Just 2 packs a day


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Morning all

I was wondering if someone eats 2 packs a day, will their weightloss slow down? I know all about the nutrient the body needs are in the 3 packs but i get sooo full and it becomes unappetising. So I would have thought that the weightloss would speed up if you eat just 2 packs. But it appears that i am mistaken.
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I do think that you have to have the three packs, it's only 500 calories or so, so I think your body will need that just to function basically. I'm no scientist, and I don't know the ins and outs, but I think it wouldn't be wise to only take two packs.

Why don't you have one early morning, one midday and one later on in the evening? That way they are spaced out a lot, and you may find it easier...

Good luck!


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I've heard that your weight loss slows down if you only have two packs ... something to do with 'starvation mode' and the body hanging onto fat stores and sacrificing lean muscle. So it's an absolute no-no.

If you can't face three FULL packs per day, couldn't you do something like chop a bar into small pieces and nibble a few little bits at a time throughout the day?


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Yup, you've got to have all three or else you'll just be depriving yourself of nutrients. The weight loss won't be any quicker on 2 packs.


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I've been doing CD for almost a year and in the early months I was well into ketosis so not feeling hungry and quite bored with the packs so often only had 1 or 2 packs some days - I genuinely forgot about food and was very busy with my house extension so didn't eat 3 packs a day.
As a direct consequence of this my weight loss halved from an average of 4lbs per week to just about 2lbs.
So please, don't be tempted to skip packs - you need all 3 and will actually lose more on 3 packs a day than on 2!

All the best,


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As a slow loser and someone who found it very difficult to have full three packs on Lipotrim when I started, the first thing I noticed was my energy went down and along with that my weight loss slowed even more.

When I made sure to take my three packs I felt well and lost more weight.

I make sure always to take my packs it is so essential for staying in good health.

Also if you don't take your three packets your skin will suffer has you will be depriving your body of nutrients and you need all of them to keep your skin in good nick along with your body.

I found that I could take two closer together at lunch time and this helped, it was the one in the evening I had trouble with. So having it earlier helped.

Try and find a way that suits you.

I believe Mike/Icemoose took his packs in the evening.


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It really is very important to have the 3 packs as together they conatin all the vitamins and minerals that your body needs to function correctly. Without the 3rd pack you will make yourself deficient in items and could become ill. I know exactly how you feel but it really is a case of having to get that 3rd one down you.

Good luck.


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Basically if you don't get all the vitamins and minerals your body reaquires and drop below a threshold of calories then your body goes into protection mode to try to ensure its survival for longer.

How this works is that the body needs to use more energy to maintain 5lb of muscle than 5lb of fat so it switches from burning mainly fat to mainly muscle.

This increase your body fat ratio but it will also slow your ability to burn calories and loose weight because the body won't need as much energy to maintain a body with a higher ratio of fat.

If your body doesn't require as many calories to maintain your body then your weight loss will slow which is the whole aim of your body when in starvation mode. Clever thing the body!

I hope this helps :)


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"This increase your body fat ratio but it will also slow your ability to burn calories and loose weight because the body won't need as much energy to maintain a body with a higher ratio of fat. "

This is soo true. My scales showed body fat ratio has risen after i started taken 2 packs. Thank you all for the replies. I will take 3 packs from today. It is nice to have experienced cd dieters here.


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I went through a very bad period of only have two a day mostly due to being too lazy to blend so I have more tetra's now on CD. I never noticed a significant change to weight loss but I am glad I am back to 3 a day as it was not good for me at all.
I was exhausted all the time. Now i am getting all the proper nutrients people keep saying I am glowing and beautiful (yeah ok then) and I like it
Yeah you really dont want to start losing lean muscle, in extreme cases your body can start to use heart muscle for energy and this can lead to heart faliure. Obviously this is in super extreme cases, but doesnt sound good anyway!


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I know someone who has lost a huge amount of weight, and he cooks more than one pack a day...

I'd say it would be better to cook more than one pack if it meant you were having all of them ie having 3 packs but cooking 2 of them, rather than just having 2 in total. Hopefuly I'm not shot down for saying that lol -

Spose like everything, it varies from person to person..

slinky good to have you back :D


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Hey honey

It's one of those things - I know for some people it can make the difference between staying on plan or not, but it's not a good idea really. :)

How u doing?


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Yep slinks I take your point - have to tell a lie actually he didnt cook them, his wife did lol

Plus I wonder if someone was having 4 packs a day, and cooking 2 of them would that matter as muich? Just throwing that question in the air!

I'm fine, day 3 today, glugging that water like no-ones business! My brother's popping round with daisy's birthday present, the challenge will be to get some clothes on her before he arrives, and for her to keep them on!

How was your holiday???


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Plus I wonder if someone was having 4 packs a day, and cooking 2 of them would that matter as muich? Just throwing that question in the air!

Possibly. Cause the point of the 4 a day is to provide all the needed vitamins and nutrients, so they wouldn't be getting enough, especially if they cooked two packs.

Well done on day 3 honey :cool: Holiday was nice, but good to be home :)


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This happened to me on LT. I simply couldnt face the last pack... i left it til like 9pm...unheard of on a diet...

on CD its different though and i quite look forward to it - maybe cos i use the tetra paks and bars - i am soooooooo lazy

i take em all to make sure i get all my bits and pieces my body needs.

Good Luck