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joys refeed diary


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Well finally decided to let you know what I have been up to. Started refeeding on wednesday due to feeling so ill with totm, was due to begin on thursday anyway. I have done things slightly different to suit my lifestyle.

Day one - breakfast shake Lunch shake Tea small peice of cod with a tablespoon of cabbage,

Day Two breakfast shake Lunch shake Tea
tuna salad

Day three breakfast shake. MISSED Lunch. Tea Chicken salad

Day Four breakfast shake, Lunch Tuna Salad. Tea Cod& Salad

Day five breakfast maintenance orange creme Lunch chicken 3 small new potatos two tablespoon of veg. Tea boiled egg chopped pear with 0% yoghurt.

Day six Breakfast two boiled eggs, Lunch Maintenance bar, Tea Chicken salad chopped pear with 0% yoghurt

Day seven Breakfast chopped pear with 0% yoghurt. Lunch Maintenance Bar Chicken with pasta and salad.

Vitamin B12 complex every day, which helps to prevent mossie's attacking you (well supposed to) trying to have 0% yoghurt most days now before hols as this is suppose to build up healthy bacteria in the gut and can prevent you getting an upset tummy abroad.
Not due to be weighed until thursday but my scales tell me I have lost 3 pounds since the last wiegh in and I know my scales are the same as the pharmacy. :) Holidays now only 9 sleeps away. yippee!!!
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One last chance
Well done on your loss and sorry to hear about the bad TOTM. How's refeeding going for you?


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yes its fine nerve wracking. I really find it difficult to eat at work cos I am so busy so that is why I have changed things round a little. Forgot to say still having 2.5 ltires of water a day and about 5-6 decaff black coffees not bothered about putting any milk in, as I am happy to drink it like it is.


One last chance
Hehe that's good, I haven't had any other kind of drink besides 50ml of skimmed milk and water. I'm a little scared to drink anythign else. I know they say diet drinks are allowed, but does that include diet pepsi? I hate coke.


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not sure, but I was looking at a low GI book I have and they recommend diet coke with no caffiene so I will try that when I am ready just not bothered at the moment really.


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Looks good Joy, and whatever works - go for it girl.

Yas, all diet drinks are allowed, I love the coke zero, so tasty.


Slowly but surely!
Well done on the loss hun, I had a STS so a bit gutted. Maybe im enjoying food a bit too much lol

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