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Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred

Never heard of it! Have you posted on the exercise board? Maybe someone there has heard of it.

What's it all about?


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Oh I don't even know where to find the exercise board haha!

Basically, you have 3 stages, and as far as I can tell you're supposed to spend 10 days on each. Apparently it can help you lose up 20lbs, but I've been on a few other slimming sites and people said they saw a noticeable difference inch-loss wise!

Did Day 1 of Stage 1 and I'm still alive so I think I'll continue :D


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I was looking at this on Amazon yesterday and the reviews are good. Based on interval training so that's the best way to burn fat. Let us know how you get on.
i got the dvd cheap on ebay few weeks / months ago

did it one day but since then had a fair bit of tattoo work done up my side so exercise has been a no go area at least thats my excuse! sadly excuse is over now and i am planning on starting the 30 day shred when i get back from my holidays in 2 weeks!



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I did the first stage yesterday, and I really like it!
It does tire you out (although that could be my down to how unfit I am!) but it's only 28 minutes long, and you're only allowed to stop for 5 seconds at a time so your heart rate stays consistently high!

Woke up this morning achey on the shoulders, but not as bad as I thought. Maybe I'm not doing it right ;)
yeh its a good workout tough without being impossible! though that was only stage 1 i don't think i want to see stage 3!

good luck with it!



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I had a sneak peak at level three, and it pretty much involves jumping about WITH weights. Oh joy. I'm wondering how many of belongings get smashed, as I'm attempting these videos in my (not so big) bedroom.

Thanks hun, I need the luck! xx
lol oh dear i am pretty clumsy jumping about with weights does NOT sound like something that will work out well for me!

yeh i didnt have space 2 do it in my room i ended up doing it in the hall when the OH was out lol! felt quite silly and had 2 use the laptop balanced on a chair coz obv theres no tv in the hall!

Hahaha I used to do that with the Ministry of Sound workout, but my laptop is only 13.5" so I could barely see it :(

I've just done the second day... it hurt :( but I feel better for it! I'd recommend :D xx
30 day shred

Anyone tried it or anyone got good results from it????


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I have got this but have only tried it once.
I know it is an excuse but i really do struggle for time. I cant do it in the morning as i have to take the dog out, so i combine it with jogging. I should try it in the evenings instead of using my exercise bike.
It seems like a very basic dvd but it works all your muscles. Very clever dvd.


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there was a group of us that did it in the teams forum. Pretty hard going dvd for 20mins. We got some good results, I stopped as I had an operation, will have to get using it again I reckon, didn't take too long out of the day.

Helen xxx
Thinkin bout starting it today.... Did it spores up ur loss a lot? Could u send the link to the tread hun x
I started last night. My legs are killing me today!
Hopefully it'll show some results in 30 days along with my slimming world!
Look on Amazon for 30 day shred, it's currently £4.99. Well it was last week when I ordered mine.


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I started doing the 30 day shred DVD at the weekend and I think it is great. It is really really tough but she really gets you motivated to keep going and pushing yourself. I love that it is only 20mins and I can just do it in my living room (which isn't very big). Some DVD have you bouncing around all over the room which isn't very practical in my house!

And you can really feel it is working. I used to go on my exercise bike for 30+ minutes everyday and never felt my muscles ache like they do after doing this workout. I did it for 3 days in a row, but then had to have a rest day yesterday because I could barely walk, lol. My quads were hurting most. But its all good pain! Back to it again tonight though, and I will see what the result is at weigh in on Weds night. :)
I have heard this dvd gives some fantastic results.
I have got it as got it in the sale but im ashamed to say i've not yet tried it lol! Maybe I should give it a go lol.
At the moment I love my EA Sports wii fitness game. xxx
Just finished very good work out I thought defo felt it towards the end!!!!!

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