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Jools ... I'VE BLIMMIN LOST 3LBS!!! yyeeehhaaaa!


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Morning all,

Thought I would start a new thread so that I could have a rant!

Ive been doing CD for the past 8 weeks now and have lost 18lb in 5 weeks. For the last 3 weeks I have lost bugger all because I can't make each day past 3 o'clock.

Ive desperately tried my hardest and Ive no idea what happens but I seem to eat and eat and eat in the afternoon and once Ive eaten I think 'well Ive spoiled it now - I may as well start again tomorrow' so I eat some more! God knows how I have managed to stay at the same weight!

How can I get myself back on track? Can anyone help me as Im feeling really desperate and down. :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

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Hi Jools I know exactly what it's like to get in the mind set off "well I've spoiled it now so I may as well eat some more". You need to stop beating yourself up and draw a line under it. You have the will power to stick to CD as you have shown and you have lost weight - that is proof. So dust yourself off and start afresh. Try drinking more water, have some sparkling water instead to make a change. Try halving the packs or bars to make them last for longer. Brush your teeth if you feel a hunger pang coming on. Or do what I did last night, went to the shops and bought three magazines to distract myself from thoughts of straying flicked through them with a couple of glasses of sparkling water. (TOTM so felt rubbish and feared I would stray). I still have to get through today and tomorrow so will try and deploy the same tactic. Say to yourself you are not going to waste the time, effort and money you have invested so far, so even though the past 3 weeks you didn't stick to CD you can now and carry on. I am sure many others will come along and put things more articulately than me. But what I am saying I have been there before and you will get past it.


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Thanks Kira I really appreciate your reply hun and your losses are looking fab.

I am spending EVERY spare penny we have on CD so I really can't afford not to do it. I will give your tactics a go and see how it goes!

Thank you xx
hi jools i know exactly what you mean too.. i did this when i was about the same in as you... what helped me was splitting my packs instead of having 3 hole packs i would have 6 small packs.. i found this really helped me.. and i also added a little chicken and some cucumber or celery too.. ss+ ..

i am currently able to have 3 hole packs now plus a small meal at night its really helping, and for some strange reason i am losing more now then i did when i was just ssing...

hope ive helped :)
Sorry to hear that you are having difficulties at the moment, you can do this, I wonder if it might be worth changing to SS+ for a week or two to see if you can get back in the zone

Best of luck

sorry you are having a tough time. If possible try and stop the "all or nothing thinking".

Imagine you have a really nice dinner service and you smash one of the plates by accident. You wouldn't then smash every other plate in the dinner service would you? You need to break the habit of thinking, well i've broken the diet, so may as well break it some more. Once you do this, you can then deal with the little slip ups a little bit better.

Hope this helps



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Sorry to hear you're struggling. What time do you have your packs? Maybe trying to go a bit longer before you have your first one, or try ss+ for a while.



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I'm on a very similarly strict program and I plan 2 afternoon snacks and a coffe in the afternoon

12.40 lunch

2pm coffee d/caf

3.30 peice of fruit + 2 crackers, diet sprite

4.30 real coffee ( all coffee's are balck for me)

Lots of water and get back into gear Jools! Keep in touch

Hi Jools, I am also on week 7 now and have only lost 15 lbs which compared to others is crap! I started AAM from week 5 as I couldn't face not eating in the evening. I haven't cheated just had chicken salad or fish with veg but dont think thats bad compared to what i normally used to eat but am only losing 1-2lb a week (so slow). Maybe it will stay off the slower it comes off?



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I knew others would come along with great support and help! It's this kind of support that helps me focus and not de-rail. When I've had a blip it's the support from the forum that helps me get back right into ssing. Jools you can get back on track!
Jools, I think for the first couple of days you need to be away from your normal routine. Its the weekend and your not picking up the twins from school, so can you arrange to be out and about from 3pm onwards for a few hours to help you break the habit at this time of day. I feel for you hun, I'm back on having lost 10lbs in 7 days and blew it yesterday but have got up today and 1 day isn't going to become a week as I've seen how much you and donnamarie are struggling. Let us know how you go.


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Hiya Jools,

I know the frustration of really wanting to eat. I'm on Day 11 and a couple of times this week I've wanted food so bad I was in tears.

I've tried to cope by telling myself, "if you really want some food, give yourself an hour before you do and if you still want it that bad, have some". Then I go occupy myself with a DVD/book/computer game/bath!! When the hour is up I debate with myself whether I really do want food or if I'm just frustrated because it's 'forbidden'. I seem to come to the conclusion it's the latter and then start the hour test again. But it is hard, I know :(

Splitting packs has also been a really great help and is a fab suggestion. Last night I saved myself 3 half packs and when the Hunger Monster called I had an answer of a shake!!

Just remember that a blip isn't a failure and as long as you go back on the diet the second you have a hiccup, it shouldn't make too much difference to your loss.

Good luck!! And ook how well you've done already -- 18lbs better off!! *hugs*


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Hiya Jools,

When the hour is up I debate with myself whether I really do want food or if I'm just frustrated because it's 'forbidden'. I seem to come to the conclusion it's the latter and then start the hour test again. But it is hard, I know :(
Hun I think you have the exact answer there! Maybe I eat because I know its 'forbidden' to do so.

Jools - don't give up - find lots of things to do rather than be where the food is... sounds like books may not be working for you - often it's keeping your hands busy as well as your mind - knitting, cross-stitch or one of my favourites is the WASJIG's jigsaws - they are back to front - ie you only get a clue about the picture you are doing so really make you concentrate.. You can often pick them up for a few £ on e-bay. 18lbs is really good, don't know where you are based, but there is a programme on the W8 diet that let's you add a meal too and many people still lose a stone a month - maybe this could be a solution for you? Gr8 to see so many people supporting you - I'm new to forums but always happy to help if you need motivation. I've had some crap times and pulled through, finally got down to a healthy weight - could lose another stone, but happy as I am for the first time in ages and loving life - you too could chose to make life rather than food what makes you happy. Sounds crazy, but try "being extra nice" to everyone you meet for a week - let someone out if you pass a side road and they are waiting, offer to carry an older or disabled persons shopping, make a point of visiting or saying hello to a neighbour... I bet you'll be so busy you won't have time to eat...
Good luck and keep us posted.. Lucy


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Good morning all

Last night I did lots of thinking of where I am going wrong with my diet.

Personally I feel I am letting the diet take control of my life and not me controlling it (hope that makes sense!)

Ive decided from this morning to do ss+ and have a small meal in the evenings. I will try this for a week and see how it goes. Hopefully this evening meal will get me back on the straight and narrow path that I need to be on!

Sounds like a good idea, much better to do SS+ and try and regain control, best of luck :)


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Well so far so good ... I know its only 12.20 but even this is an achievement for me!
Im a chicken and mushroom soup and 3 glasses of fizzy water down so lets see what the rest of the day brings!


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