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Jenny's Honesty Thread

Hello :break_diet:

I'm struggling. So I'm gonna have to make a concerted effort and I am going to confess all in this thread for a couple of weeks and kick start my life.

As I have just admitted in another thread, food is controlling my life. I am almost obsessing about calories and what my next meal is, that I am inadvertently eating more than I had been before, and I think I need to get a grip.

Maybe I need some tough love or something haha.

Anyway... Starting Tuesday 13th October, I'm gonna confess all.

A little guideline to what happens in the day to day life of Jenny: I get up at 6ish, leave the house at half 6 and get to work for half 7 to 8ish. Aim to have lunch about 12ish, and theoretically leave work at 4pm. I usually get home between 5 and 6ish depending what time I leave work, the traffic, and whether I come home or go to the fellas house. Then I have my tea, and usually a cuppa about half 9ish. For the record, toast or bread etc is always the 48 calorie Nimble.

Tomorrow, I am aiming for the following:
Breakfast: A slice of toast before I leave for work, then a bowl of shreddies when I get there. =235 calories
Snack about 10am: WW yogurt and a banana =120 calories
Lunch: Soup. I have a selection of tins at work, not sure what I'll have but all of them are under 200 cals.
Snack about 3ish [if I want it]:baked walkers, =100 cals
Tea: I work out I have 900 left, so should be ok for tea. I dont know what to have yet... I will also want a cuppa tea and a piece of cake [if me ma hasn't scoffed it all haha]

Hmm.... Well we'll see. I'll check in again at lunchtime tomorrow, for an update..! Wish me luck!x
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Well - Almost.
Breakfast was beans on toast - 252
Snack was my yogurt, no banana though... oops. 56 calories
Lunch will be two slices of bread with soup - thats 92 cals plus chicken and barley broth at 126 calories.

HOPEFULLY that will fill me up til tea time...!??! I forgot my crisps, so I wont be having those..!
That leaves me with 1024 for the rest of the day.

I was thinking of making some lamb pasties and taking one to the fella for his lunch tomorrow.. what do people think of that? Lamb, carrot, onion and potato in pastry? Inspired by the Hairy Bikers...
I think anything in pastry is nommy and calorific.

I used to obsess about food all the time (and still can, if I get too tired), but now that I'm eating in a more calorie-controlled fashion I'm finding it's just... faded away. I can look at pastries and chocolate and crisps and just go "meh" at them.

I think the key for me has been to totally change the things that I eat, rather than looking for low-fat or low-calorie versions of foods that I enjoyed in the past. Trying to live off "healthy" pizzas, "healthy" lasagne and the like just reminds me how much I would rather be eating the real thing.

Instead, I've scoured recipe books for things I wouldn't usually prepare at home. I've chucked all the sausages and burgers out of the freezer (and ditched them in my brother's, bwa-ha-ha). All the ice cream has gone, all the ready meals are no more. Now the freezer contains vegetables, meat, some bread and grated cheese, and naff all else. I ensure I eat something different every day (because I get bored helluva fast). I don't want to eat snacks during the day because I have something cool and new and exciting to look forward to in the evening :)

And it takes a lot of preparation, true. Sometimes it's a case of prepping everything the night before and leaving it in the fridge all day until I can get home to cook it for dinner.

Most important though. If you slip up and eat a choccie or a pack of crisps, don't beat yourself up. Just think "Okay, that's 200 calories I need to cut out of dinner" :)
That sounds like a fantastic project CrazyBrit! Well done! I've got into cooking too now I'm calorie counting - especially as I live on my own so you can end up eating the same thing for a few adys so I try and reinvent things or use the same veg combo differently.

All the best Jen (Auburn) with you mission - my only advice on what you ahve said so far is to make sure you eat enough at lunchtime. You don't want to get properly hungry at any point else it gets hard to restrain yourself. (ha, myself!!) I always have a fig roll or similar little snack with a cuppa when I get in so that I don't make my dinner whilst really hungry else I cook to much or snack after.

good luck!!
I must admit, when I was driving home yesterday I did think something was wrong with my car, but no, it was just my belly rumbling..! So very true about eating enough at lunch. I will be saving some fruit for about 3pm, for a snack, I think that will help!

I had a re-think on the pasties. Decided having looked at the pastry calories, that it was rather extravagant for my "kick start" week. I might do that for a treat for the fellas birthday instead, in a couple of weeks.

Today has been a sensible breakfast, and a sensible lunch. I will be out for my tea tonight, as I am going to the cinema with my pal and her kids, and this involves pizza hut. So I am having a salad, and then a couple of slices of pizza. I am happy to take the hit for real pepperoni...!!

Breakfast was poached eggs on toast, with fresh black pepper [omg I love that, it is the food of kings, I swear] - 235 calories
Lunch was/is a "reduced calorie tuna and red onion sandwich" - 380 cals. I know, I could have made that myself, or just had my wonder-soup at 100ish cals, but I really fancied the sarnie. And I really enjoyed it, so thats the main thing!
Tea will clearly be over calorie count. However, I won't be having a pudding, I won't have any scoffs at the cinema, and I won't be having my hot chocolate when I get home at bedtime, to try and compensate for the pizza...!

I'm just doing some plans for the rest of the week, as I will be going to the supermarket on the way home from the cinema. Yes I am one of those crazy people who shop at the 24hr place at all times of the day and night... haha.

Hope you are all well, I'm pretty positive, and I really am touched by the support I'm getting!! x
Excellent stuff! And at least you'll be aware of the calories ahead of time for the pizza. I've a similar problem coming up this week (Harvester, gah). Going to have to go fully armed with foreknowledge of what exactly I'm going to order, and bulk it out with the free salad.
Thats a good idea, and the Harvester I think if I remember correctly, is pretty good for loading veg onto your main meal plate for you, which is only a good thing!!

In the end, the kids didnt want to go to Pizza Hut(!) What?!?! I know!! We went to Skippers instead, a fish restaurant, and I had a burger with salad. I was true to my word though, and only had 2 white chocolate mice when I was in the cinema!! Well proud of myself!!

I took today off work, and after a sleepless night due to the dog barking at nothing at all, I fancied a big breakfast and had a mega huge pile of bacon sandwiches - 380 cals!!

Then had a slice of carrot cake, from Asdas GFY range - 85 cals. I bought a box of 6 slices, and when I got home, I individually wrapped the 5 that are left :) Hoping that will stop me eating them all in one go..!
While I was in Asda, I saw a WW Thai Red Curry ready meal for only 342 cals. I know I'm meant to be cooking everything from scratch, but I was on my hols haha. AND OH MY GOSH it was SO LUSH!! It's been a while since I was in the supermarket and saw something and thought MUST...HAVE...THAT..!! It was so delicious, I love thai food!

So that is 807 for the day. Think I will possibly have some cheese on toast a bit later, mmhmm :)

On a side note, I have bought the fella a bit of his birthday present - A tin of rice pudding. Yes you read that right...! I asked once if he liked rice pudding and he said he used to LOVE the mullerice which had sultanas and nutmeg, but when they stopped making it, he never found a suitable substitute. Ambrosia had a tin of, yep, sultana and nutmeg creamed rice, so I got him that to wrap up for his birthday... haha.
He'll be expecting something stupid like that...!!! :)
I'm funny with oranges and orange juice, they make me poorly, and my OH deliberately bought a chocolate orange torte once... he said it was accidental, but I swear I SWEAR he did it deliberately...!!
So..... dare I ask how the Harvester was? Or is that later in the week?

Yesterday was completely off plan, I ate and ate and ate, and it was comfort eating. Actually, tbh, it wasnt as bad as it could have been, and I wasn#t constantly eating. I just had a pizza for tea instead of something sensible. The pizza itself was nearly 2200 calories. So other than that, it wasn't too bad. I could have hit the chocolate, and the ice cream too...

Anyway, that all done, today I have had toast and jam for breakfast, with a yogurt. Then I went for a walk in the woods, for 45 minutes. It would have been longer but I dyed my hair earlier in the week, and it started raining and Im not 100% confident that all the loose dye has washed through yet...haha. Better safe than red goo running down me face...!
I was famished when I got back from that walk, so I cooked up some cabonara style stuff. Inspired by that salmon philadelphia advert, it was tescos extra light soft cheese, bacon and linguine. MMMMMM it was sooooo good. And not too bad calorie wise either, less than 500 :D And it was a hell of a big bowl..!

Feeling positive despite man trouble. I'm not a violent person but he needs a good smack around the head....
Well done with your restraint and sticking just to the pizza! I pizza'd and ice creamed it tonight! Sigh, Sundays are never good - it's the depressing thought of Monday tomorrow hehe!
Walk in the woods sounds lovely and autumnal - bet the hair looks good!
Take care x
The Harvester turned into Frankie & Benny's - Harvester had an hour and a half wait time for a table.

Had a grilled chicken caesar salad, so hopefully that wasn't too bad.
I dont wish to alarm you people, but the bloke noticed my hair.... Blimey...!!!


This is my plan for tomorrow:

Breakfast -
Scrambled eggs on toast - 240 calories - Plenty of fresh black pepper on that!

Mid Morning Snackette -
Yogurt - 56 cals

Lunch -
WW chicken soup - 98 cals
2 slices of bread - 110 cals

And an options with 2 marshmallows for my sweet treat... thats 100 cals

Tea -
I think I fancy having that ready meal, the lasagne that is in the freezer with some brocolli. Whats that, 350? Its a WW one too. Hell, maybe I should just do WW, I seem to have nowt but their stuff..!

I'll have to go for a walk tomorrow too, take some exercise!!

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