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Jonny B's Diary of Food

I woke up late today so had to grab breakfast on the run, I grabbed a hand full of Frosted Wheats, about 8, and ate them dry, the calories worked out at about 68. In future I'd rather skip breakfast then choose these again, they were very hard to get through as they were so dry.

At work it was the worst day of the week, being a Friday we had our weekly "butty run". I wasn't tempted at all when the ordering was taking place but when they arrived the smell drove me mad! I didn't let a single thing pass my lips however apart from water until lunch time :clap:

For lunch today I had a Boots shapers meal deal, they've just introduced a new sandwich of Chicken and Bacon, it's by far their best sandwich in my opinion and is only 324 calories, I also had a bag of carrots for 28 calories and a 750ml bottle of water. In the afternoon at work I just stuck with water again.

For my evening meal I had a fairly large portion of relatively healthy stuff. I had a large chicken breast stuffed with Light Philadelphia cheese and garlic wrapped in prosciutto. On the side I had a large portion of mixed vegetables, broccoli, caulliflower, peas, carrots and green beans. I also had quarter of a pot of M&S count on us mashed potato with carrot and swede which worked out at around 80-90 calories. I'm guessing the chicken was in the 380-400 calorie mark and the vegetables where most likely less than 60, I think saying 540 calories for my meal would be fair.

My parents had fish and chips tonight so I stole 2 chips and a tiny bit of batter from the fish, I'd put 110 calories on this just to be safe but I'd imagine it was less.

All in all that makes 1080 calories for the day, which is not very much for a guy my size, although because my main meal was rather large I feel content.

Guess it's time to hit the sack soon, will update tomorrow.

Enjoy your weekend,
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I started today off nice and healthily, I had two WW yoghurts in the morning for 110 calories followed by a small banana, about 75 calories worth.

For lunch I had some chicken noodle soup with 2 bread rolls, I only wanted one but I somehow managed to end up eating two! The soup was only about 150 calories for a 2 big bowls, it's basically flavoured water with a few noodles in! The bread rolls I imagine were around 450 calories.

Tea is where it became difficult. As a family we've decided to host our own come dine with me style meal every Saturday, today it was my sisters turn. For starters she made philadelphia and mozzarella and philadelphia and basil puff pastry things, I had one of each. For the main we had chicken breast stuffed with mozarella and wrapped in streaky bacon, it was served with glazed carrots, butternut squash cooked in cream
and sautéed potatoes. I took all the bacon off my chicken, didn't touch the butternut squash and only ate half the potato, I only had half the carrots too as they were cooked in so much sugar and other stuff. No idea what sort of calories we're looking at for this meal.

After tea because I hadn't filled myself up I began picking and had some strange biscuit things, I had 180 calories worth, I then had a ham roll too which seems pointless now and a waste of 300 calories.

I think saying that I've had 1265 calories plus my tea sounds about right.

As per my profile I'm 6ft 4 and weigh 20.5stone so my basal metabolic rate is around 2600, as long as I eat less than that I should be losing weight as I'm in calorie deficit, my tea can't of been more than 800 calories so I should be fine!

I also didn't have my normal 2 litres of water in the evening which could contribute to why I picked after tea.
Thanks doodlelover!

Yesterday was a strange day for my eating, I had a lazy morning so didn't get out of bed til 11:30. I arranged to meet up with my girlfriend and grab some lunch together, but we didn't end up meeting up til around 2 o'clock. We took a couple of remote control cars to the common to mess around with and we were going to get lunch afterwards. As we were messing with the R/C Cars my best mate rolls past in his car with his girlfriend saying that they were off for a walk and asked if we would like to join them, which we did. We walked for a good hour and didn't get home til around 4:30pm, I hadn't eaten or drunk anything by then.

When I got in my dad was cooking up a 3 course dinner, not what I needed for my diet! We had a homemade minestrone soup to start, followed by a homemade chicken curry finished off with a homemade key lime pie! The soup and curry seemed relatively healthy but I'm not 100% as I didn't see what went into them, the soup wasn't creamy and the curry wasn't oily so I guess they were okay..... they key lime pie wasn't! It was so fattening but tasted so damn good! I limited myself to one slice though which I guess is a positive.

I didn't eat anything in the evening so only had water and the food listed above so it wasn't that bad, I hope. I did go for a long walk which was over rocks and sand etc, so it was fairly energetic. Hopefully that made up for the key lime pie!
Today has been okay, not a great day but not bad either. I skipped breakfast today, it's going to take a lot of getting used to having something to eat in the mornings!

For lunch I was a little bit naughty, I had a boots shapers roast chicken sandwich for 273 calories and some shapers crisps for 99 calories, they didn't have ANY fruit for some reason today so it was either crisps or chocolate. I bought my girlfriend a shapers bbq chicken wrap but she didn't like it, so I ate that too :sigh: couldn't stop myself. Lunch came in at 650calories.

For tea tonight I've just had a jacket potato with baked beans, no butter or cheese. It was a big potato and a whole can of beans so around the 900 calorie mark.

That means today I've had ~1550 calories, best make sure I eat nothing this evening!


Losing the mummy fat
To say you have been eating 3 course meals ect you haven't eaten loads of calories so that should work in your favour.
Plus the walk will have done you good too, hope tomorrow goes well too :D
Today is going well so far, I actually managed to eat something before leaving for work!

I started off with a small banana for breakfast for 75 calories. For lunch I had another shapers meal, this time a Tuna and Cucumber sandwich for 265 calories and the "Crunchy Apple and Grape Snack" for 50 calories. I've been drinking plenty of water again too. I might have an apple this afternoon if I get peckish but I'm holding up for now.

Leaves me plenty of calories for a nice big filling meal this evening, wonder what's cooking?


Losing the mummy fat
Yay todays been good for you!

I've nver heard of the boots shapers meals, sound nice though.

Again good luck for tomorrow :D

Finished off today with a small portion of spaghetti bolognaise, then at about 9pm I had a slice of bread with a thin layer of Philadelphia light.

Looking forward to my weigh in on Friday morning now as I'm heading to bed at 20st 7lb, 1lb lighter than my Morning weight last Friday.
Having another good day again today! Started off with a small bowl of Kellogs All Bran with low fat milk, we were out of skimmed :( Probably about 200-220 calories.

For lunch I've had a Boots Shapers Chicken and Bacon sandwich for 324 calories and some carrots for 28 calories. As always it was washed down with 750ml of Evian :)
Had a small banana this afternoon at work, takes my total today to around 625 calories, loads left again for a decent meal tonight, might treat myself to a diet coke too!
Last nights meal again was healthy, I had a chicken breast which was cooked in leeks in a caserole type thing, served with loads of green beans, I had half a potato too. I had my diet coke which was a nice treat, hardly had any of my 2 litre bottle of water however.

This morning I've had a banana for breakfast and no doubt I'll have some form of shapers meal for lunch.
Surprise surprise! I had another shapers meal, this time a moroccan chicken sandwich for 312 cals, and carrots again for 28 cals.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow mornings weigh in, hoping for 4lb.


Losing the mummy fat
Oooh the morrocan chicken sounds yummy.

Im sure tomorrow will be another fab day for you, you are doing so well :D

Last night for my dinner I had a WW Beef Lasagne, YUCK! It was horrible, but much healthier than the homemade steak pie my dad had made. I had it with tons of broccoli and carrots.

This morning I stepped on the scales and I weighed in at 20st 4lb, thats 4lb which I'm pleased with! Next week I want to lose 5lb so I'm down into the 19st bracket, with a better weekend than last I'm confident that it's possible.

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