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Hi Dukaneers...

I just wanted to share with u all, the fact that i'm only 1.65kg off being half way to my goal. I've lost a total of 15.4kg now on the Dukan diet. I'm so over the moon. I'm very proud of my efforts and i feel better than I have in 7 years. I'm even original goal weight might be a little too small! I've been overweight for so long now that if i feel and look so good now..maybe losing another 18.7kg might b too much! lol
My true weight on Dukan website is 6kg heavier than my goal, so maybe he is right after all! I think i'm just going to keep on going and see how i feel when i get there.
I follow Dukan, 99% of the time. I do have a small lapse here and there but i get straight back on track and I do more exercise than i've ever done in my life. Even the small lapses in my diet don't seem to affect my body as much as they used to. I think with the combination of protein and muscle gain (from going to gym) is increasing my fat burning and metabolism.
I have weeks though when i don't lose a thing, other weeks i have a fantastic this mornings weigh in - i lost 1.1kg this week. Awesome! Dukan is a rollercoaster but it does work and the trend on the scales (& if u were to graph my weight loss journey) is DOWN! I am averaging 700-800g per week (approx 1lb). And i feel i'm less likely to gain my weight back if i'm losing it at such a slow and steady pace.
If anyone who has just started Dukan or thinking of starting Dukan. DO IT!! It'll be the best decision you've ever made. Persevere. You will be rewarded with results and u will never go back to old habits. Most awesome diet ever!!
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What a lovely post. Could have written it myself. You're doing so well too :)


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Well done you :clap: Like Ally said, what a lovely post. It's post's like these that help people like me realise that weight can be lost & it's a struggle for us all, no matter how much or little we've got to loose. Thanks for sharing :D
Jackie xx


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I've been losing mega-slowly too WheelnDeal, *I've had a lot of holidays and events that sent me off track* BUT losing slowly is still losing and I also think it makes it more likely for me to keep it off. Well done, you have achieved so much already and should be very, very proud of yourself. All of us on this forum know it's not easy! Am sure you're walking on air at the moment, you deserve it!