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Just started :)


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Hi! I started Lipotrim yesterday and its not as easy as i thought it would be. Im having to swap my chicken soups with someone else i know who's doing it i cant stand them! Love the vanilla and chocolate though. I was fine yesterday but im starting to crave food especially pasta for some reason :eek: Got my first weigh in on Friday, when i see the results it will all be worth it!! :cool:
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Hi JD89,

Well done for getting to your second day as that is a good sign.

If you split some of your packs in the first week it can help with the hunger having a few mini meals spread throughout the day until you go into ketosis which is normally around the third or fourth day.

If you do split a pack and want to make two mini meals out of the one.

Just make sure to make each half up fresh and consume within 15 minutes as some of the vitamins are water-soluble and lose their nutritional value after this time.

The chicken soup has a stronger taste of vitamin and minerals but as time goes on you do not notice the taste, so you could try the chicken soup again at a later stage...you might find then you like as some have done!

Good luck with weigh-in on Friday!

Love Mini xxx
Hi Jd....I know, its tough the first few days, but if you stick at it then it should get better after a few days!

I've tried a few different things to curb the cravings, first adding a little coffee to my chocolate shake with ice cold water and some ice-cubes...its like liquid tiramisu! Also for lunch time, I mix up the vanilla shake with some coffee and boiling water (a good bit of water so its not too thick) and a sweetener (optional) its tastes like a latte and because you need more water than the shake it lasts for ages (or split it in two and have two through the day!)

Drink lots of water, as sometimes the hungry feeling is actually your body saying it needs fluids...so guzzle that water!
Good luck and welcome :)
chicken soup made me gag too
i only like strawberry and choc but i managed ok for 7 weeks
back again now
the cravings will go soon and you won't think about food so much

debz x


A little of everything!
Hi! I started Lipotrim yesterday and its not as easy as i thought it would be.
Why did you think it was going to be easy?!? It's the toughest diet I've ever done- but easily the most effective!

And remember- your WI will only be on day 6, so if your losses aren't what you thought they might be, don't be disheartened?


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I didnt think it would be easy peasy i just thought it would be easier than it has been, iv done Food Replacement Diets before and found it easier... Maybe i run around after my daughter more than i thought i did! :)


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Hi JD89,

The first week some find that their energy levels are down as they adjust to the diet and the new routine.

Hopefully you will be one of the lucky ones who experience the well-being high from ketosis!

It is hard work running around after a toddler but it will keep you fit that's for sure!:)

Love Mini xxx

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