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Just had chicken soup

Well as the title

Last time i was on LT i had a dislike to the soup and never touched it after that

well other day i right fancied some but couldnt be arsed making it

well today i decided to go for it lol added **** loads of chilli powder to give it some kick and to be fair it wasnt bad

Think that may be my weekly treat lol

anyone else gone back to it after not liking it and actually enjoy it?
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Ah i went through a phase of a couple of weeks of having it twice a day and then all of a sudden i went off it! And ever since i have only had chocolate shake with ice cold water :drool:

Glad you like it though adam - good idea having it as a weekly treat :)
yeah its just to give a little variation really

seems to help give a sense of option to the diet imo


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I tried it once and thought it was really nasty. So I'm a bit hesetant to try it again.

As was i lol went down well and filled me up nicely
i had one for lunch at work today - was nice and thick and didnt taste too bad :)
i had one for lunch at work today - was nice and thick and didnt taste too bad :)
oh mine was really thin prefer it this way lol

Are we allowed to add chilli powder to it or is that not classed as "real" food?
yes i believe so just not chilli flakes

I added them last time an had no issues anyway
i think you can yous hot sauce but only the original one.
never heard of that one like
nope chicken soup was nasty! especially now the weather is getting hotter I prefer the shakes with ice. Just tried the vanilla one with coffee, yummy ice cold latte:)
going to have something a little different for my final one of the day

Not sure what yet
If I ever wanted to make myself sick I would make up the soup....it is the most disgusting stuff ever!


I *will* be skinny again!
you guys have me wanting to try it again! lol
might get it next week for a bit of variety....
I have made the chicken soup up with black pepper, and to be honest it was quite nice. Just goes to show how different all our taste buds are. Oh well we will all have the same tastes before long lol!

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