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just having a moan, not lt related (long)

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hey guys, hope u dont mind but this isnt LP related, just need to rant.

its my beautiful daughters 4th birthday 2day. had a lovely party and great day.

back in june i fell out with my mom and sister as they lied to me, betrayed me and asked my children to lie to me about where theyd been (somewhere i didnt want them 2 go) anyway not spoke since until the other day as my baby wanted them and her cousins to come to her party, so even though im still angry with them i put it aside so my daughter would have every1 she wanted at her party.
anyway, when we got home and all presents were open i realized that there was no present from my nan or any of my aunts (3). turns out my mom has been bitc*ing about me to them all and telling them how nasty ive been to her (guess truth hurts) so in return theyre punishing my daughter, what the hell has she done wrong or me for that matter.
its my birthday on tues and dont give a **** if they dont get me anything but my innocent little girl. sorry but im fuming.
how petty and nasty can u get to punish a little girl. i always buy all their kids presents no matter whos talking, its not my business so dont understand why they would get involved.
no dout if they knew the whole story and not just my moms twisted version theyd all be apologising but i cant be bothered. what a great family ive got, so true that you cant choose ur family.

feel so hurt that they would do this. anyway sorry about the long post but just feel like screaming and crying but cant as want my baby to enjoy the rest of her birthday. anyway gota go play before bed.

hope every1 is enjoying the wkend.

x x
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aww babes sounds like you defo needed to get that off ya chest.we're here to listen to the good and bad times(as you did for me).

families,eh! seems really petty not buying for your daughter.as you say it's not her fault.she's just a baby.

she has all she needs in you and bet she's had/having a lovely birthday with you.

hope you feel less stressed about it soon xx
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Aww *hugs* Jenny

Family are sometimes not all they're cracked up to be. That's the reason my 'real' family are inside my 4 walls.

I know exactly what you're going through as I had kind of the same thing with my Sisters. At first you'll be fuming angry, and rightly so but then you'll realise that your beautiful Daughter doesn't need them or their gifts in her life, as she's got everything she needs inside her home.

I can not for one minute comprehend how anyone can make a difference in innocent children, or hold grudges. They're not worth the emotions sweetie. Put this behind you and cuddle your baby real tight before she goes to bed. Don't let her pick up on your emotions, as little ones are smarter than we give them credit for.

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Aw babe,

Glad you could get that off your chest. I'm not surprised you're upset/angry with them. It seems really, really petty to punish your little girl for something that is NOTHING to do with her. You were the bigger person in asking them to the party for the sake of your daughter. You're obviously a fabulous Mum who wants to make her little girl happy- she'll always know that and always love you. I know family fall-outs are horrible and can be really painful but you've got a gorgeous little girl who you adore and that's the main thing!

S: 17st7lb C: 12st5lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 27.9 Loss: 5st2lb(29.39%)
thanks girls, im feeling better about it now.
had such a nice day, really cant believe my baby is 4 now. need some more babies as mine are both growing up.
ur right, the family that matter are the family u choose, hubby and kids.

thank you for ur messages, really needed to vent earlier. could do with a drink tonight.

x x

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