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Just placed my order.... a quick Q!

I've just placed my order for a bumper pack - the 4 weeks supply.
the only thing is that i had an operation on my elbow 5 weeks ago - so i says i cant do the total food replacement until 3 months post surgery - does anybody know why this is?

I emailed them and they said that i can do the simple solution where i have 3 packs and one 600 kal meal per day = 1200kals per day. - has anybody done this or does anybody know the rate of weight loss i could expect on thios plan?

i have 47lbs to loose! and want it gone ASAP so that i can start finally enjoying my life!

thanks for your help!
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Yeah, it's cos your body relies on protein to help heal and rebuild and on TFR you just wouldn't be getting enough or the right type - it could delay or hamper your recovery. :)
Oh what a shame
just as you got all fired up to do total

yams right though
you don't want a dodgy elbow later in life because it didn't heal properly now
Ah thanks... makes sense!
your right Maggie mentally im ready right now! but your right, i'll just have to take it slow on the Simple solution for a couple of months before i go onto TFR.

Like im sure alot of people on here feel like - i've been overweight for so long i cant remember, now i have the solution it would be nice if we could be there yesterday!

As i'll still be eating a meal each day i will hopefully have more energy than on the TFR so will be able to do more exercise.
Just think of your time on the simple solution as 'training' for the main event of the total solution. You'll go into the total solution with a lower starting weight, and you'll be used to eating less.
Good luck, with Exante and the elbow recovery x


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Hi yumm mummy,

I too have just placed an order and cant wait for delivery. I have a social event on Saturday evening so will be cutting down until after this then I will be getting stuck in. |The thought of approx 9lbs in first week is spurring me on. I have been so inhappy for sooo long. I need to lose approx 40lbs. I have fewlt so uncomfortable in clothes and have not bought any clothes in ages, I am seeing all these beautiful summer clothes in the shops and I am in the zone to get going. I have been overweight so long but kidded myself I was not that bad. It is difficult for me to get to a gym as I have 2 kids and work and my hubby works late. I am enrolling on a running course for women next Tuesday and will be on day 2 by then.
Please keep in touch and let me know how you are getting on too.
hi fattea, well good luck with it all! actually its easier than i thought, and including a 600 kal meal is actually tougher than i thought - its actually quite a large meal!

try all the flavours, people on here have given me some great tips! like adding a sweetener to the milkshakes, personally i cant get on with the soups but im not a soup person, the toffee bars are yummy!

i've got my first weigh in thursday so ill let you know how i do! i dont think it will be anywhere near as great as the people on the total solution but i cant do that on for another 8 weeks (to be honest im quite jealous of them!)
like you i also work and have two young children, my husband is often away with work during the week - i have found that going for a 40 minute walk at lunch is helpful just to include some exercise really, also good for getting your head away from work. saying that children are exhausting work in themselves!!!!
I am enrolling on a running course for women next Tuesday and will be on day 2 by then.
Erm I don't really know how to say this except bluntly, so I'l say it bluntly. Don't. No really, leave it for at least a month.

There are a couple of reasons for this.

First one is that by day 2 you will probably feel so **** you won't even want to get out of bed, never mind go running. If you already have to go to work and run around after 2 kids you're just asking for trouble trying to go running.

Second one is that there has been a fair bit of research done into the effects of excercise while on a VLCD. The main outcome of pretty much all of them is that you shouldn't start any NEW excercise routines at all during the first few weeks, and that even then for the duration of the diet you should concentrate on strength and toning excercises and not do too much cardio. The reason for this is that if you do too much cardio whilst on a VLCD your body will use up your lean muscle for energy as well as your fat. Less lean muscle means apart from any other dangers your metabolism will slow down and you will lose weight more slowly!

Running is absolutely the wrong kind of excercise to be starting, it'd be OK if you already go running and your body is used to it but as a new thing it's a no-no.

Get yourself a pilates or yoga book or dvd instead, and even then wait a couple of weeks before you start to use it......
yep-what Yambabe said
I honestly lose (for some reason 4lbs a week!!!! - I don't know why either !) with an hours walk a day

I wouldn't sign yourself up to it just yet-see how you feel

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