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Just found site and think this could be for me x

Hi all I'm Kat
Ive just found this site and think ( or hope ) this could be just what i need.
Ive always been overweight and i know I'm and emotional eater so the counseling but sounds fab.
Ive just emailed the local rep in my area and fingers crossed i should be on the lighter life road asap.
I'm only worried about not liking the shakes / soups, can you buy sample flavours so you know which ones you like ?
I'm not even sure how it work so any tips / advice would be great. Thanks in advance Kat x
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Just want to say welcome Kat. I'm sure some lighterlifers will be along shortly to give some top tips :)


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Hi Kat,

first of all welcome, you've made the first step in contacting your local LLC, congratulations.

About your question re the food packs, basically other members buy a selection of flavours in ttheir first week, then you arrange to have a 'drop in' that week for a weigh in if you so wish and that gives you the opportunity to exchange your packs if your hate some flavours and prefer others.

Good Luck.

sun xxxxxxxxxxx
Welcome Kat! Everyone has fears when they start LL mine was not having any energy, not being able to cope with work and turning into an evil moody gremlin. Four days in and much to my suprise none of the above have caused a problem. My difficulty has been with tolerating the food packs however after my first weigh in today I have been completely reassurred that the sacrifice made has been worth all my tastebuds pain. I always thought I had a slow metabolism but how could I losing 9 1/2 pounds in 4 days!!!!
You will probably find that there are some food packs that you like and others that you don't so just stick to the ones that you like and watch your weigh fall off.
As sun said, you will get a selection at your first meeting and then can do lots of swaps at your drop in a few days later. I ditched the Mushroom and Thai Sweet Chilli. It's gets better in your second week as you can have bars as well (although only one a day and I had mine on the train this morning....boo!). Avoid the Nut Crunch bar but don't confuse it with the Crunchy Peanut bar which, IMHO, is delicious.
Hi Katherine

I did both LL and Cambridge and can highly recommend them. If you do find you are an emotional eater then I think the counselling and groupwork on LL would really benefit you, as it did me. It has been a life changing 5 months for me...I wish you every success if you go for it!
Hi Katherine

I've tried every diet under the sun, and this is the only one I've been able to stick to - and it's been easy! Of course, everyone's different, and some people really struggle (as you'll have read here) but who knows? You could be lucky!

Starting any diet, particularly one as extreme as this, is a bit of a leap in the dark. But if you think you are emotionally ready to do it, and you are prepared to examine yourself and maybe change old habits and beliefs, it can be a wonderful and life-changing experience, as Frejja says.

It's unusual for someone to hate all the foodpacks, though apparently some people go through the whole 100 days just using one flavour for every meal! At our first session the counsellor had samples of the bars for us to try, and as you've read, you can swap packets at drop in sessions, so just get one of everything (except the famous old nut crunch bar!) and experiment.

Good luck, and welcome!

Incidentally, it is true that you can expect to lose about 3 stone in your first 100 days, and a stone a month thereafter, if you still have more to lose. I didn't believe it when I started, but I do now!
Hi Kat,

Just wondering how you were getting on? Have you started yet?
Hi cocojo, I'm mega excited so going to start tomorrow instead on Monday, off to buy my whisk etc this morning and get weighed !
Going to keep a diary etc and log which sachets I like etc x x x
Hi Angel
just wanted to say welcome and good luck with starting.
I'm on my third week of Lighter life and feeling really good with it.
I hope Cambridge works well for you.
Hi Angel
just wanted to say welcome and good luck with starting.
I'm on my third week of Lighter life and feeling really good with it.
I hope Cambridge works well for you.
Thanks I am starting tomorow and very excited to get weighed next weekend.
How's LL going for you ? x
Almost afraid to say but so far LL's going well.
I'm not hungry and feeling really well.
Would of course like to have had the mega losses that some people have but just trying to accept what happens as at least I'm losing and not gaining as I have been lately.
I've just started to up my water intake to see if that helps and aiming to go to gym next week to do some weight bearing exercise.

Hope it goes really well tomorrow and let us know how you get on.

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