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JoanneM's Diary - over 8 stone gone!

Was really ill yesterday and couldnt cook or eat anything so decided that I may as well start today since shakes require no effort whatsoever to make or eat.

So far so good. Ive had 3 shakes and although I cant say Im overly enamoured with them they are drinkable and although I have felt peckish at times I havent been dying of starvation so fingers crossed I can do this.

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well done on day 1! i'm on proper 100% no cheating no "i'll start tomorrow instead" day 1 too!

the packs in general arent really a delight on the old palate :D hopefully our tastes will change soon....
It's all downwards from here on in! (in a good way of course :p)

If you want to make things nicer on the palate add sweetners, really does transform the shakes nicely.

Good luck to you both!
yeah i've been adding sweeteners to shakes and spices/pepper to soup but i'm still not loving the packs. bar banana which was mmmm!! i'm trying to think of them more as medicine than food...
Thanks all. Im not convinced on the sweetners though coz I find them quite sweet as it is.

Tried the vanilla hot with coffee today and thought it was absolutely vile so wont be doing that again.

I have my vanilla and coffee cold with 2 sweetners and it works a treat for me, I've only tried one shake warm and found it horrible so never again :p


Still Climbing That Hill!
Good luck, i don't put sweeteners in either i find them sweet enough. Ohh can't believe you don't like the coffee in the vanilla shake that's my favourite i could live off them lol.
Hey all- I'm on day 2, so I am really hoping that my taste buds do change, however I have found that adding extra water to the products has been helpful- it's the bars that I struggle with (mind you I have lots more flavours to try!).... Will be giving the the coffee in the V.Shake a go tomorrow as I love cold coffees...yum- thanks for the tip!

Good Luck getting through today everyone xx
I find the shakes are better with 300ml of water and 3/4 ice cubes made in a blender.

Also any extra water a bonus :)
Yeah if you have a blender capable of crushing ice cubes I'd recommend them too. I have 6 with mine and it makes a big difference :)
Looks like Im going to be doing some experimenting tomorrow. Thanks for the suggestions.

On the plus side it has actually been easier than I expected although I am only on day 2. I think because I was already substituting 2 meals with shakes has helped though.

Good luck and stick with it - it'll be worth it :)
Well done on getting thru the first day! If you want some ideas on how to mix things up a bit theres a great thread somewhere on what u can all do with your packs.

Im with you....i like the shakes but they are a bit bland at times and because i dont have the bars i get a bit bored. I tend to make the shakes into all sorts of things so i have variety. I like the vanilla one hot with coffee in, the strawberry one is fab made into ice lollies (i think they taste salty to drink lol), the choc one is nice hot, and the banana one is just lush as it is so i dont experiment there lol! Its all trial and error til u find what u like best...xxx
I have the thread bookmarked Mandy. Just havent gotten around to doing anything with it yet coz Ive had a busy couple of days. As I said though I can force them down as they are so it could be much worse.
Decided to change the title of this thread and continue it as a diary to save me making loads of new posts about random rubbish, lol.

Anyway, day 6 today and all is going well. Went into ketosis yesterday although it doesnt seem to be effecting me much this time around - still had the bathroom issues mind you, lol. Still not dying of hunger but do feel peckish on occasion. Nothing too unbearable though.

So far Im getting on not too badly with the packs although I havent tried the tomato and basil yet. Keep putting that one off because of all the comments about it. I plan on trying it tonight though so fingers crossed I can get it down.
Oooh - first weigh-in tomorrow. Good luck

Hi all
Day 3 for me and today I am utterly starving. Keep going into the kitchen and saying I can't do this, then I remind myself how disgusted I will feel about myself if I give in. I think it's just one of those days where I have time on my hands and the kids are eating nice things, been baking etc.
Having tomato soup tonight.... family are having chinese. Feel like crying:cry:
Tell me it gets better, please.

heidi x

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