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josies red / green diary


going to do it!!!!
hi there this is my 4th week on sw and on tuesday i had a gain of 0.5lb and dont know why. will some kind soul have a look at my red day today and tell me if it looks ok please and my green from yesterday??

3 slices ww brown danish (hexb)
tin mackeral in tom sauce

ham omlette
mullerlight yogurt/banana

bacon, mushrooms, egg cooked in non stick pan with frylight
3 ww brown danish (hexb)
strawberries, pineapple
mullerlight yog

350 skimmed milk ( in coffee throughout day)

2 alpen light bars 6 syns

does this look ok for red?

my green day yesterday was

3slices ww brown danish (hexb)
low fat spread 1 syn
low sugar jam 2 syns

low fat supernoodles
mullerlight yogurt
28g chedder ( hexa)

pasta with salad, peppers, onions, cucumber
salad cream 4 syns
raspberries, strawberries

hi fi bar ( hex b)

350 skimmed milk (hexa)

do these diaries look ok or have i got it totally wrong?? any comments welcome
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I think they look fine, you may want to try and get more super free veg in if poss and I noticed that you only had 1 HEXA on your red day but apart from that they look good to me. Are your food diary's on line for the wk you gained? Maybe you can post them so we can take a look for you.
I think your menus look fine. The only thing, and Im really clutching at straws here, is the 6 slices of bread in one day. Its not against the SW guidelines at all, so youve done nothing wrong, however bread can effect people differently.

Other than that, just take it as one of lifes little fluctuations. Only 0.5 lbs im sure itll be off and more next week :)


going to do it!!!!
thanks guys for taking the time to have a look.Victoria, last weeks not on but are basically the same as these 2. i dont normally have this much bread i tend to have hi fi or cereal for my hexb choices and i didnt have that much last week. Nevermind ill just keep on plodding along ,im going on holiday next sunday to majorca so i want to try and get into the 12 stones before i go so will try your suggestions of superfree foods/veg.
Going try and stay positive and hope it works for me,
Jo x
Another thing I get told off a lot for on here (lol) is eating too many of the same HEXB's. I tend to have 4x alpen bars for my 2 choices then have 2 more for syns, I know, my bad. Are you varying you're meals from days to day or just having pretty much the same per red and green? You could look through the SW website or the recipe section on here to try and shake it up a bit. Some of my fave's on red/green are:

Coq Au Vin
Turkey Burgers
SW Shepherds Pie
Salmon & Roast Vegetables
Beef Stew
Thai Fish Stew

Quorn & Lentil Curry
Ratatouille Pasta Melt
SW Spaghetti Carbonara
Quorn Chilli
SW Mousakka
SW Chips with Beans Egg Sausage
SW Lasagne

All of these recipes are either in mini mini's or the SW website although I got the thai fish recipe from one of the new books. IK can pop it into the recipe section if you can't find it.

Good Luck!


going to do it!!!!
Thanks for those ideas victoria. I do tend to stick to the same hexb choices too and i do love the alpen light bars too especially the summer fruit ones ...mmmm!! I hope this diet works for me though as im enjoying it! I cant be the only person it doesnt work for can i ??? Cant decide what day to have today may have to toss a coin lol!
hope you have a good day and thanks again for taking the time to help me out.

Jo x
I'm absolutely ADDICTED to the summer fruits bars, I tend to dip them into a toffee mullerlight, sounds weird, try it, you'll love it! I do red/green too simply because I've always lost with this plan and I feel I've got control, I'm not really that keen on trying EE, I suppose it's down to the individual. Slimming world will work for you, I really don't believe that it's "not for everyone", at the end of the day we're all made up of the same stuff. People do sometimes struggle when changing from low calorie diets etc but please persevere, did you have losses on your three previous weeks to the gain this last week? I normally have a green on Saturday mainly because I eat more when I'm home and for some reason I can't keep my nose out of the cupboards/fridge, and it's easy to whip something filling up. I weigh on Mondays so I tend to do a red sunday and monday (for some reason I think I'll be lighter lol the things we do!).

Good luck and make sure you update us when you WI xx


going to do it!!!!
oooh dipped in toffee mullerlite will have to try that. i addicted to vanilla with chocolate sprinkles muller lights with raspberries LOVELY!!! Yeah i lost 2.5lb wk1 then 3.5lb wk 2 so really i do know it works! ive weighed myself this am and am 3 lb heavier than last tuesday...whats going on??:cry: i know i shouldnt have but cant help it, going get oh to hide the scales from me until tues before wi at group hope i lose something, anything will do me !! will let you know how i do it would be great if i could lose 1.5lb and get my half stone award. let me know how you do
Jo x

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