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:flowers:Hello there all you newbies out there!!:party0023:

Just wanted to say hello, welcome to the Forum, and congratulations for choosing a diet that truly can make those impossible dreams come true.:bliss:

You'll find an amazing source of support, friendship, laughter and tears here - we have it all!! And, we are ALL in this boat together:party0011:....so jump in, don't be shy, we were all nervous, and doubtful once. It is a great network, and many have said we'd be lost without it.:vibes:

I have been doing LL since January 8 2008. It has been the easiest most effective diet I have EVER done. And it is also the LAST diet I will need to do. I know this now without any fear or doubt. How cool is that! Its a huge relief, that I can tell you for sure!:wow:

I know it's scary in the early days, but get your mind wrapped right around it, focus focus FOCUS, and above all - BE POSITIVE - and you will see the pounds simply melting off of you. Remember, you are CHOOSING to do this - to change your life. Any fear or nervousness you have will soon be replaced by heigtened energy, confidence, increased self esteem and a new slim you emerging. WHat better motivation is there then those things!!! :D

Drink your water - faithfully - it will keep you feeling full. If you think you are hungry - change the channel. Just find something else to think about. It IS that easy, if you set your mind to it. The mind is an amazing tool through all of this. Pampering yourself is a great diversion. Or a walk in the sun.:chores016: :character00238: Anything to get your mind away from negative chatter.

Well now, get posting out there! You propbably have loads of questions, and there are a lot of newbies just like you - remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question. We have ALL asked them all at one point - there is NOTHING (and I pretty muich mean NOTHING) we have not touched on here!! Even what one might consider too much information. You'll see. :rotflmao: :D

Welcome, and above all - enjoy this journey you are starting now. It can be life-changing, if you allow it to be.

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:) :) :) :talk017: :) :) :)

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well today is my first day on lighter life.

my friend is over from austrila and we are meeting tonight for drinks. i will be on water though and also a taxi service until i lose all my weight!
hello everyone
I'm wondering what to do!
I have family coming next week for a few days then again in mid august. Beginning September I have to go away to Malaysia for work for a week. Beginning october meet family in Australia.... so it's a really busy time with unusual visits and travel. But my eating's been completely out of control after a bereavment, I'm now very uncomfortable and clothes completely tight, I just want to stop with the food and shed quickly. But all these interruptions - would it be better to wait until november ot december(but then with christmas that would be january) for the chance to do it all at once? don't want to screw up my one golden chance.
I weigh about 15 stones, up two recently. lost 5 with atkins about three years ago but couldnt get down below 13 stones for 3 years.
what do you think, should I wait til the winter or just try to lose some of this weight now?
Well, only you can make that decision, but you need to realise, there will ALWAYS be something coming up around the corner. So after Christmas, there will be something else. You could end up putting it off for months, and in that time run the risk of putting more on?

While it is not the most convenient thing in the world to do- you can stay abstainant through it all. I just returned from a month in California visiting friends and families - road trips, lots of BBQs and birthday parties. I abstained the entire time and shed 1.5 stone in the process. SO, it can be done. :)

If you feel ready to tackle it now, then do it! Your friends and family will understand. They will have to. But it has to be your CHOICE to do it, or it will be more difficult I think.

In your heart, if you are 100% honest with yourself - waht do YOU think you SHOULD do? And what do YOU think you WANT to do??

Just be honest with yourself and you will find the answer. :)

Good luck hon!!
Thanks Blond Logic
My question's really about the one golden shot business - is that really the only way to do the diet? I'm thinking of doing it in several sessions trying to maintain for a month between them. But with the atkins if I'd just ridden out the long plateau maybe could have done it all in one go then too. I'll go to the meeting anyway tomorrow and see how that goes.
Also has to be better to do it in the summer if you are always cold!
will come back if I start.
I believe that you have one shot for the "Golden TIme" yes. I think it would be extremely difficult to do it batches, as after abstaining as I am sure you know, you cannot just eat again, it takes weeks to reintroduce food in Route To Management, etc. Seems very impractical to me - so maybe a diet like Weight Watchers, or Slimming world might suit better? You wuldjust need to be preapared for the longer time it would take. But certainly still acheivable if you have patience. I don't. :D Thats why I love LL.

Good luck!!
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I'm just wondering if anyone has any advice on how to get through the hard times on lighter life I've been doing it for 4 weeks and I get no support from my husband I'm beginning to get a bit fed up!
Hi Ally. Welcome to Minimins.

Sorry to hear your hubby is not supportive. :( Thats really sad to hear. Can you elaborate - I mean, does he expect you to cook all his meals - or does he try to get you to eat - or what?? It's important to have support around you, but if you don't, then I suggest getting actively involved in the forum. You will get nothing BUT support here.

Sometimes, you just have to put yourself first. So, if he won;t support you, you need to find a way to do it without his support, because this is obviously something you want to do....so you may have to just bolster up your own support, and develop a support network elsewhere. Friends, or family, or as said, here.

I am lucky, mine has been very supportive and self sufficient.....he gets most all of his meals himself, and is very encouraging, etc. I hope yours can become like that in time? Do you know why he is not supporting you? Have you spoken to him about it??

Let us know how you are getting on!!

He just keeps saying 'its stupid' and @why don't I get you something from the chippy!' etc. My friends are supportive but I'm not with them all the time and don't want to keep boring them with it.
He also keeps asking if I'm going to run away with a fitter bloke when I'm slim so I think his insecurities are a lot to do with it.


P.s how do I upload a pic?

pps thanks for replying BL x
Well I've already wrot this once don't know where it disappeared to. He just keeps saying why don't you eat this and this is stupid, he also says are you going to run off with a fit bloke when your slim so just think he's insecure x

p.s how do I up load a pic? I don't have an option for it?

A x
Ah hah. Thats what I wondered. It does indeed sound like he may be fearful that this may change you and he is obviously happy with you as yo are, which in itself is a very nice thing.

What I would suggest is that you reassure him too - and talk to him about how this will make you happier which wil only have positive effects on the relationship.

It is scary for partners.....this can produce huge transformations, so I can totally understand his fear. So it would seem that what you see as his being unsupportive, he probably sees as trying to protect himself....so you are each looking out foryourselves in a way? Maybe?

I think lots of good long heart to heart chats, reassurance, TLC, etc., for both of you will help him understand that you are doing this to feel healthy and happy, and that he has nothing to fear. (Assuming he doesn;t!! :D)

Good luck!
well i have just got back from meeting my friends and i feel soooooooo proud of myself. everybody was eating and drinking and i stuck to my water. infact it didnt really bother me and when friends offered me food i told them i was full and that i didnt want any wine.

i am confident that lighter life will work.

night night all
thanks for that blonde logic

i cannot believe how positive i feel. before lighter life i woudnt have breakfast then have a massive lunch at 12. today i had a yummy shake for breakfast and now its 12.45 and i still havent had my soup, gonna wait until i am really hungry.

got friends around tonight for drinks and tomorrow a hen party. last night was a huge mountain but i managed it. i wont let these two events faze me. i'm on the road to a new janie


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thanks for that blonde logic

i cannot believe how positive i feel. before lighter life i woudnt have breakfast then have a massive lunch at 12. today i had a yummy shake for breakfast and now its 12.45 and i still havent had my soup, gonna wait until i am really hungry.

got friends around tonight for drinks and tomorrow a hen party. last night was a huge mountain but i managed it. i wont let these two events faze me. i'm on the road to a new janie
Jane I cannot wait to see your ticker drop and drop and drop. You have faced yourself with being out so soon, I am impressed. And your attitude is amazing. Keep rocking as BL would say.

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