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Jo's Journey :-)

Ok day one...........
Took my first tablet at 6am and had a wholemeal pitta with ham for breakfast and a low fat yoghurt.
I really need to look at some low fat meals for me to cook as I really dont want to get bored having the same things over and over again.
I feel sick right now don't know why but I do eewwwwww
I remember when I took Xenical years ago and the side effects so I really MUST stick to low fat especially as I am a rep out on the road driving all day long.... so here goes DAY 1 :)
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Good luck! If you're on the road all day maybe invest in a few low fat snack things, cereal bars and that sort of thing to save you from picking at things you shouldn't...

KB x
Three pills down had a low fat lunch and I have just had a chicken breast with salad and some golden rice, I am saving my yoghurt til later on as a treat. All good so far YAY X
Hi Ellie, glad your first day went well! Hope it continues that way for you :)
Day 2 : Breakfast grilled tomatoes and mushrooms on nimble toast YUM, I actually feel really good today so onwards and upwards........
Day 3 in the Xenical house ;-)
Last night was a real test to me, we had friends round which was not planned, drinks were flowing and also peanuts crisps etc and I had............wait for it............ DIET COKE an NO nibbles YAY I am really chuffed that I didnt even have one crisp or one glass of wine, I am going to buy some slimline tonic and have gin and tonic if this ever occurs again as I guess that will be better for me that vino!
Everything still going good for me this morning I have had a low fat yoghurt and will have some fruit in a while...........onwards and downwards x
Oh well done, Ellie, you must be so proud! Those are really hard times,for me but as soon as I have 1 drink the wit goes out the window and I start nibbling too so well done on staying strong.

KB x
Yes, well done. That must've taken some willpower! I'm not sure I would've been so strong!

I'd definitely plan ahead for next time, and get some gin and slimline tonic in. That won't cause you any problems on the Xenical, and the calories are minimal compared to wine. Maybe you could get some low-fat snack stuff in as well, just so you've got something to pick at other than the peanuts!
It's important to have the odd treat, otherwise you could end up feeling resentful that everybody else is drinking/snacking and you're not. Rather than 'blowing it' and having the same as everyone else, it's loads better to plan ahead and have certain things that you know you can eat and drink without damaging your weight loss.

Keep up the good work though - it sounds like you're really 'in the zone!'
Thanks for the nice comments makes me feel even better :)
Gin and tonic it is then and perhaps some snack a jacks x
Today what I have eaten is
Breakfast, low fat yoghurt and fruit
Lunch, ham and egg salad, banana and pear

2 litres of water and a diet coke
I think for tea I will have salad and jacket spuds
Ok here I am right in the 'zone' yay about bloody time I felt this determind to shift these spare tyres, I do have a good reason as I am getting married next February on a beach in the Caribbean, I have tried on one dress which I really like but I am hanging fire at the moment in case I change my mind on style as I shift some weight but I do have to make my mind up soon as it takes about 6 months for the dress to be made. hhmmmmmmm anyway my aim is to lose at least 3lbs a week from now til the wedding, can I do it? DAMN BLOODY RIGHT i CAN!! if anyone hears me moaning or wanting to stray please give me a stern talking to ;-)
Ok, brekkie was half a melon and nimble toast with marmite and a tiny bit of flora.......now waiting for Tesco delivery and I have loads of housework to do.
Not posted for a few days as I have been out and about, it's so lovely having the week off.
I have had a couple of days of eating out but have tried to be as good as possible. I had on Tuesday a crab and prawn salad but had to scrape off the dressing and yesterday I had a warm chicken salad that had other fatty bits in it and I just made it to the loo in time lol
Back eating at home today so I have been to tesco and bought a whole chicken and salad and will have that later on.
I feel very tired and sluggish I dont know why?? Wonder if it's lack of sugar?? I have walked so much the past two days (shopping) that my legs ache too so that must be a good sign :)
Had a pedicure yesterday and OMG they shaved off all the dead skin it was gross, I didnt have too much but still it was not nice to have done lol anyway I'm gonna grab some melba toast and cherry tomatoes now :)
Do you think it could be that KB? I hadnt thought of that to be honest, I have a streaming nose now so I could have either hayfever or a cold lurking so it could be that too, I just wish I could feel energised a bit lol
Might just be that you are getting the cold or something else. Do you use MyFitnessPal.com? It will calculate the calories you should be getting for your height and weight and you can also input any exercise you do and it will adjust your calories accordingly. I don't count calories on a daily basis but find it useful to keep a check on them every so often.

KB x
Just found this diary of mine on here and made me smile as I remember how I felt 18lbs heavier!!
This morning at 7.30 I went swimming and managed 36 lengths whoop whoop go me :)
Another page to my 'healthy' diary is opening I have booked myself in for a gym induction tomorrow evening!!!
Really excited :)

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