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just started.........a little confused?????


getting slimmer
i'm maria and new here, and a little comfused.:sigh::sigh:

i started ss on tues 24th, went back to my cdc on fri the 27th and had lost nearly 5lb!! fantastic!:)
i started at 13 st (size 16) and wanna get down to at least 9 (size 8/10)

my cdc has said i can have the bars from the start, and on here a few things iv'e read have said not to??

i am trying to do ss, but have cheated.
at a party the other day where there was a HUGE buffet, i had some lettuce, cucumber, toms.
and yesterday after i cooked the family a chicken roast dinner (it looked devine) i had a bowl of cabbage and a little gravy.:cry:
i also keep forgeting, and licking spoons ect! put a piece of chicken curry in my mouth over the weekend - and spat it out quick!!
have i messed things up now completey?

she said i can also have the water flavourings? but i've heard you shouldn't of had these for a few weeks?

any tips or comments or anything would be good.
maria, xx
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maria. you can't mess things up completely as long as you get back on track. there isn't a 'mess things up completely'. you need to stick to it as much as you can, but please don't beat yourself up if you fall off a wee bit. it's self destructive and can lead to giving up completely. drink loooooooooooads of water, stick to the plan and you'll have another fab loss this week i'm sure :)

as for the water flavourings the reason you aren't supposed to have them is because you are supposed to be firmly lodged in ketosis before you have them, but since you are losing i wouldn't worry about it too much.

keep it up babes :) it will be worth it. try and remember how you feel right now every time you want to have something you've promised yourself you won't have!! it will help as a detterent.

well done on your first week's loss :D

abz xx
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Firstly good luck with your CD journey as someone who is approaching the finishing line I can tell you it can so change your life in a short space of time.
Lots of CDC's have different veiws about when you can have the bars,....many dieters worry that eating what feels like a choc bar will trigger them to eat other stuff.I think you probably know yourself best and will know if likely to do this
Personally had them from week 3 and love them and will probably continue to have one in bag forever...much better than a mars bar!
No eating what you did will not ruin all your good work,but you really need to put it behind you now and try really hard to stay on SS.If you find you can't do SS,then try SS+,but stick to one plan,and don't get into a cheating cycle!This is the best advice I could give you...apart from drink lots of water...it cures all nasty side effects and makes you feel fabulous!


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Stop beating yourself up hun .You are already convincing yourself you have failed and you have only just started lol

point 1 yes it is sugested not to have bars or water flavourings for first couple of weeks they effect peeps in different ways but you are in ketosis and doing fine so no worries there keep to the recomended amounts of them you are doing great :D.

point 2 picking at food is a very slippery slope .And you will snow ball into 2 spoonfuls ect before you know it convicing yourself that you got away with 1 2 will be fine :eek: .I used to keep celery handy but only for emergencies usually totm but be aware of that slope hun its very steep xx

point 3 great weight loss for your start get yourself on the wagon firmly hold on tight and enjoy the journey everyone here will help keep busy and drink plenty of water xxx


getting slimmer
thanks guys,i'm def back on track now! it was my first weekend so was a hard one! gong back to my cdc on fri, so looking forward to that!

mary poppins and mandy, what fantastic pics - you must be so proud!
really gonna try hard now, thanks maria xx

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