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Jst come back from 1st meeting question

Hi all

Ive jst got back from my first sw meeting and theres a few things i need to ask, Im doing EE as i think this will suit me more, however ive noticed i only get one heb a day if i use this for porridge then later in the day want some bread could i syn the bread ? or would this defeat the object ?

Also i have a lot to lose over 7 stone should i start by having my full 15syns per day ? or less ?

Thankyou x
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You can use your syns on whatever you like!

You could start on 15 syns, and if you find your losses aren't what you expected, drop it a bit, but you should be fine on 15 a day - it is after all what they advise.

Have fun with those syns!!


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Just to confirm with the bread question
Yes you can syn this if you have already used your heb for the day x


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if you couldn't have them as syns, they wouldn't give you the syn value for them would they? :)

A HeA or HeB is 6 syns if not used as a healthy extra

they advise between 10 and 15 a day, so 105 "max" a week..

you can flexi syn though if you need a few extra one day by having less the day before or after..
Ok thankyou guys x

Im scared of eating my full 15 syns a day and not losing or if i dont eat them now at this size then want them when im smaller wont i then put weight on ?
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Dont be afraid of using your syns, they are there for a reason, to stop you from feeling deprived and going off track and also to teach you to have things in moderation

Its approximatley 3500 calories in one pound of fat. 1 syn = 20 calories so even if you have them all in a week it will still only come to 2100 which equates to about 1/2 lb.

Have your syns and enjoy them :) it probably wont impact on your loss. If the time comes when your weight loss slows you can reduce your syns as a way of reducing calories, you cant do this if you dont use your syns.


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Welcome. I know I have posted this quite a lot but I cannot stress the importance of syns enough and my proof is in my first week I used only 10 syns the whole week, I was scared of gaining and over eating, and lost 4.5lb, this is said to be your biggest loss due to the change in eating. But then 3 weeks later I used all of my 105 syns,and lost 6lb. Best to start by using all your syns to give you something to cut back on later of needed. Good luck.
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you need to use your syns and as everyone else has already said you can cut them down to 10 if you find your losses are slow. Also, you need to put food in (healthy food of course) in order to keep your metabolism up and help weight loss.

Lesley x

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