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just used the first of my weekly points..

I'm only on my first day so haven't used any yet, but I know that when I do dip into them I'll feel naughty!! Gotta just get out of that mentality though- they're there to be used after all :) x
I've used half of them in four days. I really felt like I'd binged today. I would ahve felt like I had flunked the old points system. Just feel like I won't lose weight. I'm eating too much!!!
I had a "binge" last night because I was stressed but woke up this morning not feeling guilty because I don't have to pay back points to make up for it :D plus the scales say I've lost 4lb naughty I know to weigh mid week but nvm lol this is just want i needed because i had put back on nearly all the weight i had lost but am totally loving the new plan and new start :D
I started on the new system on Monday and I broke into my weekly allowance last night too! One glass of wine turned into three! Only used two of the weekly points though but I have to say I don't feel very confident about a loss this week!



Grappling with life
Ooh we're a bunch of physchological (sp!) bunnies aren't we! We have been brain washed into believing if we go over our daily points we won't lose. So suddenly giving us weekly points to play with is throwing our minds into panic. We have to put our trust into this and embrace every single one of those weekly points....

Just don't blow them all on a very salty chinese takeaway the night before weigh in eh :D:eek:
Iv dipped into mine tonight...for 1 malted milk biscuit!! Had already got 4 out of the tin to have with a brew but checked my tracker and only had 3 daily points left and really wanted 4!

Iv also got 12 activity points to be used...going have pizza on Saturday night whilst supervising my goddaughters sleepover lol I didn't touch pizza on discover...too many points and it's my fav food so this is a big thing being "allowed" to eat it!
I'm sure that once we get some positive WI's we will start feeling more confident with using points from the weekly allowance - though I still feel I have eaten too much to lose anything!

iv only got 25 weekly ppts left! im feeling really good tho as before id be thinking iv got to really cut down tomorrow to make this up but i start tomorrow with my full ppts for the day, think maybe this is something i can stick to as if im peckish there is always fruit!
I've just used 20 of mine in 2 hour on alcohol and am soooo not feeling guilty. Not drinking over weekend so my weekend just came early i guess :)
I haven't used mine day 2 over. I have a big dinner awards night tomorrow ( today) so I want to have them for that but I want to lose as I joined a meeting after 8 months alone.

It's said the 49 are like what wouldn't be used on a fast start any way so really it's an extra 7 a day but like everybody mentally 29 it is thinking if I have more it's sts or gain???

Be really interested to see the losses and who did what next week x


Grappling with life
It really is just a mindset isn't it. Some of us have embraced it already and some are just proceeding with caution until proved they can really trust it!

Will no doubt be dipping into mine again over the weekend.



is gonna shine in 2009
I'm planning on using most of mine tonight....a guilt free bottle of wine and takeaway.....is it christmas?? lol
I wasn't too well yesterday so decided to 'blow' out my weekly points.

Had a bacon buttie, a galaxy cookue crumble (first time ive had a big bar of chocolate in YEARS!) and 4...yes 4 weightwatchers desserts. Still got a few points left over, which i may/may not use.

I do feel like im pigging out tho- its all guilt free, but feels SO wrong!!
only day two of the new plan and havent dipped into mine yet.
i really want to loose as much as i can before christmas as ive a couple of partys to go to and want to buy a nice dress.
like i say im only day two so dont know how long ill last before dipping into my slush fund :p but its comforting just knowing its there:party0011:
Hubby and I have bought some Chinese goodies for tomorrow night - all pointed up and ready for a special treat. It feels stupidly naughty, which is daft because it's only like the old system of saving a bit for the weekend!

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