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Julie's CD journey for IVF ( before and after pics included)

Hope you dont mind me joining you?
A little about myself, Im a CD returner. Originally did the diet in 2006 for my wedding and lost in total 6 stone but unfortunately over the next 3 years nearly all of the weight returned to haunt me! I re started in March this year as me and my hubby have been trying for a baby for three years now unsucessfully and had then been referred for IVF. It was then that I realised that in order to be able to receive IVF on the NHS I would have to drop to a healthy BMI of 30 or below and so my journey started. It has not been easy but the results are amazing yet again. On 24th of June I had my IVF appointment and much to my delight and the shock of the nurse I had dropped from 15.5 and a quarter to 11.11 which at 5ft 3 gave me a BMI of 29.8 and so instead of going on the waiting list till I lose weight I am now elligible for treatment. My first consultant appointment is on the 16th of this month so I am on the 1200cal step of maintenance at the mo and start 1500cal tomorrow. I still want to drop about another stone if poss but am going to do this with a healthy diet and excercise. Sorry to ramble on a bit and hello again. xxx
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Hi Julie,

You'll love it here. It's fab. You're only 5lbs away..... brilliant you must be so excited.

Gotta go get ready as I'm meeting a friend and as usual been on here too long. :) Just wanted to say hi hun and that's it great to see you here.

Have a lovely day xxx hugs


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Hi Julie,
Welcome to the maintenance bit, it's great here and a fab way to keep track of your daily bits n bobs! well done on your weight loss so far, you've done fabulously.
Out of interest, can i ask whether the last time you lost weight whether you worked your way up the maintenance plans to the end?
Congrats on getting accepted for ivf, good luck with the process!

Welcome to maintenance, a lot of us joined last week and we are not quite at goal but are working up the plans now.... congrats on your weightloss, you have done extremely well, and excellent news about your IVF treatment, I would just like to wish you all the luck with your journey... look forward to reading your diary...
Worked up the maintenance plans last time and this time think just slipped back into old habits and am determined not to go down the same path this time!! If IVF works will be eating healthily for both me and my baby so fingers crossed it all works out xxxx
Hey Ju it will work this time cos Im going to be there too and we will keep an eye on each other!

Only 3 more weeks and I can come on here to do my maintenance diary too. Am looking forward to reading yours and seeing what you eat so I can copy it when I do it in 3wks. that salmon you had the other night sounded delish!
Have had manic day - see my diary am off to watch private practice - will be on the text
Should have started it when I started maintenance really only 2 days of 1500 to go and then the hard work really starts. Have been following the plans almost to the letter apart from swapping some of the carbs around (rice instead of noodles - you get the picture lol) and until today weight has been stationery but today lost a pound and tomorrow am going back to gym so hopefully will continue to drop will keep you posted xxx


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Hey hun. Welcome to maintenance..... Good luck with the IVF. When will you have your first treatment? My friend had a baby via IVF & another is in the process of ringing the hospital 1st day of each totm to start the cycle. xx
Welcome to here!!!! I look forward to hearng of your progress.

My daughter had IVF twin girls in May at the first attempt. Lilly and Daisy. They went to Norway for their treatment, two eggs were put back and they were born 8 weeks early. They are doing brilliantly. Good luck and can't wait to follow your pregnancy diary in the near future :D
Will find out more on 16th of this month hopefully will be able to start on day 21 which would be 21st but will have to wait and see xxx
Hey Ju

sorry didnt text work was manic (no change there then) and wanted to reply to what you said on text, but as usual wanted to say too much for the text. (You know I talk far too much!)

Firstly good luck at gym later am sure you will have a nice time I know how much you have missed it.

Secondly I have been having a think about what you said about finishing 1500 and doing your own diet. Bearing in mind how we both are and how we always slip back to our old ways hence the reason we yo-yo,

You know I said that this time we need to do it differently, well with you going up the maintenance steps so quickly and not spending 2 weeks on each step, it may be an idea to stay on the 1500 cals step for a good few weeks but swapping the shake calorie allowance for something healthy.

The only reason I say this is because it will give your body time to adjust ready for your IVF treatment, because potentially you could be pregnant in a month and at least if you stay stable on 1500 for a month it will give you a better chance to make sure all is okay rather than finishing the 1500 step then going on to ww and your body thinks whoah whats goin on now Im having loads of food.

Remember what the dietician said that your weight ideally should be stable for 3 months before conceiving.

You have done fantastically well to get to the weight you need to be for IVF, and you know how proud I am of you, I just think from a health point of view your body needs a bit of stability now for calorie intake ready for this baby as you have come up the plans so quickly.

What night do you fancy getting together this week chick ? Im easy HB Mornings

Im quite happy on 1500cal I feel like im eating loads already lol!!! Seems to me all I need to add now is exercise and will be toned and fit as well as slim so think your right in that case. Not doing this again so the only way forward is a change for good xxxxx


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Hi Julie, travelling away from home just now & on limited net time, but just wanted to say hi and welcome... great to see you here! Look forward to catching up on your posts later in the week when I get a bit more time.

Thanks Katy nice to see a familiar face in unfamiliar territory but everyone has made me feel so welcome its lovely xxx
Hi Julie, are you going to stick to 1500 for a while, or are you going to devise your own plan... not long to go now until your appointment. I have just joined the gym and as I am only on 1000 cals and would like to lose slightly more weight, the trainer has given me only cardio to do for a few weeks, and only 35 mins a days worth too (although I must admit I am so unfit and that it about my limit)... are you doing weights or just cardio... must admit whilst rowing today I need notice my flabby arms, so hopefully they might tone up a bit.... have a great day, I cannot wait until I reach 1500 plan..
Hi there I go to curves gym so its a 30 min workout with a mixture of cardio and weights suits me just fine and within weeks can see the difference am sticking to 1500 for a while as would like to lose a little more myself and need to stabilise my food levels a bit so hoping my plan will work. Good luck with your gyming my dear I had great fun there last night and swear my trousers feel bigger today lol xxx


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Fun at the gym? Is that possible? Lol!!! Have read your posts Julie, well done and good luck with the ivf! That's about the best incentive ever. Jess is right to say stay at 1500 for a while - a brilliant plan, like you say, lots of food! And you will get a chance to stabilise and settle into new healthier ways that hopefully you will then keep hold of right thru the future. Love your can-do attitude and upbeat approach, and love that the maintainers forum is so lively these days... yay!!! We are getting there!!!


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