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Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred Challenge

Hi guys,

I am a big fan of Jillian Michaels 30DS. When I first did it this time last year, it got me in shape to the point where I was comfortable wearing a bikini for the first time since I was a child. I want to get back into shape so hoping to start it again tonight or tomorrow and do it alongside WW. Looking to see if anyone else has it and would like to do it alongside with me? I could use the motivates you to do it when others do it with you.

Éabha x
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I have it, i tried it once & was in so much pain nxt few days couldnt do it & you are sposed to do it every day! I would love to do it as want to wear a bikini on hol in june. Does it really work? Ive lost a stone doing weight watchers but need to tone up now.
It is a work out DVD that is about 30 mins long. There is three levels each with three circuits. Each circuit consists of three minutes of strength, two minutes of cardio and one minute of abs. It is up on you tube if you want to have a look.
When I did it the first time it was so painful. I think you need to do it the second day and work through the pain. The pain is a good thing as it means it is working. I would not have worn a bikini on my holidays last year if it wasn't for this DVD. I have never done the full 30 days of it so I want to try and achieve that this time around.
I was literally just thinking about this and wondering whether I should give it a go...
Spose if we're allllll going to do it, could be fun? I don't think fun is the word, but yea..
I have it but tried it once I really need to get back on it ill join in. When is day 1?? x
im gonna do mine today x
Are you supposed to do it everyday or just a few times a week? And is it different each day or same?

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you do it every day for 30 days. 10 days at level 1, 10 days at Level 2, 10 days at level 3. and its on for 30 mins x
So happy you guys have decided to do it. I had planned to start it over the weekend, but I am only starting today. Technically you are supposed to do it every day but do it as often you can. For newbies you may feel very stiff and sore after the first day. It is important to push through the second day as it will help the pain. My plan is to make myself accountable to you guys (a bit like a WI). For those who do not have the DVD, you can find it on YouTube.

My starting stats are:
Weight - 13st 13lbs (my official WW weight is 13st 11lbs but I am adding the extra to account for what I gained over the weekend!)
Arms - 13.5 inches
Waist - 31 inches
Hips - 43.5 inches
Thighs - 24 inches
Calves - 16 inches

I am actually looking forward to doing it as I have not done any exercise in a long time! I might regret saying that later.
how was it?
I'm not feeling it. I just ate Domino's :-/
OH. MY. GOD!!!!!!!

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Haha how did you get on? I was in bits after it which just goes to show how unfit I am. Like a mad woman I went and did her Banish Fat Boost Metabolism DVD. I thought 30DS was bad, Banish Fat was torture. I felt sick and I thought I was going to collapse after it. I am still proud I did. Day one finished, 29 to go!
its a tough one but good. I never managed to get it done. .....is it too late? ?? x
how was it?
I'm not feeling it. I just ate Domino's :-/
Did you do it? Like you I ended up eating crap after it. However I think I may be starting to gain control over my sugar craving. As I was eating chocolate and sweets I just decided I didn't want anymore, sealed them all up and hid them down under all my clothes in my wardrobe. I was going to throw them out but I want to test myself to see if I can actually leave them there!

x Lulu x

Silver Member
I'm going to try and complete the 30 days too.

Going to start it tonight while my tea is in the oven. I always pick at junk when my tea is cooking so least this might stop me from doing that x
Oh god I am really feeling it tonight. I didn't get to do day 2 today as I decided to go to my meeting tonight so I was home late. I'll still be on track to get five days done by Sunday as I'll do it on Thursday (my usual WI day). How did you get on Lulu? Did it help stop the picking?

x Lulu x

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I was so hungry when i got home i put my tea on and in 15 mins it was done then i didnt want to do it after a big tea as i was so full.

Hopefully will get it done tomorrow x
I was so hungry when i got home i put my tea on and in 15 mins it was done then i didnt want to do it after a big tea as i was so full.

Hopefully will get it done tomorrow x
That's my problem im hungry so make food but cannot work out after :/ x

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