Tuesday was weigh in day for me.....
.....Drum roll please......
.............I lost a whopping 9lbs!!!!

So in 3 weeks Im 3/4 of a pound of losing a whole stone in weight!!!

Couldnt believe it when I stepped onto the scales, I had to check 3 times & call my partner to look to see if I was reading it right!!!

Im super proud of myself & this week has spured me on to keep going with my plan as it seems to be working so far!!

I tried the SW Diet Coke Chicken recipe this evening for tea but with a twist, I swapped out the coke for Pepsi Max Cherry as it was all
I had in to use.....WOW what an amazing tasty meal!!!

Im due to meet up with family on Sumday who are visiting the UK feom California USA....We are going to a carvery restaurant so Im a bit weary as to what Im going to eat.....Dont want to ruin another good week!!

Off to the land of nod now!!

Love to you all!!

Shell ;)
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Wowee! That's awesome Shell!

Have you come down from that surprise yet?

Trying my best to take it all in my stride just incase I didnt get as big of a loss this week.....

.....Which I didnt, Only 2lbs off but still going in the right direction.

One good thing came from me going for a carvery this week....I tried carrots & can say that I am officially now a fan, along with peas they are my fave vegetables so far & Im having them wirh most meals.

Tonights tea....Roasted Garlic & Oregano chicken breast with Wholegrain rice, Garden peas & Carrots:

Absolutely delicious!!

Decided to try cauliflower this week which Im excited about....Who knew Id be this into trying new foods?!

It just shows if you put your mind to something it really works, If you would have asked me a few months ago would I ever eat peas or carrots Idve said "NO"....Im surprising myself.

Just gotta keep it up.

Hell of a long way for me to go yet!!

Love to you all!!

Shell xx


WTG Shell! Very good to try new things and great when you find out that you actually like them!

Im a changed person for sure....
....never going back to my old eating habbits, Cant understand why I did it to myself for as long as I did.

Can you believe last year they found a blood clot on my lung!!!!!
......If that isnt reason enough to sort out my eating habbits I dont know what is!!

Shell xx


Hippety Hop!
S: 16st2lb C: 12st5lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 34.9 Loss: 3st11lb(23.45%)
It took the Db nurse to tell me that my blood glucose level was going up to the state where I would need to take meds if I didn't do something about it .. I don't want to get to that point so I realized it was time to make a change and stop eating all the rubbish. I feel so much better for it and .. as you say .. I am baffled at why I would do this to myself!
Keep up the good work Shell


We have to take notice & action when we get wake up calls like these for sure!!

Same to you, hope your health continues to improve!!



Weigh in day is looming again.....
.....In preperation Ive had 2 'SP' days this week where Ive cut out all carbs & focused on eating as much speed food as possible.

Found this difficult as I do enjoy potatoes, rice, pasta & yoghurts so much but none are allowed on an SP day :(

I managed to figure out some good meal options for those days however so didnt feel as hungry as I thought I would.

The scales will tell me tomorrow if its all been worth it....Im aiming for 5lbs loss to get me into the stone below what Im in now.....Keeping everything crossed!!

FYI.....Peas are steadily becomimg one if not my fave food of all time!!!


Love to you all....

Shell xx



Well Ive only gone & done it....

......Just weighed myself & Im - 5 & 3/4 lbs which takes me down into the next stone bracket like I was aiming for!!

Super pleased with myself....Many more 'SP' days for me if this is the kind of results Im seeing from only 2 during this week!!

Love to you all!!

Shell xx



Thanks so much!!!

Feeling changes now on my body & finding it easier to get about walking etc which is good for exercising!!

Weigh in yesterday which I was dreading after the Easter holiday even though I managed to not touch a bit of chocolate (not sure how I managed this at all - will power is going strong obviously!!)......

.....Im down another 3 & 3/4 lbs, that's almost 2 stone loss since I began my journey!!!

Ive continued with trying new foods:
I needed to find a substitute for potato for when I have an SP food day when I cant have any carbs....
....Carrot & Turnip mash is my new faveourite, Im so pleased looking at my food plates now they are full of colour & Im enjoying every last bite!!

Home made burger paties are a winner with some light cheese as my HexA:

Ive now reached this goal::sw021:

Onwards & downwards!! ;)




Silver Member
Well done!

Just wondered whats an SP day?

Im back from holiday now ;-)