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just found out im pregnant

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i have just found out im going 2 be a mum again, im 27 mum of 3 my husband is well chuffed even though we wernt trying i was ment 2 be getting coil in on 3rd april, must be fate!! only thing is i have put on so much weight this last 3years i am now 19stone what effect will this have on me and my baby, im so worried that because of my weight i will not be able 2 carry this baby

any advice for me ladys?

kat x
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Congratulations on your pregnancy. You will be fine carrying your baby - lots of larger ladies have babies without difficulty and you tend not to put on nearly as much weight. I put on four stone with my first pregnancy and nearly two so far this time - Ive just been a bit more sensible and a lot busier. Hope you have a happy and healthy 9 months!
Congratulations chick....I am sure if the doctor has any concerns about your weight he will be able to advise, dont let it ruin your pregnancy by worrying though..well done to you and your hubby..xx


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Congratulations! Plenty of larger women have problem free pregnancy's. Talk to your doctor or nurse if you have any concerns but I'm sure you and bump will be fine x


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The advice the others have given is right, if there are any problems then your doc will give you the best advice in that department.
If your concerned about putting weight on during your pregnancy, I have read that slimming world will allow pegnant women to follow the plan. I have been on it, and it is a very sencible plan to follow. So you might not lose weight on it but you may maintain your weight during your pregnancy. Just an idea you may wish to look at.
S: 18st1lb C: 16st9lb G: 14st4lb BMI: 42.6 Loss: 1st6lb(7.91%)
po10472 thanks for the congrats when i logged in and read your posts saying congrats it really suck in lol

shrinkingannie,charliegirl,Obsy and mummytummy thanks for the congrats and the advice i am sure my doctor will have plenty to say when he sees me last time i was pregnant i was around 15stone and by the time i came out from my app i was nearly in tears he made me feel like just because im fat i dont deserve to be pregnant . think i will try get app for the lady doctor soon

thanks again girls



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Congratulations x
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I'm sure that your midwife will be able to help you with any queries you have if you would rather talk to her than the 'not so helpful' GP


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Your previous doctor certainly doesn't sound like he was very supportive. You have the same right as everyone to be pregnant and should be happy at such a time. My brother's girlfriend is due in July and she's big (size 24 and 20 stone) but her doctor and midwife have been nothing but supportive. Hold your head up high, you've created a new life and no doctor should make you feel like that's wrong. x


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:hug99:thank you girls so much for all replys

obsy when i read you telling me to hold my head up high my eyes filled with tears i never thought of it like that i have to say i think im ready for the doctor this time i need to hold my own

cheers girls:hug99:


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congratulations I have just found out im pregnant as well just over 5 weeks and im planning to follow sw as it seems the best plan to follow while preganant im sure you will be fine good luck x


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Hi there!! Congratulations on your pregnancy, i'm sure your midwife and nurses will be just fab and give you all the advice and support you need. Gp's dont tend to take very much to do with it anyway, in my drs surgery it all falls on the midwife and her team, then your dr in the hospital. Don't worry about gp, just think about taking care of yourself and your little bundle. My daughter is 14 months now and i was overweight when i fell pregnant too and i had a normal pregnancy and delivery xxx
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Hi Sassy, Congratulation on your exciting news. :p I would say definitely only make appointments and see a doctor that you can relate to. You need support, not to be made feel you have done something wrong. The man sounds like an idiot. :confused:

As far as medical matters go, I and others on here are not qualified to give advice. I would not dream of doing so. But there is lots on info on the internet for you to gather and make your own decisions or to give you something to talk through with a good doctor.

Maybe ask to see a nutritionist at the surgery or hospital. Below is a cutting from an article on this very topic. It's one of those topice where there are bound to be differing opinions.

There is also a link to a great page which covers what you should and just as importantly shouldn't eat, while pregnant. Some foods are actually dangerous. I found it really interesting.

"For women who are already pregnant, pregnancy is no time to try to lose weight, Dr. Riley said. But weight gain should be based on pre-pregnancy weight.

The Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences recommends a gain of 25 to 35 pounds for women of normal weight, 28 to 40 pounds for those who start out underweight, 15 to 25 pounds for women initially overweight and a maximum of 15 pounds for obese women with B.M.I.'s more than 29. Dr. Riley added that regular exercise should be part of pregnancy weight control. She recommended a daily 40-minute walk.

Here is the link, just go to their home page if extension doesn't work.


It is probably a good thing that your last three months will be in cooler weather so heat will not add to any discomfort. :( I always feel sorry for Mums to be who are due to give birth in August ! Good Luck Sassy, we'll all be rooting for you, let us know how its going xxx
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Hi Sassypantz
Congrats. Well done, enjoy every minute. My yougest ~of 4 is 5years old now and I still can't believe my luck.
My Advice
At the end of my 3rd pregnancy I had quite a bit of pain low down across the front which seemed to come back the second I fell pregnant the fourth time. Nobody diagnosed this till very late on. It was pubis syphosis, it's where the join of the pubic relaxes a bit too much. Now I'm not saying it's a given, I'm just saying, if you get any twinges thats probably what it is and you can do something about it. The bigest thing is keeping your legs toghether! Ha a bit late for that I know, but seriously getting in and out of cars/ bed etc legs toghether!!! I really wish my flipping midwife had had the sense to tell me that straight away, it would have saved me a lot of bother later on.
All the best

Purple Hugs

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Hi and Congrat's!
I've just found out today - have just posted a thread about it :)

When are you due?
My EDD according to internet calculations is 23rd December 2009. :) A christmas baby - just hope I'm not in hospital for xmas! I have warned my hubby I'll be discharging myself if I am!! ;) :p

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