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~ JO'S DIARY!!!! Fat be gone! ~


Bring on the weight loss!
Hellooooo everyone!!

Welcome to my diary of struggles and successes tee he he :D

I have been on every diet going and failed lol I am now just calorie counting. I am eating 1,000 calories a day to start off with and will up it if need be! I go for a 30 minute walk every day during the week on my lunch and occasionally (if I can be bothered!!) to the gym and/or swimming hehe :D

Heres to losing the weight!!!

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Bring on the weight loss!
Thanks Ali!

Having a bit of a freak out at the moment! Going to my boyfriends after work tonight and his mum cooks the most gorgeous Indian food - problem is its got so many calories in it (but its soooo gorgeous!!!!) *sigh*

Also - boyfriends birthday this weekend. He wants to go shopping/go some random places (maybe the zoo) - but what about the temptation to have a mcdonalds/burger king/KFC - and what if he wants to go for a meal in the evening?!!!!!!!!!!!

FREAKING OUT!!!!! lol :)


Bring on the weight loss!
So yesterday I was really good - until dinner when I had some sausage casserole (with potatoes) followed by a bit of cake and custard! Bit disappointed in myself and feel really guilty but I cant give up just because of a trip up.

I havnt exercised yesterday and wont today either because of a blasted cold ive got at the moment. Dont want to make myself worse, especially when Ive got to work - and have an interview tomorrow!! Wooo!!


Bring on the weight loss!
So far today ive had 613 calories and need to leave enough for dinner tonight but Im mega hungry!!

Trying to drink some water and keep my mind off it by being on here :)

The work cafe has closed and I cant even go buy an apple or a banana to stave off the hunger *sigh*.

Plan to have sweet potato tonight - not sure what Im going to have with it, but maybe some chicken hehehe


Bring on the weight loss!
Have been good so far today - scrambled egg and 1 piece of brown toast for breakfast and for lunch tuna sandwich (brown bread).

Still ill, Ive got a really bad cold and sore throat, almost losing my voice but i neeeeeed to go for a walk or something today!! Only other exercise Ive done this week is a 30 minute walk on Monday - not good enough!! hehe :)

Maybe i'll take the dog for a walk to the park :p


Bring on the weight loss!
I had an interview this morning for a new job and this afternoon have found out that I got the job!!!

My boyfriend is coming over later to celebrate and im worried now that he'll want to go out to eat to celebrate - arghhhh!!!! What do I do?!!! lol


Bring on the weight loss!
Soooooo - for dinner I had a few of my mums sausages from the casserole she made andddd.........chip from the chip shop :( hehe oops....

Not too worried because Ive been good the rest of the week and wont let it put me off continuing to be good today :) I do, however, feel guilty about having the chips and like it wasnt worth it.

Am considering Alli or 'that other one you can get from the doctors' hehe, will look into it today - must do more exercise next week aswell when Im feeling better!

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