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JUDD Diary

Thought as the rest of you guys has started a diary I would too! I am on my 2nd day of Judding. I did find day 1 of my DD quite hard and a bit worried about going back to a DD but its rather nice knowing its only a day!

Its funny looking for really low fat food for my DD and treats for my UD!!

Will weigh in Friday or Sat. I may be going away towards end of the week so might be hard to get online. Will try and keep everyone posted as to my losses

Nice to see lots of Judders getting on board. Its fab xx
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Glad you've had a good couple of days! Yes it's great that there are so many of us now, esp as two weeks ago Channy was here on her own lol! Will be reading your diary and spurring you on lol. Certainly is weird shopping for this diet, hehehe! I always try to eat as sensibly and healthily as poss on a ud, but today have had a few treats :) Next up day I won't tho.
Well done on the first two days.
Its funny looking for really low fat food for my DD and treats for my UD!!
I always read the label, decide if it's an UD or DD then put it in my trolley. Before I would read the label before deciding to put it back or not....love JUDDD
Hiya guys

Had an awful night with my little boy as he has a stinking cold and its hard to diet when tired. Especially with 500 odd cals!!! Its gonna be hard today. My last DD I didnt eat till later (alot later) but think it made me really ravenous so I am gonna eat a bowl of strawbs for breakfast and then some soup for lunch and more fruit later. How many cals in necteratines? Anyone know?

Bring on the UD I say! hahaha roll on tomorrow xx
Hiya Fuzz,

Thanks love. Hugs back to you too.

Day going ok although climbing the walls with hunger!!! Took little one to the park for some fresh air and I am ready for a sleep!

When he does I will. When I am asleep I cant eat LOL.

Everyone be strong!!!
Keep it up, it does get easier x
Hope your day got easier. It must be hard to focus when you have a poorly little one. As stirky says it does get easier.
When I am asleep I cant eat LOL.
Sound like when I was on CD, the bed got loads of use........only for sleep;)
Well still forging on with Judd. Although I dont think I find it as easy as the rest of you. I am soooooo hungry on DD. I dont like green tea or peppermint tea. YUCK!

Finding it reall hard. Fighting not to weigh myself too. God scales are evil things!


PS Thanks everyone for nice comments about my little one. He still has cold but its going. I have toothache too so thats helping not to eat! LOL
Mum of One ..I am not on this diet yet just browsing maybe start in next week or so but just wanted to say that you are doing fantastic!!

Keep up the good work and remember on a DD just remember what you can have that day you can have tomorrrow :)

Much Love xx
Morning Mum of One - hope things are looking a little rosier for you this morning ?

There is nothing worse than having a little one who is poorly is there ? You really want to take the pain away for them... or is that just me ?

Hope that you survived your DD... I just found keeping myself busy yesterday really helped - plus coming on here loads as well...

Have a great day today..
mum of one, could you make yourself a big salad or a vegetable soup for your DD? Or an omelette with one egg plus a couple of egg whites and a load of veggies? They would be quite filling. If you don't like the teas, are there any other hot drinks you could try that are low/0 cals - hot drinks are very comforting. If you can spare 40 cals you could have an options hot chocolate.

Good luck x
Hi everyone,

How bloody lovely are all you lot!!!!!!! Really cheered me up this morning and gave me a real boost. I have been feeling a bit low about it and have to say I was on verge last night of packing it in! Now I wont though.

Karenlou - I am gonna pop to tesco this morning and buy some options or skinny cow drinks. I do like camomile tea so might drink that too. Its weigh in day tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!! Was going to be the weekend as thought I was going away for a few days but not now. I am dead nervous.

Thanks again everyone for the lovely comments of support. I dont know how to reply to everyone in one post. How do people do that?

Madferret - I am just like you with regard to not wanting my little one ill. He used to get ill so much when he was younger but not now thank god!

Claire and size12 - thanks for support. I hate diets! Wish I never got so bloody fat in the first place! LOL!!!

Watch this space... weigh in tomorrow! XXXXX
Morning Mum of One..

How is little one this morning ? hope he is feeling much better and that you are feeling a bit more chilled today ?

How's JuDDD going ? I'm on a DD today and so far so good..

Have a great day

Hi guys,

Did not post yesterday as was really busy and tired in the evening and little one was running me ragged!!!!

I weighed in and the loss is.............................................4LBS!!!!!

Yeah baby!!!

That is such great going! You must have been really over the moon! I bet you were on and off those scales a few times because you didn't believe it! I'm getting so excited by everybodys losses, it's so great! Have another good week hun x

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