Just under 5 lbs lost in two totally abstinent weeks?


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I must confess, I'm a bit disappointed, especially since I never ate at all over the festive period. In fact I haven't 'cheated' at all doing LL (a miracle).

I sat and thought about it and realised that my activity level throughout the two week holiday has been low compared to my usual frenetic running about.

The weather has been so foul up here that for three days I never even left the house. I usually do 10,000 steps a day easily now but that was not the case during the holidays.

I think it's significant too that I weigh much less than I used to, and therefore will burn less energy when I do move about.

Additionally, I wore new boots for the weigh-in tonight. I did not think that they would make much difference but perhaps they did?

Anyway, overall I am very happy to have stayed abstinent during the holidays. I thought I would fail the challenge. It is nice sometimes to be proved wrong!:D
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Well done on doing clean SS over the hols. Remember your average loss is 1 stone per month, so I bet you'll do well the rest of the month. And yes, if you change your shoes it can mess with your weigh in! ;)


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I do feel for you. I have my first WI for 3 weeks on Sunday and I know I'll be a bit disappointed if it's not a good one. Somehow psychologically I feel that my body should reward me for sticking to the diet over such a tricky time. Which I suppose is a bit nuts really - after all - when did my body ever behave the way I wanted it to up to now?? :mad: :D

But I suppose the way to look at it is that (I don't know about you but) normally I would be perfectly fine with 5lbs over 2 weeks - so I guess I should remember that my body probably didn't realise it was Christmas and New Year - I must have confused it a bit by not engaging in the annual practice of consuming the entire contents of a supermarket over the course of two weeks ... :rolleyes: :confused: :D

Congratulations on your 5lbs loss. When you get to goal you won't even remember feeling pissed off now! :)


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S: 17st4lb C: 16st11lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 43 Loss: 0st7lb(2.89%)
Gosh AJ .... you're a saint!!!

Your weight loss WILL average out to a stone a month - you wait and see :)


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BTW - do you mind me asking how tall you are? We started at the same weight and I seem to be following in your footsteps (although they're getting harder to make out these days as you're not leaving a very deep impression with that new super light body of yours..;) )

I'm not sure where I want to end up and was wondering about your goal weight and why you chose that particular figure?


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Well, GaijnGirl, I used to be 5'7 1/2", but I've shrunk over the years to 5' 6 1/2". I keep remeasuring myself every so often to check, but if I'm honest I'm never going to be more than 5'6 1/2" however much I try and stretch!

I chose 10.13 because it was a tidy figure, believe it or not (exactly 7 stone less than what I was). I've never been slim so I don't have any clue what I'll look like at that weight or what size I will be. I may decide to lose a bit more and stick at 10 stone (that's tidy too). But I may just wish to be a realistic weight for me. Who knows!


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GaijinGirl, can I ask you a personal question about your pussy? That lovely picture under you name, is it a picture of your cat or just a lovely picture you chose. He or she looks a real character!


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S: 17st4lb C: 16st11lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 43 Loss: 0st7lb(2.89%)
AJ - I nearly choked on my coffee when I read that ....until I went and looked at GG's avatar!! Blimey - I thought we'd gone all 'X' rated! ;)


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Of course you can ask me a personal question about my pussy... :D :D

That's my Machka (Croatian for cat) and yes she is a real real character, she comes as part of a double act with her sister Neko (Japanese for cat) who is a bit more normal!

I'm 5ft6in and I was 11 stone 3lbs for years (although prior to that I was 161/2 stone for years too... :rolleyes: ). I was quite happy at 11 stone 3lbs but always felt I could do with losing a bit more and certainly not confident enough to wear a bikini for example (although looking back that was a bit silly I think - I definitely could've gotten away with it).

I'm thinking this time of maybe trying to get down to 10 stone. Partly this is because I think I may as well push the boat out since I'm going to all this effort. Partly because I really want to be properly properly thin - but also partly because I'm a bit afraid of going back to eating... :(

Anyway, me and my pussy are keeping an eye on you and your weightloss... ;) :D

Congratulations again!



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RussianDoll, I'm shocked you could think I was like that. All my friends will tell you what a shy, retiring and innocent girl I really am (except perhaps after I have downed a bottle of wine on one of our Friday night piss-ups). These have however been non-existant since I started LL. So I am back to shy and retiring!

Machta reminds me of my cat Tabby, who I had to have put down recently - he was 18! and his health was beginning to fail badly.

Tab and myself were very close - he was mine and I was his. I had to do the right thing for him rather than let him struggle and suffer though.

He was long-haired and permanently scruffy but with a beautiful nature. He liked people, even children, and followed me everywhere (even to the local shop, where he would wait for me outside and accompany me back home).

My kids want another kitten to replace him, but he is irreplaceable.


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RIP Tabby... :(

Sadly Machka does not have quite the same, sweet nature.. she is a little tiger with a sideline in Godzilla moves (she tends to rear up on her back feet in order to attack our legs as we walk by), swiping the cheeks at 7am in order to get us out of bed to feed her and bringing us presents of frogs which she likes to taunt to insanity - only occasionally putting them out of their misery.

She also does this thing where she'll catch you looking at her and will twist around and show her belly and look as cute as humanly possible and however hard you try to resist you can't stop yourself from stroking her belly - even though you know it's a huge ploy to savage you!!

But we love her madly. Neko is more of a lapcat (although not totally soppy) - she sleeps with us every night.

We installed a catflap in the bedroom door to stop the scratching to be let in.

They own us really.. :eek:


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I managed to put this on for you to see Tab.

I suppose you can see how you feel about where you want to stop with the weight-loss. I've never worn a bikini and wonder whether I ever will even when I get slim? I've got so many stretch-marks from two pregnancies that my tummy area is not pleasant to see.


pussy galore eh?

Pussy galore..i have one of those too..its big and ginger!:eek:

Im with you on feeling ok at 11st 3ish but thinking this time that if im gonna do it im gonna do it properly and become properly thin rathe than being on the edge of healthy weight/overweight. Going for 9st 7 this time to give me leeway..if i feel fine and in control at 10st i may reintroduce food..saying that if Mr.Willpower does one it may be a different story...somehow its easier when food feels like the enemy rather than something i cant wait to reacquaint with again...feels like the latter just

Hugs all round..;)

Click on thumbnail...told you it was big and ginger...and so so sweet!


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olijames, i'm exactly with you on the weight thing... after 4 weeks in development i should be JUST at healthy for my height/frame size... and i was relatively happy there before... but you dont do this drastic and challenging diet to just be moderately okay with how you look at the end, do you?

if i tack another 4 weeks on to development, that should put me at 9st 10 or so.

the only thing is the extra time makes me want to cry lol. i had my heart set on being done after 4 weeks of development, sigh.


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Olijames.. your cat is just like mine only ginger. Mine has the most incredible amount of fluff and hair - it gets everywhere!!She hates being groomed too which makes life a bit tricky. We have full protection suits for those occasions.. :D Little madam!

Well I reckon I will push the boat out and go for lower this time to be honest. But I'm already getting pressure. My mum, who started with, "ooh you've lost weight - well done" is now calling every few days to ask disparaginginly "are you still on that bloody water and milkshake thing". My aunt was on Lipotrim and after a few weeks had to give up as she suffered with it - dizziness etc I believe. I made the mistake of telling mum about one dizzy spell and of course she read that article about the girl who died doing it. Her main concern is that I've been doing it for "too long". Last time she called I told her that it would be so much easier if she was supportive - because apart from that it's a very easy thing for me to do!

Anyway, here's to bikinis/tankinis all round!! I figure as long as there's a bit of an all encompassing pants section and a reasonably supportive top it should be ok even if I do end up with loose skin (as I almost certainly will).


S: 14st4lb C: 13st1.5lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 35.8 Loss: 1st2.5lb(8.25%)
Sometimes on this diet I think we forget how much weight 5 pounds actually is! and over 2 weeks its still a great weight loss! In my past I went through a slow spell and lost 5 pounds over 3 long weeks, then in the fourth week I suddenly lost 5 all in one week! Its a crazy diet for being annoying like that!

Love the pussy chat, I have a mad dog myself but I love cats too.

and I'm with you guys who want to be lighter than before, if we are putting ourselves through this crazy diet then it seems justified to get to a really healthy place instead of an only just healthy place. As a shortie, only 5 foot I am aiming for 8 and a half stone, which will be lighter than my whole adult life! I just want to see what I can actually look like, what size I end up and how it will feel! If I feel its too much I can allow myself (hopefully safely) to creep back up to just over 9 stone which is the high end of healthy.

But hey! remember 5 pounds is actually a huge amount of weight!