I did lose a bunch of weight when travelling 5years ago but again I didn't keep it off and ended ip where I was in June, over 250lbs and miserable.
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Am doing 1/1 pattern, switching now and then when needed.
Mostly I'm doing okay.

That said just had my first food slip this weekend.
Had moment of madness and ordered a hot wings starter, instead of just having a steak main course.
They were lovely and yes ate the blue cheese dip they came with.

Didn't use it as an excuse to go mad so feeling a bit smug, did have a vodka sat night though.

Have had a great weekend, 'only' saw 4 shows though as didn't win a lottery ticket today at legally blonde.

Saw deathtrap (amazing, and managed to speak to Jon groff after without passing out), dreamboats and petticoats, hair(final night, hence the vodka ;) ) and Daniel boys cabaret.

Heading home for sleep now.
Glad you had a good weekend:) and am jealous at 'only' 4 shows! The diary will be good to look back on when you reach goal. I should do one myself to keep myself on track (but I know that I won't, have such little variation to my life that I could just copy and paste the first entry for each day;)).

I do have a ticker though, so that will do!


** Chief WITCH **
Good idea Jac and you know how nosey we are - lovely to meet you!
hey jaqy's well done on losing the 2 stone and also glad you enjoyed the shows ,ive been thinking of doing a dairy but not got round to it yet !!!!!!!!
Laura my weeks tend to be very dull usually, just started on an interesting one. Have almost 3 weeks now with no plans.

Have put a new picture up from the weekend. I think theres quite a difference between now and march when my 'biggest' pic was taken but the only person who has commented is my Mum and she knows exactly what I've lost.

The weekend transgressions have resulted in a half pound loss, obviously I'm not unhappy, usually I lose most over the weekends so there was probably a gain one day but its been walked off.

Jet would be good if you had one too and thanks. Jo nose away, there wont be much scandal and intrigue though ;)


** Chief WITCH **
Shucks re no scandal and intrigue(!)... but I love reading about other people's lives and lifestyles. We're all so different and that interests me!

As for your photos, not only do you look a HECK OF A LOT slimmer since your March photo, but you also look YOUNGER! a LOT younger!

When is the holiday you mention in your signature, by the way?


** Chief WITCH **
9 (work) days and counting for me... *only* going to the country place, but I so LOVE being there!

Off somewhere nice? for long? err any contingency diet plans or ...?
Las vegas for 10 days.

Have a rough plan. Will be higher fat, not much I can do about that.

Travel days will be make do, will try and have eggs at the airport, and will eat during stopover theres a bbq place which often sells brisket, or theres a kfc and in the US they have a non-breaded option.

Then I have earmarked a few places for pp days, steak places which are totally a la carte(but oh so pricey), seafood places(some great happy hours with $1 oysters) and buffets (oh the temptation).

Have another set of places for PV days, some of the seafood places, tapas, coffeshops.

I've a brunch with girlfriends arranged which is a super posh buffet, the champers will be flowing but there is a great shellfish bar and sushi and great salads.

Then I've made a list of places that the holiday just wouldnt be a holiday without and for some meals I'll be off the leash.

9 days, jealous!!


** Chief WITCH **
ooooh yes Las Vegas! I remember now! Fabulous!

9 days yes... but not a "real holiday" by most people's standards, but I'm happy going there, being there, and we will have two days away, with an overnighter to visit Beaune, and some friends the second day nearby.


** Chief WITCH **
I getcha! (What do you do Jacqs if it's not too indiscreet - feel free to be vague!)
I love reading peoples diaries. Sounds like a fantastic weekend, my eldest is in London this week well till tomorrow and hes going to parliament then on to a show 'Wicked' I think they are seeing, it sounds great.
Look forward to hearing lots more about you x


** Chief WITCH **
oh dear Cathy... I've just been reading about a tube strike in London tomorrow...
jaqy's las vegas and u look lovley ,make sure u enjoy urself no doubt u will !!!!!!!

is everyone singing viva las vegas ........... i am lol
I dont think they are going on the tube tomorrow Jo, they went today, tomorrow its free time before they come back, so they should be ok ;)
Wicked is soooooo not my kind of show but it has the fabulous Louise Dearman in it at the moment as well as Rachel Tucker from I'd do anything and Lee Mead and Lewis Bradley from Any dream will do.

Do hope they dont get stuck on a bus for hours due to the traffic.

Work I do avoid talking about, I'm a computer nerd in the industry that many hate right now.


** Chief WITCH **
I hear ya Jacqs... ;) (Capital markets used to be my branch here!)

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