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Just call me stupid!

Well I fell off the wagon this evening, big time. :hide: Remember I posted a story that we were to go out to dinner as a family for mothers day and how I was so proud of myself for turning it down yesterday.. well, I think I felt deprived and I was in the lousiest form today, all day. I didnt get much of a break yesterday, kept busy in the kitchen cooking, cleaning, minding kids as normal. Feeling really sorry for myself. So today, everything in the food department was going fine until about 5pm when I was to start cooking my families meal. The kids had a couple of snacks and I starting picking at them just for taste, cheese crackers etc. Now, that is something I have never ever done yet on SS! I was so so down and then I ate a packet of buttons belonging to my older dd.... then I made a slice of toast. I rang DH at work, I was so down. :raincloud: I was crying for heavens sake, this is not me at all! :cry:Anyway, he picked up a chinese takeaway (I didn't exactly try too hard to not take him up on the offer) and I scoffed the lot (actually, not as much as I would have done normally, think my tummy has shrunk!). Followed it with a bit of icecream and a packet of crisps. Pathetic!

So.. of course guilt set in as expected... and I have spent the entire evening annoyed with myself. Its like bloody self destruction. I am so happy with how my body is changing, I even thought the diet was getting easier and I go and risk it all.

Anyway, unlike last year where I did exactly this, I am not gonna fall into the trap again. I am heading off to bed soon (not that my two daughters are settling for me tonight!) and tomorrow I am going back 100%.

Sorry, I know this was a long moany post, I think it feels like a diary and I feel good for having gotten it out of my system.

So.. tomorrow here I come. (I just hope the damage wont be too bad)
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the fact that you recognised this.. and are ready to go back 100% to ssing is enough.. dont beat yourself up.. Just drink tons of water.. and even if it has affected this weeks loss.. think about next weeks loss eh? thats what matters.. that in the long your losing weight..

*big hugs* and if you ever need a chat.. im always here somewhere.. hehe..

Cat x x x x


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but having your head around it is what matters.. and i think thats the thing to concentrate on.. :)..

You've done really well so far..

x x x
I have just had a planned weekend off and managed to put on 5lbs! I jumped straight back on the wagon on Sunday - just shakes and soups, not bars or tetras - and have managed to lose 4lbs by this morning.

You are doing really well so far and we are only human! Jump back on the wagon with more determination than ever.

Best of luck.
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Hiya hun

Sorry to hear you have been feeling so low, what I would say is that guilt is a wasted emotion and no good ever comes from it. Don't get caught in the old viscious of guilt as this in itself can drive you to eat. Learn from what happened, what drove you to eat, draw a line under it and give it another whirl. You haven't failed until you give up trying.

:grouphugg: I think you might need one of these!

It's just a blip. Get back onto it today and carry on. One meal won't put all your weight back on, it'll maybe make your loss a tiny bit smaller this week, but if you get back on SS you will still lose this week, and will continue your weight loss.

It's hard, especially when you are cooking for others, I know I always used to 'accidentally' cook too much for the kids tea and wolf it down when dishing it up:eek:, but we really need to change the way we behave.

Chin up, and look forward to a slimmer you in the summer. Chinese food will still be there in 6 months time, but with a bit of perseverence those extra pounds won't be:)
Hiya hun

Sorry to hear you have been feeling so low, what I would say is that guilt is a wasted emotion and no good ever comes from it. Don't get caught in the old viscious of guilt as this in itself can drive you to eat. Learn from what happened, what drove you to eat, draw a line under it and give it another whirl. You haven't failed until you give up trying.

Thanks Georgie.. I never heard such truer words.. I must remember that in future. For those of you that are mums, I am sure you know that guilty comes with being a parent anyway, we are always beating ourselves up. Well, I am anyway.
Dinosaur... thank you also for the hug and words of wisdom. Thank you everyone. This site is 100% what keeps me on track. Even though my CDC is an absolute dote and very approachable, I'd hate to be contacting her in the evening.

I am back on track today.. and determined more than ever. I think in a way I needed the break last night!


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Hi Mof2G

I'm so sorry you're feeling guilty and bad, there's no need.

whenever anyone posts that they have a meal coming up and what should they do, I always want to say, just go and enjoy it and get straight back on the next day. That's what I always did whilst on SS and never had a problem because the meals were always for a special occasion I never felt any guilt no matter what I ate, and I always still lost weight in that week. I never do replies like that now because nearly everybody is of the frame of mind that if you have a meal off it's very difficult to get back on track. However, you were strong on Mother's Day (and didn't particularly enjoy it) and then fell off the wagon anyway yesterday because you felt peeved at missing out on Sunday. you would have been much better enjoying a nice meal for mothers day rather than a takeaway, ice cream and crisps the day after that then left you full of guilt.

Don't feel guilty, you are doing so well, but in future if anything really special comes up that involves food, really think about what you want to do.

Since finishing SS I must admit I'm struggling with losing my final half stone now I'm trying to eat 'normally' but that's a whole different ball game.

Get yourself back on track today you'll be absolutlely fine :hug99:
You're absolutely right Dawn, I know its not the way the diet should be, but for me personally I think I would have been better off going out for a sunday (and healthier) meal. I have no problem getting back on it today, I dont feel so deprived.
OK, firstly I'm not trying to upset people, especially MumOf2Girls, but I'm wondering if this hugging is the best way to help people who fall off the diet in such a big way ?

Please this is just a question for your opinions not necessarilly mine but how about these reactions to the way MumOf2Girls fell over yesterday...

Stage 1) Cheese Crakers - Oh never mind, drink loads of water, Hug, Hug.

Stage 2) Chinese - Sorry hon but youve totally shot SS, start from scratch tomorrow, No Bars, No Tetra, you can do it Hug.

Stage 3) Ice Cream - Hmmm,

Stage 4) Crisps - Stop CD now, get rid of all the guilt feelings, it ain't your fault but you are not in the right frame of mind for SS. Start SS agian soon when you are ready. You can do it, you prooved you can do it maybe not just at the moment.

Again this ain't me having a go and I'm not being nasty.

Hi NmP, I agree with stages 1-3 but stage 4 I don't. It may sound like a complete contradiction but I do feel ready for ss. I did LT last year and certainly wasnt ready then. I want to see this through to the end this time, I may have added a few more days on with my eating last night, but I am still determined.

Its not guaranteed that we will all stop having a problem with food whilst on this diet, its not a miracle worker... most of us on here because we must've had a problem to start with (in our relationship with food that is). As I am going on I am trying to think of why I do these things, how it makes me feel etc. I cannot afford to get counselling as I gave up work to be a stay at home mum, but if I could, I am sure it would help.

In the mean time, this diet is working for me, I have lost 12 lbs and know I can lose more. If I give up entirely and hope to return when I am in the 'right frame of mind', then that could be never, and I will just feel miserable having failed. Its working as best as it can for me... and I am ploughing on with my efforts, on a day to day basis. Its the best I can do.
As I said I was not having a go, I was just trying to see if people thought a hug in all cases was the best medicine.

If some people keep getting hugs every time they fell off then maybe a kick would be more helpful ?

Well done to your 12lb loss, I'm pleased you want to keep trying, this is a great diet.
Dont worry NmP, no offence was taken. This subject was brought up before, about being sympathetic to people falling off the wagon/hugs etc. Last year when I failed at LT, I felt like such a failure/so annoyed/disgusted with myself etc. If I thought that I could have come in here and explained what happened and been given encouragement and sympathy to carry on, then maybe it would have worked. Instead I went off to my own little lonely world of self-destruction.

People doing this diet often hit a wall at some stage or another, and whether they chose to fight it or give in momentarily is down to that individual. In my case, I gave in, but I am glad I have the strength to pick myself up again. The support here for that is second to none.


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i think the more we kick ourselves.. the less likely we are to succeed.. so i always say "just pick your self back up.. draw a line under.. and forget it".. dont be angry with yourself.. cos this could cause another slip up.. god knows thats happened to me..

in my second week i ate half a burger.. and i know for a fact if someone had come on here and said something bluntly.. i would have gone off and ate my fridge.. all whole.. hehe.. I guess i believe that a hug is the best way.. because we know we screwed up.. but we need to let that off.. and get on with it.. this forum is perfect.. its amazing.. and i love it.. because i know that if i have problems.. someone WILL come along and give me a hug.. and tell me its going to be alright.. and to be honest.. i wouldnt want to have to any other way..

Yay for minimins..

x x x


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I've had 2 chinesse(can't spell) since SSing,But haven't beat myself up over it.The way i see it i've been eating too much for most of my adult life,i've not been eating bad just too much.If i decide i want to eat a chinky,thats my choice and I nobody else has to make the choice.Now i can continue to not eat anything and make life difficult or sometimes i can make myself really really happy by having something i want to eat.I don't need hugs for falling of the so called wagon but i do understand why people do.Were all different,some need lots of support,some don't its just life really.I'm losing more weight now than i've ever done before and when i eat i just don't care and for the first time every i contiune dieting the next day.(soz for ranting)

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