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What doesn't kill me.....
I'm gonna got for 6 lbs this month. Not done with May yet, have one more weigh in, but already met that goal (yay!).

Im going to go for 5lbs,May wasnt too bad for me my challenge in may was to "just loose something" and I did.
So yeah 5lbs for me in june.
Hi, I would like to join in with the June challenge please

I am going to go for 7lbs...

Mel x
For me, want to lose another 4lbs (after todays weigh in) - my challenge will be up to Friday 19th as we go on holiday (yahooby) on Monday 22nd!!
I've haven't been doing well at all since having flu :(, so May's challenge went out the window as I've sts (but at least not put on!). So I will say 5lbs for June and get back on track with this new month!!

PS: Well done Tish, you are going great guns girl! Amost there, WOW!


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hi ladys - i will join you on junes challege though i may only be on sf for another 2 weeks but i just "want to lose something" this month, didn't lose at all in may so that challenge went out the window :cry: Good Luck everyone xx
With you all the way Sass, we'll put may behind (being as we both didn't lose anything) and here comes June!


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not a good month

Hey peoples,

Okay i'm in but not so much this time so gonna go for 4lbs which i know is only 1lb per week but i think i was a bit too optimistic last month. So far have lost 2lbs, put it back on and now have lost it again lol. I haven't worked hard at this at all. Have just joined 2 week 100%. I am gonna be challenged at the weekend though as bf is buying curry out of his wages. But i can and will do this.

My first shake of my 2 week 100% and can barely keep it down, i swear every mouthful is a biatch lol.

Goodluck and keep me posted.

MrsMe xXx

ps. congrats to everyone who met their target last month. 4lbs for me!!!
Thought I'd lay this out as the previous two months, hope you don't mind me pinching your 'job' Sass but I'm bored lol! Hope I've got everybody!

Cherrysabs ~ 5lbs
Light Raven ~ 6lbs
Mandy ~ 4lbs
MrsMe ~ 4lbs
Redmel ~ 7lbs
Sass ~ Something
Sparkelwings ~ 4lbs
Stirky ~ 5lbs
Tish ~ As much as possible
I did lol! Beat you to it this time hehehe! I'm off to get hubby in a mo so get to enjoy a little bit of sunshine, just hope my ds isn't sick! :sign0137: There that smilie is better, that other one was making me feel sick, lol!
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Hey Girls,

I've decided SF is just not for me, i can't stick to it, i need my food.:wave_cry:

I still wanna be in the june challenge but i am just gonna go for healthier foods and exercise a little more.

Sorry everyone i just can't handle not eating foods all day then wasting my efforts by just having a t/a coz i am sooo hungry and ready for something yummy!!!

Goodluck everyone and keep me posted

MrsMe xXx


Ready and willing!!
I'm gonna bite the bullet here and go for 6 lbs in June.

After a disasterous day yesterday I am back on track today. :break_diet:

First day of June, here we go everybody on the June challenge!! Good luck everybody!!! Welcome to the challenge Holly, I've added you below. MrsMe, hope you find a plan that suits, that's whats important finding something that suits your lifestyle and works for you, good luck. Yes but do stick with us for the June challenge!

Cherrysabs ~ 5lbs
HollySlimlightly ~ 6lbs
Light Raven ~ 6lbs

Mandy ~ 4lbs
MrsMe ~ 4lbs

Redmel ~ 7lbs
Sass ~ Something
Sparkelwings ~ 4lbs

Stirky ~ 5lbs
Tish ~ As much as possible


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hey girls,

Awww i love this site, my bf gets fed up with me moaning 'I'm fat' all the time and on here it doesn't matter how much i moan or fail there is always someone here to cheer me up and get me back on track.

I put on a pair of size 18 trousers yesterday and only just managed to do up the button. Really need to sort myself out.

My plan today is :

B~ Cheerios (tesco brand)
L~ Salad sandwich
D~Jacket with salad
Snacks~ Apples or satsumas
Drinks~ Water or green tea
Exercise~ Gutting flat end to end (gonna be an all dayer:(Not looking forward to it at all)

Goodluck and keep me posted

MrsMe xXx
Yep MrsMe, I tptally agree the support on this site is amazing! Really keeps me going, it's as if you're not doing it on your own, as you can come on here and you know people understand what you're going through as they're all in the same boat too! My hubby is quite supportive when it comes to my diet, but nothing like the support I get on here.

Hope everybody had a great day :)

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