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Just spent £100!

Hello all!

I've just purchased a Mega Mix pack of soups n shakes & bars - so I'll be joining you all, hopefully by Thursday!

Some years back I lost 3st with LL, but gained it back and more - especially since I stopped smoking! :smoke: (gawd! I LOVE that smilie! ). Doing brilliantly on the no nicotine front - willpower & determination got me here - but now got so bad, weight-wise, that my belly stops me sleeping comfortably on my tummy! :eek:

So here I am - in it for the long haul. I'll post weight / BMI etc when I start.

I wanna love my body again!


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Guess who's back...?
Hi Rimini!

Sounds like we will be starting on the same day! I ordered my £100 bumper pack this afternoon, so hoping it arrives on Wednesday. :)

I too did LL - lost 5 stone between Aug 08 and Jan 09... came off it when my BMI was normal (11st 6lbs)- but never hit my goal (10st).

Have since put on a stone and a half and now hitting 13st... so I'm going to do Exante to get to where I always planned to be. Well, that's the plan!

Keep in touch ~ WE CAN DO THIS! :)

Anna x
Hi there! I did cd in the same time frame you were on LL

There seem to be at least a half dozen of us starting at the same time, which is great we can all compare notes and spur each other on

Then it'll be the support to do proper maintenance doh!
Doing CD and just order Exante


Can I join the club. I have done CD previoulsy and Im am starting on that again tomorrow, well to use up what I have left. I have order a bumper pack that will be hear thursday.

I need to lose about 6-8 stone depends who you ask. so am looking for all the support i can get.
Welcome to the forum Rimini. Well done for taking the steps to get yourself on to Exante. I'm sure you will do well, as you've done LL before, so know exactly what to expect. Good luck and see you around. :)

Hi to InNeedOfHelp too, I'm changing over from CD to Exante soon. Good luck to you as well.
Hi Rimini,

I started yesterday and, like you, was so excited when my parcel came! Haven't had any problems so far, but I guess it's early days.

I did LL about 8 years ago. I did the 15 week abstinence thing, and lost about 3 stone, but was obviously nowhere near my target weight, so it all went back on. Unfortunately, I couldn't stand the counsellor (think it was the £ signs flashing in her eyes that put me off), hated having to "bare my soul" in the group therapy stuff and it was too flaming expensive!

Exante really appeals to me because I know it works, I don't have to be weighed by someone else or talk about my "issues" with eating, and it costs no more than I would spend on food for myself each week.

Good luck to you.
Hi InNeedOfHelp,

Good luck to you, too. I've tried the

Vanilla (quite pleasant)
Orange bar (very nice)
Thai chicken soup (made me burp!)
Chocolate shake (tastes of muddy puddle but not too disgusting)
Toffee bar (quite nice)
Tomato soup (made me burp!)

Hope that's not too much information about the soups - and that they don't have the same effect on you!

Happy losing!
I had the toffee bar which I like, had that in two halves, 3pm and 5pm then had a Tomatoe soup at 7.30 with some black pepper and Chilli, but its still was not that palatable but can force myself to have it will get used to it.

I have done Cambridge before and to be honest did not particularly like the soups on there either, so maybe just me.
Really looking forward to tomo now.
Have set my filter coffee machine up ready for 6am. Hot & strong will get me going.
Might pop into Lidl on the way to work & get 6 x 500ml waters - then I can refill in the work machine. And did I read Coke Zero or Pepsi Max was OK?
Will update tomo night...........

I wanted to 'Thank' you all for your inspiring comments, but can't see the button - do I have to post x number of times before I get it??
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Day 1 done (nearly!)

Coffee for breakfast, Thai soup at lunchtime, with the Toffee Bar throughout the afternoon, then the Strawberry Shake for tea.

All very palatable so far - & I am sooooooooo glad they're not oversweetened. That put me off CD a few years back - everything tasted so sickly.

Any suggestions for what to try next?

And I've managed 2l water & about the same of (normal & decaf) coffee.
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