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Just Took My Before Photo


I started CD yesterday (unofficially), had some shakes left over so started yesterday but not seeing my CDC for the first time until Saturday. Just taken some before photos so I can keep a record of my weight loss, I feel absolutely disgusted with myself, I never realised just how awful I looked in my underwear. This is it!! After seeing that I have to do this, there is no going back now. I will take some more photos in a about 4 weeks time, I better see a difference by then!!
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A pound at a time
I took those kinds of pics before I started CD too. I felt awful and wanted to cry when I had a look.

The bright side is that you're back on the bandwagon and you'll never look like that again. With each day you're on CD you're a little different than that pic and soon will be totally transformed.


Mad as a Hatter
Such a good idea - my cdc takes a picture of all newbies when they sign up and then tracks them via photos throughout their journey ... I must admit I wasn't too keen on having mine taken..


Going for Goal!
I'm sure you will hunnie :)

4 weeks on CD does wonders!!

Well done on getting back on the wagon and Good Luck on your future weight losses :)

Hugs x x x


Losing is the ONLY option
Hey hun,

I am sure in 4 weeks you will be thinking WOW what a change. Are you a restarter? Hope it goes well for you. You will do great.

Take care

I feel really determined now. Me & Hubby talking about going away end Sep/Oct, theres no way i'm going looking like this.

Thanks for your comments x


Skinny girl in a fat body
I so wish I had taken some 'before' photos. I only really get my photo taken on holiday so have no really recent ones to compare my loss with. My last holiday was August 2008 but I know I got bigger, not thinner, since then. I also dont like my photo taken standing up, nearly all my photos are just head shots. I will post some photos thought when I reach goal.
Don't feel bad about your before photos, you need to know where you are, so that in the future you can see how far you've come on your journey, and in 4 weeks you will definately see a difference.

Use these photos as motivation and, check out some of other people's photos in their profiles, others have put up 4 weekly progress photos, it will inspire you!


Shut up Ethel
I had mine done too - hated it, but useful to look back on I hope! All the pictures I allow to be taken of me are in 'I've got a double chin' pose eg sitting, elbows on table, hands under chin!
I took before photos as I knew I wanted something to compare them with...I couldn't see a difference in person but I could in photos so it's really helped me :)


Cambridge Diet Councellor
It's such a good idea to take some before photos, I know it is scary, but just think how proud you will feel when you have lost the weight and look back in a few weeks or months time.
I try to take weekly pics to motivate me, I can def notice a difference and see myself changing shape.
You have made the first vital step, keep going and you will soon feel so much better!
Good luck x


Silver Member
Taking photos helps with the process of weight loss, I have looked at mine throught cd it really helps to see your progress i do one every 4 or 5 weeks just to keep tabs on myself. Good luck you will soon be looking back with shock at how much youv'e changed. good luck hun
It's great to have a reference point, you sound very motivated so best wishes as you get started.

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