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Just changed from Cambridge Diet to 1500cals a day and Gym



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i know the original post is over a week old, but I'm doing the same thing :)

I've gone from 14.10 to 12.6 on cambridge and i'm now on 1200cals a day and exercise. I hope it works and would love advice from people who have been in the same situation.

I also started c25k today and really enjoyed it. considering I've not moved much for 8 weeks I was quite impressed lol
Hi everyone, I've come off Cambridge Diet after losing weight from 19stone4 to 16stone8. I go to the gym 4 times a week and have 2 personal training sessions and was just wondering if there is anyone doing the same???

i'm still doing cd although i'm working up the plans now and i'm on the 1200 although i'm not very strict with myself. i go to the gym 3 times a week and try to do running another twice. i'm training to be a zumba instructor on the 17th april as i love it so much and i hope to do 2 classes a week of teaching and to do a class 3 times a week as a gym person :D as well as 2 runs lol. i love my exercise so much. when i was younger and fatter i hated exercise. i left school with a dread and a hate of exercise. i lost weight and put weight on and found exercise and lost some and put some on etc etc. story of my life really. overall in my life from my largest 22st to now almost 11st i've lost, half my body weight! i think it's down to cd and also exercise.

keep in touch with us with what you're doing.
Hi :) well my overhang tum is disappearing I can't stop admiring how good it looks now compared to before! The losses are slower on the scales but I am slimmer as I am now fitting into a size 18 now! I'm 16stone7 now I've lost bodyfat. I am now running just over five minutes continueous and feel very very fit!!!! Im very happy. It's been difficult not to be looking at the scales for results but going by my body I can see a massive difference I now have a waist!!!!
i love running cause it makes me feel mega fit too.

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