Just started Howards Way, anyone else?


I did Howards Way 9 years ago and lost around 5 stone, kept off for some time, but a pregnancy and personal stuff in my life crept the weight back on to the heaviest I've ever been. Enjoyed Xmas and rejoined on 3rd Jan 12, 3 days in and already lost 9.5 lbs. Its been a hard few days, felt very tired and bad headaches, but know this will go away within the next week. I've got a long way to go, but with the help from my support worker I hope to reach target later this year.
hi minnie11, im starting howards way tomorrow and really excited, ive tried afew diets but never really lost much and soon put it back on so im hoping ill do ok with this 1, wow did you really loose 5 stone? thats how much i wona loose, how long did it take? is the first week quite bad? i fully expect to be a real grouch for the 1st week as i usually am wen i diet but what im going to find really hard is not having any diet pepsi lol, i drink around 2litres a day so cutting that out will be really hard i think, let me know how you get on n maybe we can be support for each other? take care and good luck x
Hi Clare31 its so good to hear someone else on the diet. End of my first week and tomorrow I go for my weigh in, I must admit I felt very tired for the first 5 days and had an awful headache for the first 3 days. Now settling down a lot, though today been quite hard. I don't want to eat, but the smell of food...
It took me around 4 months to lose the 5 stone last time. Good luck & yes love to keep in touch to hear how your getting on.
Hi minnine11, how did the weigh in go? im struggling today, feeling very hungry n tired infact ive gota take the kids to beavers soon and feel so tired id give anything not to have to take them lol. Im sure this will pass in afew days (or im hoping so), its only day 3 so im presuming this is normal? hope to hear off you soon x
Hi Clare31. Yes feeling very tired is very normal, I was having a nap in the afternoon with my soon to be 2 year old last week and still going to bed fairly early this week. The hunger will get better I promise you, particularly when you go into ketosis. One thing you will also find is you'll start feeling the cold a lot more. I'm normally sweating like anything running after a toddler, but now wrapped up like anything lol. When's your first weigh in? I was half a pound off loosing a stone this week, really pleased as good start, but got a long way to go yet, still should be there by mid summer hopefully and you'll be there a bit earlier. Keep me posted x
Hi minnie11, wow a stone that is fantastic, well done you. i really like the sound of that lol, does it really cum off like that? i suppose it slows down quite alot after the first week?, i tried slimming world afew years back and was really pleased the 1st week i lost 5lbs but then aprox 1lb a week after that, it was really disheartening so im really hoping this 1 works for me. i shud be in ketosis in the next few days shouldnt i? my husband had a kebab for tea and i dont know how i stopped myself it smelt sooo nice lol.
My weigh day isnt until next monday but gona weigh tomorrow as i phone my mentor tomorrow night and she wants to know so fingers crossed ive lost afew lbs. keep up the good work, Speak soon x
I can imagine how you felt with the kebab, it doesn't help that your sense of smell is greater on this diet either, but you will find you do become detached from food. I did slimming world this time last year, lost 2 stone, but gave up by April, good diet, but I'm too impatient for results. Weight loss on HW is minimum 1 stone per month, which I easily did last time was on it. Good luck with your weigh in, let me know how you get on x
Hi minnie11, well i got weighed and im so pleased infact ecstatic that ive already lost 8lbs, stil felt hungry today but that has really given me the motivation to carry on, how you feelin? you stil going strong? has your hunger passed now? x
Hi Clare31. That's fantastic news, well done it really does spur you on getting results like that. I have been fine the last few days with the hunger, but since this afternoon I have struggled, I don't it was helped by having a bad headache which made it difficult to drink the water. Still tomorrow is another day. How are you getting on cooking etc? My hubby has been on ready meals for the past week whilst I get used to the diet, unfortunately his a useless cook! Well done again x
Hi minnie11, hows it goin? ive been strugglin last few days infact today has been very difficult, i was extremely hungry this morning and so wanted to give in n just av like a chip muffin or somethin lol, i dont know why today has been so hard but ive felt quite lethargic as well which i havnt done before. I think today will be a very early night n hope tomorrow is alittle easier. I dreamt the other night i had eaten a mars bar lol, i was half way through eating it when i remembered i was on a diet and so spat it out but id already eaten a full 1 before that lol. I went to my friends house at dinner time and took one of my soups with me so i could have that while she had a brew, i must admit i feel abit better since i got of the house and took my mind off it, like i say tomorrow is another day!!!
Anyway hows you? how was your weekend? do you stil get tempted and any tips on how to get past the hunger pangs? Its your weigh day tomorrow isnt it? let me know how you get on, Speak to you soon and good luck x
Hi Ladies, hope I'm not intruding but having a read of the forum after having not been on for a while. Sounds like you're both doing brilliantly with your weight losses but I have to say Clare, had to smile at your dream about Mars Bars, I had a nightmare about eating doughnuts when I was on the diet and really thought I had when I woke up, was in a right panic!
Hang on in there, Clare, the hunger pangs only seem to strike for short spells of time and it really does get easier as the weeks go on and you see your weight coming down, fit into clothes you haven't been able to fit in for ages, etc, etc!
Anyway, good luck both of you and will try and catch up again soon if you don't mind an old maintainer butting in occasionally!
All the best, Karen.
Hi Clare31, glad you managed to survive the hunger pangs, it will get better and I do find if I'm hungry I maybe haven't drunk enough water. I get those kind of dreams too and did last time I did diet, amazing how real they are lol. Yeah I survived the weekend, I don't want to eat, but food smells can get to you, even adverts for me! Got weighed today and lost a total of 6 pounds this week, which means one & a half pounds off a stone & a half :) your weigh in must be coming up? Let me know how you get on. Sounds to me like your doing great Xx
Thanks Karen67 and your more than welcome to spur us on. Just at the beginning of the diet, but know the weeks are going to fly and hopefully will soon be getting some of my old clothes down from the loft. How long ago did you do HW? And have you maintained your weight ok? X
Hi Minnie, thanks for kind words. Lost just over 4 stones and have maintained pretty well, occasionally put on between 7 and 10 lbs (times like Christmas and hols) but otherwise find really easy to keep off. You and Clare should both do tickers, so everyone can track your progress, I know others on site have done. I joined after lost my weight so no point in me doing, lol. Anyway, well done, you are doing great. xx