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Jay's Before & After Photos



Hi jay and a big well done there mate, what fantastic pictures, I bet you feel great, you look it.

Great stuff, I love B&A's. :)


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Well done Jay you are looking absolutely fantastic, you must be so pleased with yourself!:happy096:

Thanks JIM!!!

you were one of my secret motivators!!! just to see your B&A's were an inspiration to help me on my way to getting where i've gotten to!!

I too then have been an inspiration to people and thus started the cycle all over!!!

thanks for your comments they are appreciated


Jay ;)
Thanks jay, that's a nice thing to say mate, many thanks indeed.


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Well done. Wow you look so amazing :D
Thanks everyone!!!

not been on for ages....so thought i'd come back and stop by..

Been member at gym now for 6 weeks and loving it...

do an hour spinning class on a tuesday night and Body Pump on a Friday night along with another 2 or 3 visits to work on upper body and lower body

as far as weight goes i am at the point now where i'm not that interested in the actually figures on the scales as my goal now is to decrease the actual % fat content

my first test put me at 29% and i'm aiming at getting under the 20% mark

we are going for our 6/8 week fitness check up next week and hope to have reduced the figure...

i've also been taking some sports nutrition supplements that are shakes!!!! AAAAAGGGGHHHH

i thought that i'd seen the back of them after finishing LT but no...

actually i never really had a problem with the shakes on LT and in fact they are better tasting than the Maximuscle ones i take now!!!

the gym sessions are amazing 1 hours spin burns 800 cals!!! sweating quite a lot

once again thanks all for your comments

Jay ;)
Hi Jay, nice to hear from you mate,I'm pleased that you are still doing well, so many lose the weight and then pile it straight back on. Well done and keep it up.
Hi Jay, Congratulations on your weight loss - you look fab!

Sharkbait1983 x


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Hows spinning class going for you? The thought of it scares me!! Ive watched the classes from afar before and it all just looks a bit..scary! Well done on your weight loss! You look great :)
Thanks for all the new mesages!!!

Spinning is wicked....after 9 or 10 sessions now it's a piece of cake ;)

have increased the body pump up to twice a week now...

had my first re-assesment last week and i've stayed at about the same body fat percentage but have increased my lean muscle weight by a massive 18lbs in 9 weeks!!!

really pleased with results and it really showed a couple of weeks ago we went to the lake district and managed over 25,000 feet of ascent and descent in 4 days!!!

really looking forward to the next fitness test....

i still have to pinch myself when i say things like that!!! just for all you guys still on your journeys, trust me with an iron will you will get there!!!

all the best and many thanks again

Jay ;)

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Jay, looks like you are doing fab on the maintenance. You have a fab new lifestyle to boot with all the activity in the Lake District. Bet the old Jay would have found a nice pub with some stodgy food for an afternoon instead of hill walking!!!
Well done on a wonderful road to a new and healthy life.

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