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Just had my first weigh in.....

And i've lost 9lb wooooo:woohoo:
I've decided to throw my scales at home away to avoid weighing myself everyday because this was demotivating me during the week! So target 1 is done and dusted now for target 2 :)
Thanks a milion to everyone who has given me words of encouragement on here.. I wouldn't of been able to do it without you guys x x x
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Wow hun what a brilliant first weight loss. You must be thrilled :) :) Good Luck for next week xxx
Whoop whoop nicely done hun! Keep up the good work and you'll be a skinny minnie in no time xxx
Thanks everyone :) and i've just tried the chicken soup and its not that bad!! going to make the crisps or poppadum tomoro see what thats like :) and i'm definately in ketosis now so hopefully things should be a smidge easier!
Awww well done I'm pleased for you, fingers crossed next week you'll have ticked of your second goal if not very close to it. Welldone for sticking to it.


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Well done clair. Great weight loss, and congrats for getting through the first week. Bring on week 2!!
Well done Clare!!!
I'm delighted for u! May it be the start of many successful weigh ins to come! xxx


Back on the diet train...
well done hunny!!! makes all the hard work worth it!!! :D
Thanks everyone :) i'm a bit scared about my holiday now, in case i put weight back on :S xxx
Hey hun,
Don't worry about your holidays, you are totally in control of what u have on ur hols!! Hope the excellent weigh in keeps u motivated, you've done so well :)
Holiday, where you going? and when? And jeez dont get worrying about putting weight on then, you just got to keep your mind on this and losing now so you look good when it comes to your hols.
I'm going to greece on 17th july! so excited!!
I have all the intentions of eating healthy.. i'm just scared that i'll be thinking the wrong things are good for me, i'm going for 2 weeks aswell which will be tough! I really want to keep the weight loss going but also want to enjoy myself so need to have a good think how to get the balance right, does anyone have any ideas of holiday meal suggestions?? and there's no doubt i'l be drinking too, but i'm thinking vodka and diet coke/soda?!
Oh Greece...everything drenched in olive oil...yummy! But not so good for your diet intentions...add to that fatty lamb etc...yikes! However all is not lost because for a start it will be so hot you will eat really lightly. The options you could go for is grilled meat and salad, tzatziki...cucumber salad...sounds so lovely mmm...Anyway you will be well able to pick the healthiest options for you because after LT everything will taste amazing:)
The olive oil and lamb won't be a problem as I don't like either..don't like much really lol the main thing i'm worrying about is thek english fry ups to cure my hangovers! going to be strict and have chicken omlettes or beans on toast though!! and yea good point you do seem to eat less when the weather is hot! and maybe if i feel i look good in my bikini when my holiday comes around.. that fry up won't be so appealing anymore! :) xxx
Hey that's amazing! Really well done! That's inspiring me to keep at it this week- furry tongue or not! Keep it up hun!

Stay away from the fry ups!!! They r a killer...unless you grill turkey bacon and fry lite an egg and grill mushrooms and tomatoes!! As for the hangovers...well you are on holidays and it just wouldn't be fun if you couldn't let loose there! Just keep yourself hydrated and get back on track when you are back...Oh so jealous would love to be jetting off to Greece!! You will look fab in that bikini

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