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Jenny's Diary - Mix 2 Match

So far....

Crunchy Bran (HEB) with milk and tea (HEA)
Couscous, muller light with strawberries
Spaghetti Bolognaese (HEB) with cheese (HEA)
Milky Bat (3.5) and 8 flying sacuers (2)
Syns = 6

Crunchy Bran (HEB) with skimmed milk (HEA). Tea. Fruit.
Pasta Salad with low fat french dressing. Fruit Couscous
Pasta with Laughing Cow Cheese (HEA) and Bacon (HEB)
1 Home made Cupcake (too many!)
Syns = ?

Crunchy Bran (HEB) with skimmed milk (HEA). Tea. Fruit.
Pasta 'n' Sauce Garlic and Herb (<2). Fruit.
Tuna and Smash (HEB) Fishcakes with 300g Rustic Oven Chips (3)
Couscous Cake (1)
Cheese Curls (3.5)
Total Syns = 9.5

Crunchy Bran (HEB) with skimmed milk (HEA). Tea.
Green Lunch - Couscous cake. Banana.
Green Dinner - Pasta with bacon, mushrooms and philadelphia with garlic and herbs (HEA) mixed in.
Snacks - Couscous cake (0), milky bar (3.5), muller light and jelly moouse (1)
Syns = 4.5

Crunchy Bran 42g (HEB) and tea with milk (HEA)
Lunch - AH couscous spice sensation (0.5), banana
Dinner - Meatloaf (1) rustic oven chips (3/HEB) and salad.
Snacks - muller light, 2 apples, large orange, mixed fruit topped with greek yogurt
Syns = 4.5

Cruchy Bran 42g (HEB) tea with milk (HEA)
Lunch - Pasta with low fat french dressing. Apple. Tea with left over HEA milk.
Dinner - Schwatz Sommerset Pork Casserole (1.5) made with onions and mushrooms, with HEB baby potatoes and mixed vegetables
Snacks - mixed fresh fruit topped with greek yogurt, fried banana with mixed spice and crumbled milky bar (3.5), 4 flying saucers (1)
Syns = 6

B -Crunchy Bran (HEB) with milk (HEA) and tea. Grapes.
L -Pasta with 2 LC cheese triangles and mushroms
D - Chicken with 2 LC extra light triangles wrapped in bacon, with HEB baby potatos and roasted vegetables.
S -Coscous Cake
Snacks - muller light yougurt topped with merguine, grapes and banana (2.5). Kit Kat (5.5).
Syns = 8

Loss week one = 7lb
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Crunchy Bran (HEB) with grapes and milk (HEA) and tea. Pasta n Sauce (1) with left over HEA milk. 2 Jelly Snakes.
Steak with baby roast potatos (HEB) with philadelphia and mustard sauce (1) and fresh carrots
Muller light with chopped plums.
Fried Banana and couple of jelly snakes.

Total Syns = 2

Keeping syns low as I am going to a friends house for dinner tomorrow with some other girls and she's cooking some frozen pizzas and has also got pud :(
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42g Crunchy Bran with HEA milk. Tea.

Tin spaghetti hoops topped with a fried egg, mushrooms and tomatos, 1 slice of bacon (half HEB).
Muller light with strawberries, banana and syn free merguine mixed in (yummy!)

Dinner :(
At a friends for a girly night in. She brought pizzas and dessert.
3 slices pizza
1 slice of pudding
Diet Pepsi

Leaving one HEA to take some syns of the cheese and 1/2 HEB for the ham topping. Not altering the total syns, just hope this will act as a bit of damage limitation.

Total syns = approx 35 :(
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So, I stuck to my limits last night and I am glad for that. I did weigh myself this morning and seem to be 2 pounds lighter, but am sure it will catch up with me! I am going to stick to it 100% for the rest of the week as I really want to get below 10 stone on Tuesday.

I have also been thinking about targets and rewards. I have decided that when the first stone has gone I will buy myself that out of print POTO novel I have been wanting for ages. As a target I have decided that I want to have lost a stone and half by the time I go to my friends wedding and grandparents anniversary meal which fall on the same day in July and to be in a size 12 by the time I go to see POTO with Matt in September. I am not sure how realistic or easy these targets are yet, so they are subject to change - but they work as a first attempt!
I think I may have to treat myself to a trip to the tenth hole when I have reached one of my milestones. They have Bounty Cheesecake and the most amazing looking salads!

42g Crunch Bran (HEB) with milk (HEA) and tea.

Noodles with musrhooms and onions in soy and oyster (0.5) sauce, then mullerlight with banana, strawberrys and syn-free merguine.

Turkey burgers topped with lean bacon and cheese (HEA) with sauteed potatos, carrot, plum tomatos and ketchup (2)
Jelly Snakes (1)
Strawberries on merguine (2.5)

Syns =6
Green Day!

42g Crunch Bran (HEB) with milk (HEA) and tea.

Lemon couscous with banana and plum mixed in.
Toffee Muller Light with strawberry and syn free merguine mixed in.

Stuffed Mushrooms - laughing cow (HEA), bacon (HEB), spring onions, peas and chopped mushrooms topped with (rest of HEA) and baked, served with asda thai packet rice.
Couscous and jelly trifle (<1)
Cheese Curls (3.5)

Syns = 4.5
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Mix2Match today

Breakfast (Green)
42g Crunchy Bran (HEB) with milk (HEA) and tea.
Couscous and Jelly Trifle

Lunch (Red)
Tropical Chicken Salad (chicken, pinapple, onion, mandarin, lettuce, tomato) with two small bites garlic bread opps
Frozen Fat Free Yogurt
Diet Coke
Not totally sure of syn content here, but will guess at 8 to be safe.

Dinner (Green)
Baked Beans with cheese (HEA) and wos sauce, 2 x WW bread (HEB)
Muller light with fruit (banana, cherries, strawberries) and syn free merguine

1 slice WW bread (rest of HEB) with 2 tbsp low sugar jam (0.5)

Syns = 8.5ish

We couldn't resist having lunch on a little resturant on the beach today as it was so lovely out there. The salad was very nice. I was very good though because my boyfriend had a big burger, chips, and icecream. I did not get the raspberry and chamagne icecream (cone) or the chocolate and peanut butter pie - good me!

Back to work tomorrow for first time in over a week :) so have to think about what I am taking in. Think couscous, trifle, muller, merguine and lots of fruit.
Tomorrow Plan (STC) Green

42g Crunchy Bran (HEB) with milk (HEA) and strawberries.

AH Couscous Citrus Kick (0.5), couscous trifle, muller light with syn free merguine banana and strawberries, apple

Pasta with mushrooms, peas and laughing cow cheese (HEA)

3 X brown bread (HEB) with low sugar jam (2)
sweet chilli snack-a-jacks (5.5)

Syns = 8
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Tuesday - Green Day

Breakfast - 42g Crunchy Bran (heb) with milk (hea) and tea. Apple.

Lunch - 4 baby new potatos roasted, garlic and chicken pasta n sauce with pepper and peas. Muller light, syn free merguie and fruit.

Dinner - Pasta with LC cheese (HEA) and bacon (HEB).

Snacks - 2 oranges, banana, small slice pizza (I kinda just chewed the topping off and left the dough, lol) handful cheese curls and milky bar.

Syns = too many!

Only lost 1 pound today, annoying as I had stuck to it so well and I had seemed to have lost 2 up until yesterday evening. Am worrying it will stop working, so really need to keep motivated this week to try and prove to myself that it will!

Syns =?
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Wednesday -

42g Crunchy Bran (HEB) with milk (HEA) and tea

Pasta with low fat vinigerette. Apple. Orange.

Diet coke chicken with potatoes (HEB) and mixed frozen veg (1)

Cherry fromage frais (0.5)
Muller yogurt with cherries, melon and 4tbsp whipped cream (1)
banoffee weight watchers dessert whip (4)

syns = 6.5
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Thursday - I'm having a RED day

Breakfast - 42g Crunchy Bran (heb) with milk (hea) and tea. Slice of melon with cherries.

Lunch - Ploughmans of ham, turkey ham, cheese (hea), 2 boiled eggs, pickled onions and sliced cucumber.

Dinner - Princes tinned steak (4) with slimming world chips (heb) - last minute as OH not well and didn't want a big dinner :(

Syns - 2 x Aldi fromage frais (1) with cherries and topped with 2 tbsp aresol cream (0.5)
8 flying sauces (2)

Total syns =7.5
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Friday - I'm having a RED day

Breakfast -42g Crunchy Bran (HEB) with milk (hea), tea and melon.

Lunch - 2 x large pieces ham, large bowl fruit salad, fromage frais (0.5) apple, kiwi, 2 plums.

Dinner - Aldi gammon steak with chilli and lime marinade, slimming world chips.

Syns - 2 x dark rum and diet coke, 2 x raspberry sambuca and diet coke = 10
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Saturday: I am doing MIX 2 MATCH today

Neutral Breakfast - 42g Crunchy Bran (HEB) with milk (HEA) and tea.

Lunch - Can Aldi ravioli (2), slice of melon

Dinner - Aldi Gammon steaks with chilli and lime (again, I know. So annoyed at myself!) with potatos (heb). Low fat fruit fromage frais (0.5) with blueberries

Snacks- Jelly Snakes (2), Snack-a-Jacks salt popcorn (2)

Syns = 6.5
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Sunday: I am doing Mix 2 Match

Breakfast - 42g Crunchy Bran (HEB) with milk (HEA) and tea.

Green Lunch - Cheese and Onion Smash (0.5)

Red Dinner - Pork Bolognase (pork mince, pepper, tomatos, mushrooms, onion) and pasta (HEB)

Snacks - muller light cherry and dark chocolate (2), blueberries, fromage frais (0.5), weight watchers hula hoops (3)

Syns = 6

Monday: I am doing a RED day

Breakfast - 42g Crunchy Bran (HEB) with milk (HEA) and tea.

Lunch - 2 slices ham, left over pork bolognaese, mixed fruit salad (kiwi, melon, cherries, strawberries, blueberries)

Dinner - Pork steaks with mustard (0.5) and apple sauce (2) with potatos (HEB) and small portion frozen veg (1)

Snacks - 2 muller light, weight watchers hula hoops (3), sugar free icepoles, peach, fromage frais (0.5)

Syns =7

Tuesday: I am doing Mix 2 Match

Breakfast - 42g Crunchy Bran (HEB) with milk (HEA)

Green Lunch - Jacket potato with beans, 2 x laughing cow cheese and ketchup (1)

Red Dinner - Girls are coming over tonight, so we are having a buffet dinner. I have some meat kebabs and nibbles. Am planning on sticking to 10 syns.

Weighed in today, lost 2lbs. Am pleased with that.
So, I went totally over my syns allowance last night due to a piece of chocolate cake. I didn't even want it, but they cut the cake up and I didn't want to seem like a spoil sport. I never have cravings, I just find social situations really hard, because I want to join in.

We are having regular get togethers and we normally have pizzas and things. I feel bad if I say I wont join in with the pizza and will only come after dinner. I guess I'll have to try and bring pasta with me next time :( and just to refuse the sweet things....

Feel bad now. Not having any syns today and sticking to it 100% from now on. I bet I've put a pound back on
Wednesday - today is Mix 2 Match

Breakfast (Neutral) - 42g Crunchy Bran (HEB) with milk (HEA) and tea

Lunch - (Red) 2 X bacon, egg fried in frylight, mushrooms, 2 slices WW bread (HEB).

Dinner - Murshoom and Wine Pasta and Sauce

Snacks - summer fruit muller light, vanilla muller light, melon, banana, 2 tsp jam (0.5), sugar free icepole, slimmers pancake.

Syns = 0.5
Thursday - today is Mix 2 Match

Breakfast (neutral) - 42g Crunchy Bran (HEB) with milk (HEA) and tea.

Lunch - (green) pasta with chopped tomatos, mushrooms and onions. Muller yougurt with chopped banana and grapes.

Dinner (red) - Home made burgers (lean mince, onion, herbs, egg) topped with bacon and cheese (HEA) with slimming world chips (HEB) salad (lettece, radish, cucumber) and ketchup (2)

Snacks - Melon, fromage frais (0.5), 2 sugar free icepoles, weight watchers hula hoops (3), muller yogurt (2)

Syns = 7.5

Weighed myself today and seem to have put the 2lbs back on. I did hit 9 stone 13 yesterday, but was obviosuly just a blip. If I could be 9'13 at next WI I will be very happy!
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Friday - I am doing Mix 2 Match today

Breakfast (N) - 42g Crunchy Bran (HEB) with milk (HEA) and tea. Handful grapes in a melon boat.

Lunch - (G) Omellete with mushrooms and cheese (HEA) with 200g rustic oven chips (2), frozen muller light

Dinner - Moroccon Sheppards Pie with mashed potatos (HEB) and salad. Merguine (2.5), grapes, banana and kiwi.

Snacks - 2 sugar free icepoles, merguine (2.5) kiwi, orange, snack a jacks popcorn (2.5)

Syns = 10
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Saturday - I am having a RED day

Breakfast - 42g Crunchy Bran (HEB) with milk (HEA) and tea. Handful grapes.

Lunch - left over Morrcoan Sheppards Pie, muller light yougurt with banana, icepole

Dinner - (BBQ at parents) pork loin, 2 pieces chicken, salad and pickles. Merguine (2.5) blueberries and strawberries.

Snacks =1 piece WW toast (part of HEB), jam (1)

Syns= 3.5
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