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im so drunk this morning from last night, been going out and drowing my sorrows...found a subway wrapper in my bag....ARGHHHHHHH anyway. im gonna calm myself hahaha im still annoyed with my ex.....no excuses. my diet has been 1 shake vodka and zero coke..maybe some chicken
i dont want a weigh in lol xxxx
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awww hun uve had a little bump in the road, dont let it get you down, im sure you will be fine for weigh in, vodkas got hardly any carbs or fat in it so i bet ur glad u chose that instead of larger or an alcopop x
bloody alki lol stay of the booze send it to me
shela...you will be fine :)

we all have little hiccups...but plllleaaaase don't beat yourself up about it- or you will end up having more...

just smile to yourself and get back on track!

*hugs* xxx
how the head nic lol
have the bacon not the bread
booooo lol. i dont have anything other than pizza and crisps in my hpuse havent been shopping and im down to one shake so ill have to have an early day 6 weigh in and pick up some more shakes.
and go shopping. how are you babes? x
still got this bloody cough im sick of it as soon as it goes it comes back, not been shopping myself yet was ment to go yesterday but slept all day instead now having pasta for dinner nothing else in the house, and worse than any thing else msn wont let me on the swine lol, you enjoyed your night out then
im a drunken bum. i look like a heffa in these pics..wouldnt belive i was wearing size 10! lol awwww dont worry about the pasta just jump back on the diet tommrow?
i think im gonna lay down befor elauren comes home hopefully msn comes on soon ill be back online soon xx
yer ill shop tomorrow , you be better when you have had some kip
you dont look like a heffier nutter
ive got some pork burgers in freezer might do them tomorrow no carb in them, i still cant get on msn dont know whats up with the thing just keeps saying error
How are you both this bright and breezy Monday morning!?! By the sounds of it you both had a s**t weekend for one reason or another, but here's the start of the week, wipe the slate clean and start afresh hunnies!

March is going to be tough eating wise for me, not looking forward to it as I know I'm rubbish with willpower. I'm out for dinner tomorrow night, friend's party on Saturday, the next week I've got hubby, son and daughter's bithdays with dinner out, birthday parties and family birthday tea! Then I'm out with friends the following week for a bar supper, the next night is a "mum" night out with pre-theatre dinner and drinks, then out with friends at the weekend for a meal! You got to live but March is going to be eat, eat, eat! I'm just going to have to live on air and water in between lol!

Hope you guys are feeling better today ((hugs)) xx
aww bless it wil be tought but u must enjoy yourself babes even if u be very strict in april? i thought by now on this diet i woulda been alot lighter lol so now im planning to carry on but im not thinking ill be 8st 7lb till april/may now grrrr....xx
heh heh.. you wouldn't believe the crap I ate last week!.. and somewhere along the line I gained 2 1/2 lbs in a matter of 2 or 3 days!.. at least you lost a pound, AND you had a good time by the sounds of it ;)

i'm back on the CS for now.. found a pharmacy near to me that does it.. only problem in the sea of pink I picked up a box full of strawberry shakes.. blah!.. ho hum, will make them do!
wow you got a busy month coming up its my birthday in march and ill be going out for dinner will have to find some thing low carb to have

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