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joining you people!

Hello .
Looks like this is the part of the forum for me.I'm also hoping to change my lifestyle eating and loose some weight with exercise when I can.
Will be glad to hear any tips and ideas and to read your posts and find support on the difficult days.

I'm doing it along with my hubby so support for eachother should be another boost.
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S: 18st7lb C: 15st7lb G: 8st10lb Loss: 3st0lb(16.22%)
I'm doing it along with my hubby so support for eachother should be another boost

hi Angel i have the support of my hubby too who has joined me on a lifestyle change. i have lost 2.5 stone and Mr C has lost 2 stone. he didnt really have a choice (lol) because i do the shopping and cooking so i have change our eating habbits but he is chuffed at the results too and we eat loads and loads of just sensible foods. good luck to you both x x
That's great and well done.how ling have you been doing it?might look for some advise from you then.
We usually struggle with evening snacking .i don't do so in a day and with hobby being at work he doesnt either.
Does anyone else find it hard in the evening ?its the only time i get to sit properly and relax .


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S: 18st7lb C: 15st7lb G: 8st10lb Loss: 3st0lb(16.22%)
by the time we get home from work and see to the dogs, chores and ferry the teenagers around; we dont actually start to eat until about 7-8 pm which leaves no time for a snack before bed really. check out the healthy eating diaries mine is weeks old now but i havent changed anything much and still stick to healthy eating every day. if i need a snack in the day its usually snack a jacks, fruit or laughing cow triangles. read the snacking confessionals because most of them are actually good snacks and may give you and idea. i also love the lighter than light mayo by Helmanns which has virtually no calories why not make a garlic, herb or chilli dip and add a bit of natural yogurt with it to have with snack a jacks or carrot, celery and cucumber, good luck and welcome x x
thank you for the reply.I am definately taking it all in.
I was always told that you shouldnt be eating past 6 o'clock if you want to keep healthy weight but we do have dinner sometimes later too if we eat something that kids arent keen on( ive got a 2 year old and 5 year old and some meals they have different to us). When we do eat later i find it easier not to snack yes. but other days because im trying to eat with kids( which is either before 5pm or 5pm) to teach them to eat at the table as a family, i find it that by 8 o'clock i fancy something.
i know its a habit and i can break it slowly. so definately will look into the snacks.
thanks for all the help :)
forgot to say that yeah i find it a good approach not to buy thing as when you dont have it you dont eat it.
however i dont want to cut it all 100% as what life would it be if i had absolutely no snacks( i dont snack during the day) and i dont want to go that way as sooner or later i will crave it and eat too much of it.
just to cut it out few days a week and maybe have the healthy versions of snacks.
all to happen as i know it can be done just needs a bit of practice;)

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