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Jaynes' Cambridge Diary


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day one

Have enjoyed reading everyone elses' CD diaries so much I have decided to start my own in the hope that it will keep me motivated. Just a little about myself, I am 29 technically 4 stone overweight although I was happy with my weight about 3 stones lighter and that is the slimmest I've ever been as an adult. Have tried most diets before; atkins, ww, sw (put weight on!), hypnotherapy, slim fast. Have always wanted to try a VLCD but always been a bit scared of it. I think those who have done it are amazing. I dont want to be fat and 30 and basically I have loads of events coming up in the next year where I want to be happy with myself. My vices are salted popcorn, coke zero, and alchohol!
So day one nearly through. Am not thinking of the CD meals as food as such at the moment rather as something I have to have but I guess its a novelty for today! Will try to keep you up to date with my progress and tell you more about myself along the way. Good luck everyone else!
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Sounds like you have some strong motivating factors for weight loss.
Look forward to reading about your progress.
I used to put on weight with SW but only occasionally a half pound, my problem was that it took me nearly 3 months to lose close to a stone, I lost the will to carry on with it.
Good Luck starting today x


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Good luck janey

I also think of my meals on cd as something else ( medicine!) it's the only way I can stick it :D

It's seen me right near on 5 months later

You'll be great x


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Day Two

well here I am on day 2.. am watching the xfactor without snacking, this time last week I was preparing myself for these moments. I feel ok but have had a lot of sleep this weekend and not exerted myself too much. I felt very hot and weak at lunchtime but now feel a bit shivery. My teeth dont feel pretty and am not sure if its the start of ketosis but water tastes really bad. I normally love tap water, but i had a glass this morning and blamed the dishwasher (you know that damp dog thing dishwashers sometimes do to glasses how do we stop that??!) it just tasted bad.. so cleaning of dishwasher but then I drank bottled water and filled that up and that tasted just as bad. So am now cleaning my taps!! Anyone else had anything similar? Other than that am not hungry just a bit headachey. So will see what tomorrow brings when I have to cope around real people!
hope you all have a good week guys!


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Welcome Jayney!

Like you and MrsEssex, my CD motto is 'fuel not food'. I think of CD as a means to an end, something I have to do to get to where I want to be. I'm not overly keen on any of the products and tend to have to down them, so this keeps me going.

The funny taste in your mouth, the tiredness and the headache could well mean you'll be in ketosis tomorrow morning- CONGRATULATIONS :D Just be careful when you're around people, your breath will stink ;)


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Yes Janey, its a matter of minutes and you will have reached day 3.
Well done, its difficult when you start but the taste in your mouth does sound like ketosis is starting.

I am one of the people that love my soups, porridge, shakes, bars (but in strict moderation - like them too much). I don't know what this means, Freud would probably conclude that I just love food, full stop!

Good Luck for day 3 x


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Day Three

well here I am nearly at the end of day three... how it has flown. Thanks for all your messages of support. Today I managed to get out of bed for a short day at work (doing some teaching - work in NHS so normally shifts) which I was worried about. Teeth getting worse, cant smell my own breath but you never know! Family went for a fish&chip lunch to celebrate a rellies bday today, luckily i had work as an excuse to go after the meal (and didnt feel like i had missed out) so just had a brew. Am getting a bit paranoid that i wont have lost much or anything by weigh-day, but i know I have to believe. Already not knowing what to say about social events, bro and his wife invited me to stay at theirs on a fri nite in 2 weeks (they live a drive away) which I know will mean rich food and wine! I know i will have to tell them sooner rather than later but was kind of waiting till had lost a bit before told the world!
Well i sincerely hope I am in ketosis by now! Will be going to bed in an hour or so!
have a good day tomorrow
see you all soon


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Yippee, day 3 done and dusted, fish and chips ignored, ketosis breath on its way ha ha! Well done x
Day four

Day four is upon me. Think today the hardest day so far. Not hunger yet, just exhaustion wise. I know when I am due my next CD meal! And an hour after I feel a little better! Have already had my bath for today (the water board will think theres a leak the number im having) and its 6.30pm am already thinking about bed. Am sure the tiredness gets better...??! But Im pleased that ive got this far without any shaky moments, wanting to give up, gorge etc! Thanks for all the inspiration on here minimins!


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S: 14st13lb C: 17st5lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 43 Loss: -2st6lb(-16.27%)
Well done. jayney, day 4 was awful for me, somehow the novelty carried me through days 1-3, I was horribly hungry.
I am having more baths than ever - love my am. shower but would sometimes not feel like a bath for a few weeks at a time, now like a duck!
Day five

Post my daily bath! I agree blingbabe... i normally shower and have maybe one or 2 baths a week usually! Never had the time! Am not feeling too bad today. Despite my exhaustion slept really badly last night which has been the first time since starting the diet. But hoping for better tonight although am pretty sure am pre-menstrual which usually disturbs a bit of sleep anyhow. Am still paranoid about my weigh in friday and that i'll be dissappointed with my loss but keep telling myself to get a grip! Even if i dont lose loads this week I have to keep going (i wont be saying this friday, ill be boo hoo) mainly because compared to every diet ive ever done in the past I am actually finding this easier to stick to, and have done atkins in the past in a big way and felt dreadful for weeks. So this hasnt been too bad. Good luck fellow CD'ers speak soon and thanks for all the support!


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S: 14st13lb C: 17st5lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 43 Loss: -2st6lb(-16.27%)
I thought of your post about the water board wondering what you have been up to with the extra water, as I stepped into a gorgeous bath at 8pm (french lavender) - having had a shower at lunchtime.
Think I will need to cut back but it does seem to help and I'm grateful for anything that makes CD easier.
I am sure you will be very pleased on friday's weigh-in - just keep up the good work!
Day six

well cant believe have made it to day 6!! Am so proud of myself although still so anxious about W.I. tom especially as still bloated and am expecting my T.O.T.M anyday now.... (am thinking it might be a bit delayed with the diet though, might be shock to system). Fingers crossed I wont be dissapointed whatever the result! And good luck for everyone else weighing in tomorrow or next few days. Am still doing ok, only have the odd ten minute hungry spell a few times a day but nothing too drastic. And had to prepare a meal for my nephew this afternoon and am so used to just helping him along with it but I managed. I dont think my breath smells bad but have got coated teeth and tongue....must be bad because my sister said today my tongue looked disgusting!! anyone else had this? got friends coming to stay over sunday night have had to get an online shop in so have chilled vino in fridge, bread etc. what a pain. am half trying to tidy the house before they come but my daily bath is calling me now....!! Speak soon everyone


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S: 14st13lb C: 17st5lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 43 Loss: -2st6lb(-16.27%)
Wow, 6 days out of the way, brilliant achievement. Don't worry about weight loss, if its affected by TOTM then more will come off the next week. Thats how it works for some of the girls here, a couple of pounds one week, then loads the next.
I have a guest coming Sat to Tues, she was on Rosemary Conley diet but I forgot to ask whats happening now. Will pop into Tesco and buy healthy stuff.
Let us know how you get on a weigh-in!

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