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Jo's pregnancy Diary

Hi all I started a thread to introduce myself so now I thought I would start a Diary, I am 13 wks pregnant (with my 5th child:eek:) and have just had my 1st AN appt with the MW. I didn't find out until 10 wks and then just had a scan to confirm and date etc. So booked in today only to find that our local Health authority has stopped Nuchal scanning:mad: I know we were lucky to have had it as it was not widely available but I had it with my last 2 and as I am 39 really expected it this time. I will have a Triple test sometime after 15 wks and a scan the same time, not really sure what for? The MW was pleasant but didn't check my wee, weigh me or listen in on the heartbeat, she says she doesn't do this until 23 weeks:sigh: its all sooo different since I had my youngest and he is 4 so not that long ago. Is this usual ?
Feel a bit deflated but there you go thats the NHS for you.
On a brighter note I lost a total of 5lbs last week and this as now back on SW so really pleased about that, trying to keep active as long as I can as I suffered SPD with my last 2 so severely on my last that I still have problems 4 yrs on. She has reffered me to a Consultant already so thats a plus, hope all you other Mums to be are well, bye for now Jo
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Hi Jo, I'm only going by what I've read online but this site should give you an idea of what to expect with the NHS now - Antenatal care also on the righthand side is a link to the NICE guidelines which I believe should be followed.

Although I'm sure someone who's been through it recently will be along soon to give more advice. I've got another 5 weeks before my first MW appt and scan!


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hiya :)

to be honest, that sounds about right!! the first booking in session you normally get weighed tho.. it would be too early to hear the heartbeat easily so they dont usually until 16weeks+ now

i did get my wee tested but purely because of my risk of diabetes.

the main thing i have noticed this time round is that unless its your 1st baby the nhs just expects you to get on with things with hardly any antenatal checks!! i had my last appt at 16 weeks and wont see her again until 28 weeks :eek: fair enough i have a scan at the hospital soon but it would be nice to hear the heartbeat and be told im doing ok more regularly:sigh:

anyway, good luck with SW im so jealous of your 5lb:D
Thanks for the replies, I will check out that link Sarah thanks ;)
Amyeve ,I felt that way when she told me how often I would be seen:confused:. I will have consultant visits too but as you say its nice to know everything is as it should be.
Oh well onwards and upwards eh, forgot to mention that the only people we have told about baby are my parents and DH mum, havent even told the kids yet, I think we are just trying to get our heads around it first lol, noone has guessed bump wise as I have lost a bit of weight not sure how long that will last though.
Thought I would look online just to check that the supplements I take are OK when pregnant, Acai berry tabs have the thumbs up but the Aloe Vera seems to be a no no something about bringing on contractions:eek: and Green tea (which I take in tablet form) reduces the folate level (folic acid) and calcium levels:confused:
Really worried now in case the Green Tea has undone the benefits of taking folic acid:(
I will stop taking them of course but you take something natural for the health benefits and then find things out like this:confused:
My DH has been brilliant through this shock pregnancy but a little quiet when it comes to talking about it IYKWIM. This am out of the blue he said it would be nice to have another girl, we have 3 boys and 1 girl, but was a bit worried how Erin (DD) would take not being the only girl anymore so maybe another boy would be best and that he had been thinking about names and had come up with 3 girls names but couldn't think of any boys names. He really shocked me as to how much thought he had put into it all without saying anything to me, bless him.
I told him we would probably be having another boy and he agreed. I would love another girl but sort of feel the same as DH about it, but I think she would love a sister to fuss over as she will be 6 when this one is due.
Still doing really well on SW, I have found eating off a smaller plate really helpful as I am getting fuller quicker as I think my stomach has shrunk a little, well I can hope:D


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ooo i wouldnt worry Jo, i think if i were a 6 year old girl i would LOVE a baby sister! i already have a girl and wanted another girl this time so DD grows up with a sister like i did :heartpump:
B****y Nausea is back:( I had it when I must have been 7 wks until about 2 weeks ago, but the last 2 days I have been feeling nauseous but more so first thing in the morning and about an hour after my evening meal, with the last lot of nausea it was worse if I didn't eat anything, this time its really putting me off my food. I know thats a good thing in one way but I am being good anyway and have cut right back on my portion sizes. I didn't even eat my daily treat of a Berry Berry Solero last night and have bought a pack of those Kellog fibre bars but havent been able to face one. Anyone else had the nausea go away only to come back/


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Hi all, hope all bumps and new babies are well;)
We are going out for the day tommorow so I am going to weigh tom. am instead of Mon as we are having a picnic, I have bought loads of nice healthy stuff for myself but will probably eat more than I should so I thought I should weigh before I overeat.
Not sure I will see a loss this week though as I went to town today and caught sight of myself in a shop mirror:eek: I look okay from the front as I can see I have lost a litttle weight from my shoulders and legs but my middle area , well I look about 6 mths pregnant:eek:
Will be happy if I stay the same so just hoping for that really, have a great Bank Hol weekend all:)


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ooo lovely enjoy your picnic!!:D

i HATE catching glimpses of myself in shop windows, i swear they add at last 5st

i hate looking at myself in hairdressers mirrors too :eek: even though, knowing how i'll feel, i always make an effort with my makeup etc when i go i always feel so dowdy, spotty and chubby while all the staff swan around looking fabulous


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I know, how do they always make you feel dowdy? So glad its not just me that feels like that;)
Well weighed this am and had lost another 3lbs:D I really can't believe it, I have been good but def felt 'bigger' as though I was retaining water or something, so to say I am pleased is an understatement.
Had a lovely day out, a bit cold but it was nice to be out as a family, have eaten more than I should have and caved in and had a pastie and a slice of Chocolate cake:rolleyes: Nevermind I have got a whole week to redeem myself and we have to have treats sometimes don't we. Hope you have all had a good day:)


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hi there. just wanted to say howdy and welcome :)

i was doing sw but falling off the wagon doesn't cover the last 10 days or so, ha. really not looking forward to weigh in this week as i missed last week, ha.

hope your nausea clears up soon hon.

abz xx


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Thanks Abz, its mostly 'after I have eaten' nausea at the moment:rolleyes:
You shouldn't be too hard on yourself you have only a couple of weeks to go now but I hope your weigh in goes well;)


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Thanks Kirsty!
Well I have finally had my Hospital appt. it arrived this am for tommorow at 9.15:rolleyes: Luckily DH is off so can take me.
Not really sure what I will be having done as I was late booking in I am guessing its for my '12' week scan, although I am 14 weeks, not sure whether I will be having any blood taken etc. So will have to wait and see, will let you know how it all goes;)


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Thanks Sarah, all went well, Sonographer said that as far as she can tell all is as it should be and my dates were more or less right.
Had blood taken for usual tests I have to go back in a fortnight for my Triple test and they gave me a date for my 20 week scan so along with my own Midwife I have quite a few appts to keep me going:rolleyes: The scan was great it makes it all real doesn't it, the first image that came on screen was of 2 little feet and i could clearly see the toes, it was sooo cute.
I should be telling people that I am pregnant by now I just don't want to open that can of worms yet, if that makes sense as I know I will get some unhelpful comments from some members of OH family, they mean well but all the same.
Glad to hear everything's as it should be for you :) Yes I can't wait until my scan, as you say it'll make it seem all the more real!

PS. What's a triple test?


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A triple test is a test they do in my area as they now stopped doing the Nuchal fold test for downs, its a blood test that will show your 'risk' of having a Downs baby, at the moment my risk is quite high as I will be 40 when the baby is due, the test will give me a risk if it remains high I then get to decide whether to have an Amnio or not.
With my other babies my risk has always come back as very low after the Nuchal fold scan so I am keeping everything crossed that its the same this time;)


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I havent measured myself as only have a metal tape!! But as well as weighing I have been trying on my pre pregnancy jeans, my aim is to try and still fit in them by the time I am 20 weeks. At the moment they are looser than they were before I was pregnant despite having a bump I must be losing off my hips and bum and have def lost off my legs. I am hoping if I can keep losing from those areas there will be room for my growing bump so I will be able to fit into them for some time yet, well thats my goal anyway lol. Hope you are all well , take care Jo.

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