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Just Started Exante


Going for it.
Mi Markanderl - I'm doing Exante on my own (don't particularly like all the counselling stuff anyway) and you'll find the support on this forum really helpful. Whenever I am struggling I read threads from weeks ago to keep me going. There are a lot of very wise and experienced Exante dieters who used to post but don't now so always worth scrolling back for motivation and tips.

Good luck!
Hi and welcome,
I too am doing exante alone, but have now found that quite a few people have seen how well I'm doing are now starting exante themselves.
You're also not alone if you pop on here now and again - we're all with you.

Look after yourself during this difficult first week - get yourself through it by hook or by crook - and you will be so glad you did. You will soon be reaping the rewards.

Best of Luck
Thank you

Thanks everyone, i suppose I will not be going it alone then. Aagin thanks for the support and I look forward to the weeks/months ahead.

Welcome Welcome! This wonderful lot will keep you on track, watchout for Yambabe, a fantastic poster and very motivational!! If it does mean getting the stick out once in a while..hehe :D

Thats interesting, I found the LL people not very nice either, when I did it a few years back - only lasted 4 weeks as couldnt take the group rubbish anymore..Of course this is just me and I am sure different groups are lovely and it helps some people. I was in my second year of uni and had a very important essay to write, when asked if I could miss the group, I was told if I missed the group, I wouldnt be allowed back...charming..:eek:

I much prefer the ease of ordering my exante products online and just getting on with it on my own. I find coming on here is the best motivation of all and if I need help I would much rather come on here that have to go to group counselling.

Thanks Dreaming2010, yeah the LL counsellor was Pants. Anyway all the support from you and everyone else here is going to help. Sorry you having such a bad day. I have a motto in life. achieve your objective today and tomorrow will take care of itself.

Get through today and believe me tomorrow will be a good one and remember there is always someone else feeling worse than you although it may not feel like it but imagine how that person is feeling and maybe just maybe your day will get better
Welcome markanderl...good luck with your exante journey...great support here although you no doubt know that by now. Stick in.


Rebel without a calorie
My LL councellor was pants too. We used to sit there complaining about her for the whole meeting but didn't dare put in an official complaint as there wasn't another one in the area at the time. The only support the group got was from each other!
Dietkitty i see you are in Hampshire, I am also from Hampshire, Hayling Island to be exact. The LL group that I was trying to get in was in Havant, can't be the same can it?
Gil7044 thanks for the support. It is such a relief to find one can get support from a people on a site like this when all else has failed.


Rebel without a calorie
No, I'm North East Hants. The one I had was supposedly a trained councellor in other areas but just wasn't preparing us for how to deal with food after LL. I blame her for putting it all back on :8855:


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Welcome! Nice to have another exanter (lol!) on board! x
i'm just starting off with exante to... what been putting it off for ages, but have sisters wedding coming up and there is now less and less time before i have to have my bridesmaids dress fitted :( (nightmare) so here goes!


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Thanks Isis1981. Day 3 coming up today and so far so good.
I am on day 5 and feel fab! I love this plan :)

Hi Laura. Welcome! Good luck on losing weight for your sisters wedding :) That is a great incentive x

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
I am going to do a shy little wave at you all.
I have been lurking about on the forums for some time, I have to say thank you all so much already for giving me the motivation to not only start exante, but providing me with such inspiration.

Welcome Mark and lovelylaura. and a big hello to the hardcore Exante team hehehe.

Day three done.. water being drunk. feeling a little yuck, but so motivated by each and every one of you. Proud to be on my journey with you all.



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Welcome aboard Sarah!

Lovely to have another person on the journey!

You will feel less yuck in no time :)

I look forward to seeing you around :) x


is slowly shrinking
hi just a quick post, as i am fighting the hunger pangs, i just like reading ur inspirations to keep ,me on track. this site is a god send, good luck all you exante people, just survived day 4, but got a headache.
Hi everyone, well day 4 in nearly over and still not struggling with hunger. My problem is my wife had a hand op 2 weeks ago and the hand is in plaster and I have to cook for her so it is just smelling the cooking food that I am kind of struggling with. But you know what, it is all in the mind and I am seriously motivated and finding it reasonably easy to deal with. Keep your chin up up everyone and keep going. Oh and I have lost 10 lbs in 4 days.


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woohoo 10lb in 4 days- well done!
on the bright side at least having to cook and be around food will not make being around food smells such an issue for you in the future :)
look forword to seeing your losses in the future
Thanks Jubles, 11lbs your 1st week, fantastic. Starting day 5 now and have lost 12lbs. Wish I had started this sooner. Supposed to be going to The Rose Bowl this afternoon to watch Hampshire play Surrey, on each side of the ground there are hamburger stands and the smells are just tremendous, I am a member and sit in the members area and just behind us is the pub and they do a carvery which smells even better. Was there on Friday night and battled, I think today would be even more torture so I might just give it a miss.

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